Introducing Patricia G. Johnson, author of Spirituality A-Z: Spiritual Awakening Guide for Healing and Transformation

“The Outskirts Publishing experience was one of painless precision and assistance throughout. From the beginning Game Plan; use of printed tips; great editorial team, creative cover designer and illustrator; production team; to Certificate of Publication; all guided and directed by my wonderful Author Representative. The online 24 hour Publishing Center fit my busy schedule to get the work completed. All in all a most satisfying work relationship for someone like me who had never published before; and who is now looking forward to marketing this book with Outskirts assistance!”

Patricia Griffith Johnson is an addictions counselor, licensed therapist, and spiritual director with more than 30 years experience working with the military and those suffering from addictions and other physical, emotional and psychological distress. The practices suggested in this booklet were developed from working with clients who were looking for something to enhance their lives by learning to love themselves through being loved and appreciated using faith and spirituality. These practices are encouraged to be used by those who are working spiritual steps as part of recovery, and anyone else who wishes to expand their spiritual awakening. Pat wishes she had had such a guide when starting her spiritual journey.

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A Practical Guide to Awakening Your True Self. Are you experiencing the feeling that something is missing in your life, that you are totally alone without support or assistance? Does there seem to be a gap that is not able to be filled with food, alcohol, sex, or the myriad temptations that are available? Spirituality A-Z: Spiritual Awakening Guide for Healing and Transformation provides a road map for exploring and experiencing transformation through the use of everyday spirituality, with 60 suggested practices that are simple and easy to try. Spirituality acknowledges that a relationship is possible with our God or higher power through spiritual practices that tangibly strengthen the connection to God or higher power. Spiritual practices help to build a love and appreciation of ourselves and God in all creation. They are meant to build and strengthen appreciation, compassion, and kindness in ourselves for all living things and to give us a feeling of never being alone. Spiritual practices give us a feeling of being a viable part of the universe and are a tangible way to show appreciation for all that has been given from God, as we understand God. These tried and true and sometimes ancient practices can be used for healing and transformation by anyone who wishes to explore and advance their spiritual life.

Introducing Peggy Callender Clyne, author of My Mind is a Garden

“I was quite pleased and my Publishing Consultant was excellent.”

Peggy Callender Clyne is a retired church administrator. She attended the former Barrington College in Rhode Island and holds a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree (BRE) from the former Northeastern Bible Institute, Essex Fells, NJ. Peggy resides in the British Virgin Islands with her husband, Freddie, and their family.

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What you plant will grow; what you grow will show! Jaide’s grandparents believe that the better we think, the better we live. They are convinced that confident, creative and purposeful lives are the result of corresponding thoughts. In “My Mind is a Garden”, Pop-Pop and Granny refer to Jaide’s mind as a “garden,” and her thoughts as “seeds.” Consequently, they encourage young Jaide to plant Bible-based “thought-seeds” in her “mind-garden” promising their granddaughter: “What you plant will grow; what you grow will show.” With an air of sophistication, coupled with child-like trust, Jaide plants God’s words in her “mind-garden.” When God’s words are the “seeds” planted in their minds, our children will have the benefit of a purposeful life, plus the privilege of a personal relationship with their Creator.

Introducing Linda M. Hanahan, author of Not Alone In the Unknown: Living a Life of Trust

“This was my third book published by Outskirts Press and, once again, I am very pleased! Throughout the entire process, my Author Representataive was always very prompt in responding to me, as well as very patient!”

Linda M. Hanahan is a graduate of Western Illinois University, a retired elementary school teacher, and a follower of Jesus Christ. She has published two previous books, Touched from Above and The Journey Continues. She and her husband Bob currently live in Florida. They have two married children.

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Not Alone . . . We might think we have a clear picture of what lies ahead. But in truth, each of us steps daily into “unknown territory.” Jesus desires to walk this journey personally with you and with me, sharing every joy and every sorrow. I invite you to join me as together we travel this road with Him. “Linda’s writings are refreshingly authentic. Through the lens of her own journey of life, she comes alongside of her readers and accompanies them on those pilgrimages which are unique to each one of them. As you ponder the vignettes which she shares, you will find yourself laughing one moment and shedding a tear the next, only to be assured that you are not alone as you travel through this life together.” -David M. Keazirian, Educator and Ministry Consultant “Linda’s writings reveal a relationship between her and God that is warm and loving. Her stories remind us that growth can be wonderful but can also include growing pain. In her books, we are invited to journey alongside Linda. We learn that a relationship with God can truly be personal and that God is calling each of us into a unique relationship with Him . . . a relationship not always easy but defined by love and purpose.” -Russell Holloway, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Introducing Sylvia Stephens Grooms, author of Do it Now Anytime Anywhere

“Dana was awesome. She answered all of my questions immediately. Thank you Dana for your hard work and dedication to my book.”

Sylvia Grooms has worked in human services for 30 years. A licensed clinical addictions specialist, with a passion for helping people change from a life of abusing chemicals to a life in recovery. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Robert. Their son, Brandon, attends Claflin University. Sylvia is also an adult Sunday School teacher and member of the New Beaver Dam Baptist Church in Wallace, South Carolina.

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Get ready for a life-changing experience! Are you sick and tired of feeling alone, lonely, depressed, not good enough, guilty, not having a purpose in life and searching, or seeking fulfillment in people, places or things? Or do you appear to have it all together, with lots of friends, family, and living life large, but there is a void or emptiness that haunts you? Do It Now: Anytime, Anywhere was written just for you. You will find inner peace, acceptance and true love that will not be a result of who you are, what you are, or what you have done, but simply because of whose you are. Rather than being enslaved by circumstances, you’ll be set free with God’s love. Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. So, what are you waiting for? Open the door and let him in. DO IT NOW.

Introducing Dr. Michelle Miner, author of When I Journal He Speaks

“Sara was wonderful the entire way! She held my hand (by way of email) and answered all of my questions, calmed my anxiety and was excited with me! Fantastic experience from start to book in my hand!”

Dr. Michelle Miner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Approved Clinical Supervisor. She has a Doctor of Christian Counseling degree. Michelle’s passion is to see people healed from past emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds, and current struggles with living life in freedom. Michelle endeavors to empower people as they work through their issues, and to encourage them as they find peace, healing, and wholeness in Christ. Dr. Miner owns a psychiatric rehab facility in Louisiana. She knows there are times when life can throw curves, and she endeavors to assist women, especially, to be strengthened in their walk with the Lord.

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Experienced therapist, teacher, mentor and one who flows in prophetic insight and wisdom, Dr. Michelle Miner will demonstrate and instruct you both in the value of journaling and how to journal in this interactive book. When I Journal He Speaks shares with you Michelle’s journey of learning how to use journaling to hear the voice of the Lord, so you can embark on that same uplifting, amazing road to a closer relationship with God. Maybe you’ve thought about journaling before, but you don’t think you are a writer, or you worry that you don’t know how to do it correctly. The good news is there is no right or wrong way to journal-and you can start in any way that feels comfortable to you. You will learn to discern the true voice of God and to have confidence in the knowledge that He is speaking to you. Your journal can become a resource upon which you can reflect to remind you of the words that God has given to comfort and inspire you. If you’ve ever heard someone say “God spoke to me” and wondered how that was possible…this book is for you. As you become closer to the Lord, you will begin to hear His voice in your everyday life. God speaks-are you ready to receive the gift of His voice?

Introducing Wendell Priester, author of Who Do You Love

“It was easy, fast, and my book was exactly how I wanted and saw it to be. Everyone was friendly and very helpful, business was taken care of and now I am an Author. Thanks.”

Wendell Priester is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. He is married and is the father of two boys. “Who Do You Love” has given Wendell the opportunity to share his passion of how the power of relationships and your faith will prevail – no matter the circumstance.

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Life struggles of addictions, broken relationships, a failing business and spiritual weaknesses; the hope of recovery for Phillip Howard is still in sight. This multifaceted drama based off of true events is exceptionally told with passion and desire by the author. He vividly paints a picture of pain and romance through the eyes of an individual that has a strong Christian influence upbringing. “Who Do You Love” is a brilliant read that causes you to begin taking your self-inventory.