Introducing Victor Aragon, Jr., author of Philosophy of Life

“My immense gratitude to the person who meticulously reviewed, commented and approved my manuscript, to Lisa (author consultant) who guided me from the beginning, and to my author representative Laura who patiently and attentively guided me through the publishing process step-by-step 7 days a week. This was my first time publishing a book and I am beyond impressed, pleased and satisfied with the publishing process that was made easier and faster than I would have ever imagined, all thanks to the knowledgeable and diligent professionalism and promptness of the excellent team from Outskirts Press. I completely love the final polished piece, my book, all made possible by Outskirts Press.”

On the day I was born my appreciation and passion for spoken and written words was also born. Far back in early childhood, as far back as I can consciously recollect I began to express my emotions, ideas, and thoughts with ink on paper through poetry and philosophies to convey a deeper meaning of life. Then ever since, up to the present time, I have never ceased to continue to learn and write, in my own words, about anything and about the complexities and simplicities of life that many of us experience or witness at one time or another.

“When you become tired of walking in the dark, search within and find your spark.”

Product description…

This book I dedicate to all of those who have walked before us, to those who walk amongst us now, and to the many who after our time are to walk this earth.

In this book through a variety sort of some of my philosophical essays, poems and quotes (a small fragment from a large collection), I have written and continue to write, I share with you and with everyone my interpretation of my observations and experiences of life good and bad, some of my own and others of the lives of others whom I have known and not known; in hopes that my words can shed some light to you and many others and help you find some comfort.

Introducing J.L. Mills, author of U.R. Wanted

“I had a vision of what I wanted and Outskirts Press assigned me to a team of wonderful people that I can say “Family” easy, but also created such a wonderful book. The experience at the end allowed me to create my 2nd book before pre-production was completed…and that gave me more time to work on the 3rd book which is almost done. THANK YOU Team and everyone else at Outskirts Press.”

About J.L. Mills: I’ve enjoyed and seen life through many shades of gray and blacks—treated fairly and unfairly, but I still find courage to say thank you. I am grateful to every eye I’ve looked into—true friend and family members for believing in me. More specifically, mum & pops for trying, A.I. Woode, Simien’s, Reids, Darensbourg, Khalil’s, wife especially for having given birth to Royle, strangers and over all… God the Creator for having given us free air every day to breathe.

Product description…

This book is a sequel of Urban and Suburban life style that gives you a visual approach to those less fortunate and those driven off ambition. The gift of Life… is Love and air for all to enjoy—motivating one person to pay it forward to the next person. The size of a mustard seed of faith and hope was all that was needed for Royle to enter the world as he also was mixed of many nationalities—loving all people. Should it really matter in the 21st century the color or status you hold? On this journey through a California urban lifestyle it will be an unforgettable and breath-taking adventure—issues we all deal with while neglecting the type of energy we give off to the universe. U.R. Wanted by your mother, father, sister, brother, child and God, regardless of death! Some are better than most, but not as good as some at surviving the journey that never ends!