Introducing Steven D. Schultz, author of We Marched Through Hell: A Rural High School’s Service in the Vietnam War and Life in its Aftermath

“Since I had never written or published a book before, I was rather ignorant to the process and nervous about what to expect. The staff at Outskirts Press were patient with me and guided me through the process. If I write another book, I will most definitely do so through Outskirts Press.”

Steven Schultz enlisted in the Army prior to the end of the Vietnam War and was stationed in Germany. After completing his education, he was hired at Porterville College, eventually becoming the Vice President of Student Services. He was responsible for the development of the college’s first-ever Veterans Resource Center.

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Book description…

The fighting stopped, but the war continues. We Marched Through Hell is not a book that merely compiles war stories during the Vietnam War. Rather, the book places readers in the various stages that students from a rural high school went through in the 1960s as our country was being torn apart at the seams by the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. Those stages included making the decision to volunteer or take their chances on the draft; going to college or moving to Canada; experiencing the ugliness of segregation while stationed in the South; leaving a home at peace to a home at war; living in Vietnam; experiencing the war while in the bush, in the air, on the rivers, on the bases, or while providing support to the troops. Then, when they went home after their time in the war was over, these veterans faced protesters at the airports and animosity from their own communities. But for many of them, the war never really ended as they continue to battle through their personal wars with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and physical injuries still needing rehabilitation. The book also looks at how the war affected the family members and friends of the veterans. Some suffered with the profound loss from the death of a loved one, while others still struggle with their family members as they deal with rehabilitation from the physical and psychological injuries they suffered as a result of their experiences in Vietnam. Their war never ends.

Introducing Michael Rand, author of Mental Illness

“My Author Representative was wonderful and it appeared that she was working for me night and day. Great Job!”

Michael Rand, is an Author, Architect, Artist, Aviator, Photographer, and Music Composer who lives in Frederick, Maryland. Other books by Michael Rand included WW Vietnam and The First One Hundred Years of Washington Adventist Hospital.

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Book description…

This book is dedicated to the combat soldiers that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This illness is a Mental Disorder that affects the lives of almost all combat Veterans. WAR is HELL on earth and in combat, there are no unwounded soldiers. PTSD is not visible on the outside of his or her body.

Introducing Sandra Harris, author of Shrapnel

“I would recommend Outskirts Press to any other author.”

Sandra Harris, Ph.D. received her B.A. from Stanford University and her Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. As a VA clinical psychologist, she conducted psychotherapy with combat veterans. Dr. Harris is a past president of the California Psychological Association, from which she received the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Distinguished Contribution to Psychology Award. Dr. Harris retired to Scottsdale, Arizona after a 33-year career in psychology. Dr. Harris is working on her second novel, Survival: Nurses in ‘Nam, which is the story of three Army nurses who volunteer to serve in Vietnam amid turmoil and strife that tests the strength of their will and character.

Product description…

Thirty years after the Vietnam War, eight U.S. veterans – still scarred from the psychological shrapnel of combat and seeking the healing that has long eluded them – bravely return to the country where their enemy lurked so long ago. Retired VA psychologist Dr. Ken Carson prepares the men to minimize the trauma of their journey while Reverend Johnny Green and Rabbi David Aloni lend spiritual support. In Vietnam, the veterans confront their painful, haunting memories: crossing leech-infested rice paddies in the dead of night surrounded by enemy; peasants who could be carrying weapons under their loose fitting “pajamas”; terror in the tunnels; degradation in the whorehouses and more. Finally able to relate to each other emotionally, without the detachment that was necessary for survival during the war, the men form a mini-platoon during the trip, bonding in their quest for wellness. Written by a distinguished psychologist and told from the perspective of eight fictional but vivid central characters, Shrapnel: A Journey Toward Psychological Healing highlights the courage of the veterans while eloquently examining the long-term effects of combat stress and helping to remove the stigma of mental health treatment.

Shrapnel: A Journey Toward Psychological Healing has been named a Finalist in the First Novel Category of the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.