Introducing J. S. Wiedemann, author of Dog Man

“I commend my Author Representative and the entire Outskirts team for a job well done with Dog Man. I will not hesitate to use their services again.”

J. S. Wiedemann is the real name of an authentic Baby Boomer and Jersey boy who lives harmoniously in Burlington County, NJ with his long-suffering wife and with happy memories of his late Labrador Retriever. The author welcomes reader questions and comments. Contact me on-line at

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Book description…

Dog Man might be the last great Baby Boomer novel. It is the self-told story of Rudi Werner, an engaging Boomer gone bust who learns about change the hard way: He lives it. Battling his demons all the way, Rudi accepts the challenge of opening and operating Dog Man, a kitschy hot dog joint that “serves the best damn wieners on the Jersey Shore.” But Rudi’s fabulous food fling brings him into daily conflict with what he calls The Great American Catastrophe-the election of Donald J. Trump. Rudi gets plenty of help balancing personal and political change from his inspiring love interest, Maria; from his extended Dog Man family; from his quirky, learned “spiritual” advisors, Phillipe and Malachi; and from his loving and loyal Labrador Retriever, Al. The novel provides poignant and humorous insights into modern life, relationships, politics and food, but Dog Man is fundamentally an uplifting tale of personal transcendence for Boomers of all ages.

Introducing Carolyn J. Sweers, author of Earth, Air, Fire, Water

“Dodi’s decision to send me a sample custom cover, which I had not ordered, was brilliant. I knew immediately I wanted to pay the money for the excellent and ‘just right’ cover.”

Carolyn J. Sweers left the farm when she went to college but returned for regular visits. She majored in philosophy and earned an advanced degree in the subject. Her working career was as a teacher, mainly at New Trier High School, and later in a variety of older adult programs. She now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Product description…

“I grew up on an Iowa farm in the 40’s and 50’s. I was fortunate to have a lot of leisure time for contemplating the land, the sky, the growing seasons, the work that humans did, as well as the reality of death. The seeds of the philosopher I was to become were sown early, as I observed the world of my rural childhood. These recollections were originally written in 1985 and extensively revised in 2014.”