Introducing Jason Akley, author of Sweet Pea and the Bumblebee

“I’m very pleased with how Outskirts Press handled the publication of my books. As a writer it can be frustrating when you hit that wall of ‘salability’ most traditional publishers adhere to. It’s good to be out of the slush pile. I’ve received e-mails every week from Outskirts, guiding me through the process as my books have gone into production and then into print. I had my first children’s story in my hands in about ten weeks! I’m very happy with the professionalism and quality of service. I recommend Outskirts to any writer who wants to see their work in print.”

Jason Akley resides in New Athens, Illinois, and is the author of four books. Akley has a BS degree from Tulane University in physics and mathematical economics. The writing of Sweet Pea and the Bumblebee was inspired by Akley’s newborn daughter.

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Book description…

In a beautiful garden, Sweet Pea has just been born. As she awakens, she is filled with a sense of wonder and so very many questions…At first all she noticed was the light. She wanted to weep it was so bright. Then she noticed the light was warm. Before she knew it her petals had formed. But what was this light that she could feel? And who was she really? What was the deal? But even if she wanted to she couldn’t answer such questions. For Sweet Pea didn’t know she was Sweet Pea. She was still open to suggestions. As a parent or teacher, how do you discuss the meaning of life and nature of being with a child? In this book, author Jason Akley uses rhyming verse to explore life’s intriguing philosophical concepts, as the wise bumblebee guides Sweet Pea in her quest to discover her purpose in life.