Introducing Theresa A. Bailey, MA, HS-BCP, author of A Reflection on Life Through Poetry: Mindful Moments Journal

“It was great working with my Author Representative. She always responded quickly to my requests and concerns. Her recommendation for my book cover was perfect! I will work with Outskirts Press again and recommend to others.”

Theresa A. Bailey, MA, HS-BCP, is a mother of three adult children, a wife, and business owner. She and her husband Rahn K. Bailey, MD, work together at Bailey Psychiatric Associates. Theresa is a Life Coach, Mental Health Educator, and forensic behavioral science consultant. Email address:

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Change your mind, change your behavior, change your life. Theresa’s insightful and thoughtful recommendations for life’s difficult and simple challenges have kept me on the road of peace and harmony. I value her both as a coach and friend. Her poetic observations on life and living reflect her deep Christian faith, the process of living mindfully, and on purpose. It is a book/journal that you will return to time and time again for insight and reflection.
~ Daphne Brazile, MD

Introducing Kathryn Atkins, author of Giving My Self to the Wind

“I had no idea Outskirts Press was one of the bigger players.”

When Kathryn gave a copy of her poem “Light the Light” to her adoptive mom, she was surprised when a few years later her mom presented her with a hand-stitched sampler (there’s an image of it inside) with the poem embroidered on it. The title for this collection is from the penultimate line of that poem. Kathryn is married, has two grown sons, and works hard to inspire fellow writers through the non-profit California Writers Club. Her writing has been published in the club’s commemorative 100-year collection West Winds Centennial, ©2010, in two issues of the club’s Literary Review, and in print editions of many newspapers and magazines as well as in numerous online venues including the Huffington Post.

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This classic collection of short stories, poems, and essays will take you to new places. Kathryn Atkins forages “the musty, cobwebby place between my ears, and the sweet, squishy place in my heart” to explore themes ranging from the natural world to music, architecture, friends and family, and other life events begging to be exposed and handled. At times humorous and other times sad and serious, these short works are the result of a playful, feisty, and oh-so-clever Muse!

Introducing JustasPoetic, author of Pieces of My Reflection

“Both Leona and Lisa were exceptional. Their communication, suggestions, and help during my publication process was amazing. My experience with Outskirts Press was outstanding!”

Kimberly Smith, who writes poetry under the pen name JustasPoetic, has always used writing as a form of self-expression. It wasn’t until an 8th grade Creative Writing class that she realized that she had a passion for writing short stories and poetry. From then to now, she has been committed to pursuing her life-long dream to become an author. With this publication of “Pieces of My Reflection,” her dream has come true. Kimberly was born and raised in Mississippi, but moved to Indianapolis, IN, in 2000. She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and owns a company called Eskay Footprints, LLC, which provides virtual bookkeeping services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and churches. Kimberly will also release her first children’s book in 2016. Kimberly continues to reside in Indianapolis with her husband and 3 children.

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The words literally jump off the page and into your heart and mind; nostalgia at its best. Each poem takes you to a place frequently visited in the mind and reality, as it embodies just what the heart and soul hungers for. Taking you on a journey that is melancholy and reflective, the mood is set from start to finish. Pieces of My Reflection is a contemporary composition of poetry that gives you a glimpse into the thoughts of JustasPoetic and a preview of what’s to come for this modern day writer. If you follow closely, there is a story written of love that withholds an empathetic heart; plus the rage that exists towards the naysayers of the world, who never believed. The author carefully, but aggressively, introduces the inner voice that longs for the reality of fantasy and dreams, yet finds contentment and happiness in the roller coaster of emotions that exist in this journey called life.

Introducing Harold Cohn, author of Crazy Old Man

“Everything was great. Jamie helped guide me through the computer world with a lot of patience. She was just wonderful. I will recommend Outskirts Press to anyone who wants to self-publish.”

Harold Cohn is a published poet and writer and has been writing creatively for over twenty-five years. The author is a Disabled Vietnam Combat Vet and is a retired Park Ranger. He is also a curious person.

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The anthology “Crazy Old Man” is designed to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you question why. This anthology is comprised of selected things written by this author over twenty-five years. In the book are the following genre: poetry, nonfiction, playwriting, and supposition essays. Examples of titles in the book by genre are: Poetry: “Winged Warrior”, “The Whore”, “Mr. Greenburg”, and “weeping willow why” (American Haiku), Fiction: The short-short story “DUI” (written in second person), Nonfiction: “Points of Interest – Deadman, S Point-San Diego, California” , “The Mount Laguana / Kitchen Creek Fire”, and “How to Survive a Writer’s Workshop”. Playwriting: the play titled: “Midnight”, Supposition essays: “Baked-Bean Colored Rock Decorated with Petroglyphs”, ‘The Balanced Solar System Thorem”, and “Peralta Stones Find The Lost Dutchman Mine”.

Introducing Lisa C. Miller, author of Inspirations from Heaven’s Gate

“I am very impressed with my book. It is beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off of it. I keep opening it and flipping through the pages. I am completely delighted with the book and had fun through the whole process. I will come back when I am ready to publish my next book.”

Lisa C. Miller is a wife, mother, and student. She is currently working on obtaining her college degree as well as writing. Lisa and her husband both foster young ladies and this has been a great inspiration in the content of her writing. This book along with her first book Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul have brought her great joy to compile and she hopes you enjoy the stories as much as she enjoyed writing them.

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“Lisa leads us through the spiritual journey of her life with poignant reflections on family, love, fears, hopes and dreams.” – Audrey Copeland, Professor UAF

“Lisa Miller forges a lean and sinewy poetry that is at once reflective and raw, invoking both the head and the heart. Miller’s free-verse wends its way along peaks and valleys of the human journey, and the author is as steadfast before life’s inevitable pains and she is sanguine amid its myriad delights. This is a collection of sincere and insightful glimpses from a fellow sojourner.” – Paul Korchin, Ph.D. Professor of Religion, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Introducing Angela M. Smith, author of Lost & Found

“I am very happy with my book and the experience was awesome. My Outskirts Press reps had so much knowledge and ideas that helped to create a beautiful book.”

Angela M. Smith lends you direct insight into her life and the situations she has had to address in relationships in  Lost & Found. We have all been through some type of drama that makes you stop, think and write about it. Knowledge is learned.

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A poet in her own right, Angela M. Smith has confronted the most delicate topics of her life. Lost & Found has that life journey that you travel, taking you from one moment in time to another. Angela’s poems take you through her life as they happen, from “Calm Down Mother” to “Climb Until You Rise,” you are sure to be captivated by the stories behind some of the poems.

Introducing V’Cleotis’ S, author of ‘Shadowed Emotions’

“My experience with my Outskirts Press Author Representative was everything I could ask for. She was informative at all times. I have a second book to be published and would love to have the same AR on that endeavor likewise.”

V’Cleotis’ S, a native of Travelers Rest, took an interest in the arts at the age of twelve and from there pursued her interest in the arts. It was in 1982 she became a Minister of the Gospel proclaiming the Goodness of Jesus. Later she and her son relocated to Greenville S.C. where she began her poetic career by putting on paper words which captivated the hearts of people. After graduating from Virginia College with an Associate’s Degree in Administrative Office Management, she relocated to the Columbia S.C. area where she continues her dream of becoming the world renowned author of SHADOWED EMOTIONS and IT’S YOUR TIME. Poetry Soup is where she began not only entering but winning some poetry contest. In 2012, she had her first published piece in “Stars in the Heart,” which is a conglomerate of various poets from various states. Her belief is there is poetic art in everything we do, everywhere we look, and everything we say.

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Behind each EMOTION are hidden, shadowed words desiring to be shared. Some wish to convey messages or feelings but, simply cannot find the correct words. For many it is an easier task putting them on paper than to say them aloud. Have you ever tried to find the right words to say ” I love you”? Should it be plain or should it be “romantically poetic”? Should I love you because sugar is sweet? Or, should I love you because of Solomon’s Memory? Perhaps you wish to express a familiar memory, relationship break up, or something of that nature and can’t find the right words to do so. Perhaps, you have that fond and favorite holiday memory or pet you want everyone to know about. Well, this is a collection of art that does just that. Each work has an individual meaning of its own. So, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, sit by the fire, and experience ‘SHADOWED EMOTIONS’ for yourself.

Introducing Ismael Casiano, Jr, author of La Muse Or How I Fall In Love

“Very fast publishing process. I am impressed. Slight typo on one of the inner titles. Otherwise, a very rewarding creative and collaborative experience.”

Ismael Casiano, Jr. is an artist and poet who focuses on themes of modern spirituality and the nature of male/female relationships. Often poetic reflections on God, beauty and love, his avant-garde style marks him as a unique innovator of modern day prose.

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“The Muse, Or How I Fall in Love” represents a young poet’s effort to describe the creative impulse as the source of his love for a woman. Profoundly spiritual and deeply torn this poetic prose explores everything from the nature of beauty to feminine spirituality.

Introducing Kym Gordon Moore, author of Wings of the Wind

“I want to thank Bridget for her help to keep me motivated when the journey with this book got a little rough and I began to get down and frustrated. She sought and offered solutions to some of my publishing dilemmas and I am anxious to receive my copies and look at the end product. For that, I am grateful to her.”

Kym Gordon Moore, author of Wings of the Wing and Diversities of Gifts: Same Spirit is an award-winning recipient in poetry contests such as the Edward Davin Vickers Memorial Award and Oneswan Productions Writing Competition. Her poems appeared in Writer’s Digest Magazine, Poets for Peace: A Collection, Reach of Song, Home for the Holidays and The Blind Man’s Rainbow anthologies. She was selected as one of the contributing authors for the series, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom. Visit Kym’s website and connect with the author through her blogs, articles and social media channels.

Product description…

Poetry spans across diverse cultures, genders and dialects. Poetic thoughts via metaphors, imagination and creativity allow an individual to weave a storyline of lyrical attributes through personal interpretations. Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry is an eclectic collection of poems depicting experiences illustrated through various forms of self-expression. Kym Gordon Moore portrays versatility in rhymed and free verse poems that convey stories about people, places, nature, inspiration, cuisine, music, celebrations, epiphanies and inanimate objects. Included in her compilation is a metrical sample of a Pantoum, Limerick, Elegy and Haiku. Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry contains 81 carefully selected poems that are significant to the foundation of this collection and easy for readers to identify with. Besieged by segmented poetic elements of flight, your journey through the pages of this book will be entertaining, educational, emotional, nostalgic, stimulating and edifying.