Introducing J. S. Wiedemann, author of Dog Man

“I commend my Author Representative and the entire Outskirts team for a job well done with Dog Man. I will not hesitate to use their services again.”

J. S. Wiedemann is the real name of an authentic Baby Boomer and Jersey boy who lives harmoniously in Burlington County, NJ with his long-suffering wife and with happy memories of his late Labrador Retriever. The author welcomes reader questions and comments. Contact me on-line at

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Book description…

Dog Man might be the last great Baby Boomer novel. It is the self-told story of Rudi Werner, an engaging Boomer gone bust who learns about change the hard way: He lives it. Battling his demons all the way, Rudi accepts the challenge of opening and operating Dog Man, a kitschy hot dog joint that “serves the best damn wieners on the Jersey Shore.” But Rudi’s fabulous food fling brings him into daily conflict with what he calls The Great American Catastrophe-the election of Donald J. Trump. Rudi gets plenty of help balancing personal and political change from his inspiring love interest, Maria; from his extended Dog Man family; from his quirky, learned “spiritual” advisors, Phillipe and Malachi; and from his loving and loyal Labrador Retriever, Al. The novel provides poignant and humorous insights into modern life, relationships, politics and food, but Dog Man is fundamentally an uplifting tale of personal transcendence for Boomers of all ages.

Introducing Doug Fratianne, Ph.D., author of Being Different

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the rapid and professional way my questions were addressed and solved. This was my first self-published book so I was learning as we proceeded. Even changes that were not part of the normal original plan were allowed, and every step was not completed until I was completely satisfied. I posed a number of questions and every one was addressed to my satisfaction. Every step of the publishing plan seemed logical and well defined. I went from an original contact with Outskirts Press to a finished copy of my book delivered to my address in less than 2 months.”

Doug Fratianne, Ph.D. is retired from a career that spanned thirty years as an educator at the university level. That background did not prepare him for the stories told to him by some of his grandchildren regarding the bullying that goes on in their schools on a daily basis. Learning of the frequency and extent of such situations was something of a revelation. Hearing these stories of bullying, then, formed the motivation to write this book, although the story lines are fictional. While bullying might be considered to be a negative basis for a story, the major emphasis in this book is on personal determination and friendship.

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Book description…

Being Different follows Trudy through her three years of middle school. She is faced with serious speech difficulties, and she must cope with teasing and bullying from classmates. She befriends a girl who was her most abusive bully with a selfless gesture of good will that converts this girl to a friend. Later, when this new friend faces a serious challenge of her own, the two girls form a closer bond as each play a significant role in helping the other overcome the reason that they are different than their classmates. Both girls show a great deal of courage in overcoming their respective difficulties, which produces an uplifting story of determination and extraordinary friendship. Perhaps Being Different can give hope to other youngsters who face challenges and who are bullied themselves.

Introducing Richard G. Aanonsen, author of The Power of Encouragement

“My publishing experience with Outskirts Press was excellent. The staff were responsive and timely regarding my concerns. People who have seen the web page and book have been extremely positive in their evaluation! It was a “fun” experience with Outskirts.”

Richard G. Aanonsen, Ed.D., has extensive experience in private and public sectors as a counselor, educator and clergyman. Speaking occasions include professional organizations, community service clubs and church groups. He has been married to his wife, Else-Marie, for 54 years and currently reside in Florida. They have two adult children.

Product description…

Encouragement builds up. Discouragement tears down. One of the most powerful ingredients to enhance personal growth is Encouragement. When this powerful factor is successfully integrated into an individual’s experience, life’s challenges, no matter how tumultuous, can be mastered with confidence. Dr. Aanonsen defines encouragement as “a behavioral statement in words and/or deeds that influence a person to keep on and to do better despite life’s vicissitudes.” With the reassuring style of a seasoned counselor, he provides guidance to help the reader learn skills in applying four elements of encouragement: unconditional love, understanding, conveying authenticity and expressing specificity. Discover how to effectively encourage your spouse, children, relatives, business associates and yourself. The Power of Encouragement will furnish people with courage to build on their strengths and work for improvement. “An excellent book. The work you did with me and my staff forever changed the manner in which I approach workers.” CEO, A Major U.S.A. Corporation “We use the book as a study guide for adult classes” Pastor, Florida “A great book. I recently re-read it.” Psychologist, TN “A wonderful, informative and inspirational book. It contains depth of experience and information. Thank you.” Retired Professor, N.Y.U.