Introducing James Carson, author of Crossfire

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James Carson has a law degree and practiced as a CPA and a real estate developer. His blog about current events can be read at This is the second book for the author. The First was, A Judicial Conspiracy, about the corrupt criminal justice system in America and how most persons accused of a crime are pressured to plead guilty without any due process.

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Book description…

Crossfire is a story about Michael and Allison and the many exciting events that dominate life in 2028. Not the least of which is the effort by a group of soccer fans who are trying to change the game of the most popular sport in the world. Their seemingly unattainable goal is to make soccer a more exciting game by changing the offside rule that gives the defense a big advantage by limiting scoring. They believe American fans will respond to more scoring and fewer tie games. Needless to say the existing leagues will do almost anything to stop this effort. The world is exploding with advancements such as self driving rental cars that have gone a long way to replace personal car ownership. Also the era of the bullet train in America has begun and it becomes a factor in our story. The heart of the story however is the torrid relationship between two young people discovering that there is more to life than success. Their lives seem charmed until a brutal mob attack changes everything. The action is fast moving and many surprises occur against the backdrop of the formation of the New American Soccer League.

Introducing Bhinda Rajwans, author of MAN UP: Not because you have to but because you want to…

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Bhinda Rajwans was raised in Montreal, Canada in the 1980s-1990s, which gave him an exceptional background of European, American, and multi-cultural influences, combined with role models of an adult generation who still knew how to guide and teach young men. He entered young adulthood equipped with life skills, positive expectations, and a road map to success.

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Book description…

My goal in this book is to give no-nonsense GPS advice to today’s generation of young men and provide them with knowledge, life skills, and guidelines for behaving like adult men, not like adolescent men. I want young men to open their eyes and minds. They need to recognize bad behavior and be willing to change physical expectations and spiritual understanding. These qualities must combine with a good relationship with family, friends, spouse, and society. I will spell it out clearly for young men, because unfortunately, parents, family, teachers, peers, social media, and society at large never explained or discussed the points I will bring up in this book. We will examine different aspects of young men’s lives; we will explore and educate about areas in their lives where they can and cannot create change, as well as pointing out what they simply don’t realize. Most young men have not had someone in their life to explain and teach the necessary life skills, behavior, spirituality, and interpersonal skills to present themselves as men in society.

Introducing Joan Cogan, author of Anchored in Love

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“Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.” Fresh out of college Joan joined the Northwest Local School District in Canal Fulton, Ohio. She taught second, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth graders. After 22 years in the classroom her role changed from teacher to first elementary guidance counselor in the school system. Twelve hundred students, kindergarten through sixth grade in three buildings, became her norm for the following 13 years. Her ability to create a kind, welcoming, and forgiving place surpasses many others. Her focus and hope as an educator remains the same. Every child, every day, is the Curriculum. The rest is just stuff.

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Book description…

This is a simple story for anyone searching for a way to feel better, even a little bit better. The story is told in nine segments. Start reading anywhere, just start. Be willing to walk with author, Joan Cogan. She and B.J., your imaginary land anchor, will take you places you never thought possible.
– A – Acknowledge and accept yourself. You are the best you that you have. You are under construction, not a finished product.
– C – Create your personal ID card. Make it truly your own. Your internal dialogue is a reflection of what you see when you look in the mirror. It is what you repeatedly tell yourself. Whether it is true or false those words often become your reality.
– T – Trust in yourself. You are stronger than you think. Trust in others too. One of the most basic human needs is connection. Trust that each day, every day, is a fresh 24 hours. Our walk will take us from a closed door to a door that is now open. Each stepping stone will move you forward. Each question you answer honestly will give you an opportunity to examine yourself. The detour will empower you to move from Point A to Point B. Knowing you are ANCHORED IN LOVE, believe you are capable and willing to do the work. You now have the tools to feel better, even a little bit better, one day at a time.

Introducing Gail Banter, author of The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems

“The journey toward publishing my book was amazing. My Author Representative knew every facet and she lead me forward in a most professional way. The copy writing was first class and so was creating the cover and interior formatting, which resulted in the birth of a beautiful, elegant book.”

Israeli-born Gail Banter came to the USA via Canada, where she raised a family, taught, was a public speaker, and graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Now a resident of Lauderhill, Florida, she much prefers the endless summers to the ice-glazed Canadian winters. The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems is her debut poetry collage.

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Book description…

Dive into a unique collection of poems and vignettes with The Cloistered Oyster and Other Poems. Some poems are controversial, unorthodox-even taboo-while others are tender love poems, both breakups and makeups, or quirky observations of the otherwise mundane. Laced with wit, humor, and good intentions, this delectable collection makes a perfect gift for someone special-or simply indulge for your own pleasure!

You Are Just Right: Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity

“Though I knew the subject matter of my book, I had no idea how to put it together. My Author Representative patiently walked me through the steps and answered my tedious, and sometimes repetitive, questions. She was absolutely life saving as the conduit to my illustrator. Her advice was flawless, and I am so grateful.”

Joni Crimmins has an MBA in finance and has pursued a fulfilling career in business. Yet it was her role as mother, that inspired her to return to school for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy to understand the psychology around bullying, depression and anxiety, rampant among today’s youth and to try to make a difference. One of seven children, Joni understands the unique circumstances that make each of us special. This book was inspired by real events that happened involving Joni’s children. She was so saddened by them, that she wanted to bring a hopeful message to those that don’t feel they fall within society’s acceptable norms. Actually, she acknowledges, this could apply to most of us.

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Book description…

Growing up can be tough when you feel you don’t “fit in” the way others think you should: he’s too old for the shopping cart, too tall for the ride. A mother shares a story with her struggling son to demonstrate that we all truly do fit in a piece of the bigger picture, and what’s more important is following his own heart, rather than how others see him. The story helps the young boy to understand that differences can be strengths and that he really is “just right.” This little book is a gentle reminder to children and adults that thoughtless comments are hurtful and unhelpful, that everyone is unique and that within each person is a special gift or talent. The array of options presented creates an opportunity for parent/child dialogue on my topics from accepting others to exploring a child’s aspirations and dreams. Perhaps you don’t have a pianist’s nimble fingers, but you have strong hands to build bridges and repair roads? Are you slow and methodical like a scientist in a lab, or are you small and quick like a jockey on a racehorse? This loving exchange between a mother and son is an assurance, not only to this little boy, but to all children and grown-ups, that each of us is uniquely special, born to bring a one-of-a-kind gift to this world.

Introducing Tabitha Eichelberger, author of Diary of a Lonely Prom Queen: Reflections on Parenting Teenage Girls from a Teenage Survivor

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As a teenage survivor, Tabitha experienced many opportunities that have helped her form a unique insight into the adolescent experience. High School Credentials 1. Prom Queen, 2004 2. Homecoming Queen, 2003 3. Consistent table for 1’er 4. Prom Princess, 2003 5. Expert bathroom stall crier 6. Homecoming Court, 2002 7. Cheerleader, 2002, 2003, 2004 8. Skilled Friday night laundry folder 9. Chorus member, 2000-2004 10. Introvert in Disguise 11. Recipient of the Masonic Lodge Scholarship 12. Participant in the Young Life Organization 13. Participant in the school mentoring program 14, Teenage Survivor! Tabitha is an author, business owner, wife, and mother. She lives with her husband Brad and their three children, Tinley, Garret, Noah, and their dog Hank. Tabitha enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, running, biking, and exploring their country property on summer evenings with her family.

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Book description…

….Sometimes looks can be most deceiving….”There is a reason God is putting you through this.” These words spoken from my mother’s mouth when I was a teenager still echo in my head. Fifteen years later I now understand that reason: to share my own junior/high school experiences in this book. My hope is to encourage parents as they help their daughters navigate through the prickly forest of “Girl World.” While this book focuses on my own personal struggles and triumphs, I also share stories, perspectives, and advice from many other mothers and daughters who have gone through or are going through these tough teenage years. We will look beyond the thorns, twisted paths and shadows to see the light at the edge of the forest. The light that is waiting for them even though it may seem far away.

Introducing Elizabeth Garcia, author of Resilience: A Personal Memoir

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Elizabeth Garcia is the author of the Best Selling bilingual picture book El Viaje de Lucita Lucita’s Journey. She is a librarian in New York City. Elizabeth loves reading, writing and spending time with her family. She adores her children and grandchildren, and lives with her husband in Long Island, New York.

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Book description…

Life Was Peaceful Until the Dreadful Telephone Call. Elizabeth’s life seemed nearly perfect. Then she received a dreadful telephone call. Her sister Blanca was being treated in a clinic in Mexico and was in a coma. In this heartfelt, inspiring memoir the author opens her heart and invites the reader to experience the events that followed. Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event for us to realize how significant people really are in our lives. The reader is sure to connect with the characters of the story. This is a remarkable story that will remain with you long after you have finished reading the book.

Introducing Patricia Tyson Redmond, author of We the Widows: A Guide to Your New Life

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Pati Redmond is a retired physical therapist who has been published in professional journals but this is her first attempt to write the story she has lived for the past ten years…widowhood. Pati loves traveling and has seen all the New 7 Wonders of the World. Her passion is interviewing over 100 veterans for the Veterans History Project in the Library of Congress. Pati lives in Frederick, MD, with her dog Rojo.

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Book description…

Are you a Widow? This book is for you! This book is for those of you who have spent many years sharing the decisions, burdens and joys of life with the one you loved. Now your husband has died; what do you do? You are once again a single woman and how do you become that independent person you need to be to manage your new life? How do you take care of the chores of the day, the home maintenance, the decisions, and still cope with the grief and stress of your loss? Pati Redmond has spent ten years dealing with these problems after the death of her husband and wants to share her experiences with you. She has lived these pages, gathering years’ worth of thoughts, experiences, challenges, and solutions in the hope that other women will be able to face their future as a widow more empowered and equipped after experiencing one of life’s greatest tragedies. It is not only relevant to the widow left behind, but also to the children who remain. The information in the text is well thought out, clear, concise and thorough. We the Widows will give you suggestions on how to deal with many things you may face as a grieving widow. You will learn that you are stronger than you ever thought you were, and that you can do things you never dreamed you could! Perhaps it will also make you smile at the memories and help guide you into your new life.

Introducing Linda Klein Means, author of Passport to the World

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Linda Klein Means has spent her life writing and teaching. She was a reporter and editor for her college newspaper, then a feature writer for The Wilmington (Del) Morning News and Evening Journal, followed by similar posts at The Chicago Tribune and US News and World Report magazine. She has taught ESL in college and privately, and free-lanced. She lives near Boston with her husband, close to her daughter and three beautiful granddaughters.

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Book description…

From the Midwest to Paris…Former Chicago Tribune reporter Linda Klein Means was born on a farm in Illinois and raised with strong values amidst family tragedies. Follow her travels through the world of newspapers, after which she spent years in Venezuela, Brazil and France, each offering amazing insights into other cultures while providing fertile breeding grounds for hilarious adventures and misadventures. Learn how the power of a grandmother’s love shined before her like a guiding star. Although she approached the abyss more than once, that guiding light made sure she never fell over the edge. Think with her about the issues surrounding Down Syndrome, a condition affecting her beloved brother John. Think with her about issues of racial “purity” while she and members of her Norwegian-American family look more closely into their heritage. Think with her about “unconscious” prejudice,” the ways in which we sometimes hurt others without meaning to, without even knowing we did. Only a dose of “Amazing Grace” will save us from that. Enter a very special church in Paris with her, and think about the ways in which it symbolizes the long, complex, and rewarding relationship between the United States and France. Enter a women’s prison with her, and become close to the unfortunates trapped within. Get to know them on a one-to-one basis. You will empathize and sympathize with them.

Introducing Diana Carter, author of Broken Promises: Shattered Dreams

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Diana Carter, after managing a home-based business providing business services to students and small business owners, found writing enlightening. She is presently working on the sequel to Broken Promises. Diana holds a Master degree in Management from University of Phoenix and working towards her DBA in Organizational Leadership at Walden University.

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Book description…

Emily Ann Simmons-Blackstone had it all-a supportive husband, two wonderful children, two great siblings, and the most awesome best friend a person could ever have. Then on a cold fall morning the unthinkable happened, her husband the man she loved for almost three decades died suddenly from a massive heart attack. Emily and her children were saved by the grace of God and her best friend since they were eleven years old Arlene Simone Jacobs. Emily and Arlene’s personalities were like night and day but they got along famously and supported each other through thick and thin. Almost a decade after losing her husband Emily decided to move on with her life and then walked in handsome attorney David Lee Redmond. David brought the love back into Emily’s life that she though she would never feel again. At odds from the beginning Arlene and David did not like to share Emily’s affections so stuck in the middle Emily had to find a middle ground. Before that could happen tragedy struck and once again Emily was stuck in the middle of her new love and best friend. From sadness, to love, to disbelief this story of family support and friendship proves there can be peace after one have lived through broken promises and shattered dreams.