Introducing Sharon Tunstall Martin, author of You Are Not Alone: It Happened To Me Too

“I have always loved to write my thoughts down; but I never really thought I could afford to have them published. Outskirts publishing packages made it possible and I am extremely pleased with their services. When the design team presented the cover for the book, It was beyond what I had envisioned. The finished product from Outskirts made me feel very accomplished.”

Sharon Tunstall Martin, a mother of four, resides in Memphis, Tennessee. At age 50, she realized that what had happened to her when she was a little girl at age ten would haunt her for the rest of her life. She was introduced to a Pandora’s Box at an early age…that should not have been so. She has decided that the pain inflicted upon her doesn’t have to continue happening to other young girls so she will no longer keep silent…you are not alone. It happened to me too!

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Book description…

You Are Not Alone It Happened to Me Too Silent Voices Speak. It’s Time to tell, tells of the ugliness of mental and physical abuse projected from those that are the most dear to our hearts…The ones that we trust with our lives. Many men, women, and children suffer eat the hands of a loved abuser everyday…taking and robbing in just one moment the innocence of a life that has to replay that pain everyday of their lives. We wonder why there is so much anger and depression, so many that want to stay in that shell…Have we dared to ask…Would we accept their answer?…Or would we shy away?..If you find yourself here…You must know that you no longer have to stay silent…You can not only be free, but you can help someone else that feels as if this is the way that it has to be…I will no longer keep silent, You are not alone. It happened to me too…Silent Voices, It’s time to speak…It’s time to tell…Someone is depending on you to lead them to not only freedom but safety.

Introducing L. Wilcox, author of Why Me: It Was Not My Fault

“Thank you for preparing my book for me. I had a great publishing experience with Outskirts Press. When UPS brought my book to my front door, I could not wait to get my hands on it. When I open the package that held my free author’s copies, I was blown away by what I held in my hand; and to top it off your company published my book on my birthday. Thank you for the birthday gift. Awesome job. You Go Outskirts Press. What a whammy. Thank you!”

Product description…

Why Me is a book with short stories. Once you start reading it’s hard to put down. This book reveals the experiences of an eight year old girl until her teen years. Her name is Unique and she experiences some very undesirable episodes and is forced into bad situations. She is embarrassed and hurt throughout her life. Her life is shaped by her upbringing and her environment. Unique is introduced to dysfunctional behavior during her developmental stages as a child. She lacks values and guidance. Join me in reading a true story about Unique’s life. This is a very interesting little girl, who later overcomes her past obstacles and barriers.