Introducing Carol Leslie Bradley, author of The Inheritance

“The publishing process was a positive experience because the Outskirts team truly cares about the authors they represent. They have done everything possible in an accurate, timely manner. A special thanks to Anna and the entire team.”

During her 27 years of teaching, Carol Leslie Bradley enjoyed encouraging her students to develop their creative abilities through writing. She has spent the past 15 years in administration, involved in curriculum development. She also mentors new teachers, and enjoys helping them with organizational strategies, and acquiring and maintaining classroom management skills. Carol and her husband Ron have four adult children and nine grandchildren. She loves reading, writing, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Product description…

The Andersen family are all looking forward to a cozy, loving Christmas together at their clan ranch in Colorado—all the traditions are in place, and everyone is gathered for a loving celebration. Little do they know that tragedy is about to strike…Ryan and Susan Andersen, flying in on a private plane, are about to meet their fate in an unexpected way. As the family tries to cope with their shock, old flames will reignite, and old rivalries will resurface. At the heart of the family story is lovely Sarah Andersen, who unexpectedly went to college out of state, breaking the heart of her high school love when she married another man. But he has never stopped loving her—and he is called on to help her family, now that he is Sheriff Rayburn. Sarah and her family find out that during the twists and turns of the unexpected road called life, it’s important to have people by your side who can be trusted to help navigate…and that a family inheritance can be counted best in love, not in money. This family saga of deception, redemption, and romance is sure to keep you intrigued—and looking forward to the upcoming sequel!

Introducing Charles Taylor, author of The Demon became an Angel

Outskirts, you guys are the best! I have not had much experience with publishing in the past, but I hope other companies are almost as great as you all, for their author’s sake!”

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio; I grew up selling drugs and robbing people, treating women like pieces of meat, and when I became an adult, I went to jail, then gave my life to Jesus. When I got out, I got a job as an exterminator. Writing songs, poetry, plays, etc. are my hobbies. I’m now an owner of my own exterminating company and a father of a very handsome eight-year-old son. I also plan to write more books, songs, plays, and movie scripts.

Product description…

Growing up around career criminals had me believing that the average working class american was dumb. Being molested at a very young age made me very promiscuous. Fast money and fast females was all I wanted until my life changed. Watching people die and going through so many ups and downs I realized something had to give. My name is Charles Taylor and “The Demon Who Became an Angel” is the story based on my real life experiences. None of the names in the book are real except for mine. Certain details of this book have been altered to protect others’ identities.