Introducing Robert P. Jones, author of Minorcan Gumbo for the Soul: A St. Augustine, Florida Story

“This is my fourth book and the process gets better each time. The cover designs are outstanding and my Author Representative goes above and beyond to answer all questions and offer help. Great company to do business with because of the people.”

Robert P. Jones is a 6th generation Florida native. Jones’ 8th Great Grandfather was Onesimus Futch, who fought in the American Revolution. He was with Colonels Richard Caswell and John Lillington on February 27, 1776, when about a thousand members of the Patriot Army defeated an army of Scottish Highlanders at the Widow Moore’s Creek Bridge near the port city of Wilmington. Jones’ uncle, SSgt Phillip Lester Brinson, was killed in action during WWII on his tenth mission while serving as a tail gunner of a B-26. His name is on the monument in the St. Augustine Plaza. Jones married his high school sweetheart on May 28, 1955. He and Malinda had five children (Mike deceased 2014), seventeen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Jones has worked for the commercial fishing industry as Executive Director of Southeastern Fisheries Association for fifty-four years.

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Book description…

The story of the Minorcans in America is well chronicled. Minorcans (Menorcans) and St. Augustine, Florida are both unique. Spain had the first permanent settlement in America (St. Augustine). By the time Jamestown was founded by the English, St. Augustine was an established town. These short stories reflect a life well-lived because of the unconditional love of a Minorcan: my wife, Malinda Usina Jones. The stories are true and might make you feel almost as good as tasting true Minorcan gumbo with a drop or two of datil pepper sauce in the bowl.

Introducing L. Leon Little, author of Rebel Plantation . . . In The Shadow of Legends

“Thanks Outskirts Press for helping me publish my first, second and third books. I am pleased with Outskirts Press for making the job of publishing my books less complicated. I look forward to working with Outskirts Press on the production of my fourth book.”

L. Leon Little is an innocent man who has worked hard on different levels to uphold the law. He has been railroaded to prison, gotten out, and had the police come back and harass him thirty years later, even though the case was reversed by the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Little resides with his family in the Midwest. Mr. Little

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It has taken us from slavery to freedom, yet we are still secretly used for gain in a clever scheme of repression whose darkness is finding light, through the blood spill of our martyrs who’s sacrificed so much, including the ultimate. America still has so much work to do and so many have gotten too comfortable with the attitude becoming more like “if it doesn’t hurt or affect me, I’m fine.” We can’t stop our fight for freedom. So many of us have been pacified momentarily, you don’t know where the crooked officer is going to strike next because the loose cannon has no accurate target. As I look around and ask, how could this happen to me or why me, I am reminded of all the heroes who gave but never enjoyed the harvest of their labor. All the legends who paved the way and secured the freedoms we enjoy today surely turn in their tombs as another corrupt official takes the dream of the humble, an official with his hand so deep off into the public trusts that his elbow and arm have tendonitis from the frequency of activity. All the martyrs who were hung from the tree as the world watched and looked for guidance on a planet in a country, who is building a platform, on a mission out into the great unknown they cheer our efforts and guide our movements.

Introducing Joan Pendergast, author of Love Letters to Jack

“Lisa was fantastic always! She communicated with me and my granddaughter Max who helped me, very well all the time. Thank you Lisa.”

Joan Pendergast is a BSRN graduate of Skidmore College, and has practiced public health and hospital nursing in New Haven, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island. She is the author of Markings of Mercy, The Story of After Abortion Helpline and several poetry publications in the New Boston Post. Married to Jack for fifty-eight years, Joan is the mother of six children and grandmother and great grandmother of twenty-one grandchildren. She resides in Providence, Rhode Island.

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“Why share your grief in a book,” you might say. “That’s private stuff. You don’t go parading it all over the place.” Well it’s precisely because others have done just that, that I’ve been able to move along through my grief. Grief is so disorienting, disabling, frightening and painful that we need the help of others to get through it. One can feel so isolated, alone and confused that a word, a sentence, or a thought from another grieving person can take us out of isolation and bring us back to life. My wonderful Jack and I were married for fifty-eight years. As he suffered at the end of his life from cancer, undifferentiated squamous cell carcinoma, I was able to write about the deep pain of our impending separation in order to name it and process it. When he passed on June 12, 2014, I continued to write to him and to the Lord, love letters, through the pain of my grief. Sometimes sorrowful, sometimes joyful, this compilation of letters, poems, prayers, and reflections is an intimate portrait of my love for my husband and for God. It also expresses my struggle to come to terms with the mysteries of marriage, love, death, and loss. Writing helped me survive the terrible grief I experienced, that many experience after losing a loved one. We all grieve in our own way, and I hope this book will help you as others have helped me.

Introducing Resia Nank, author of Small Town Scandal

“All in all it was a pretty smooth experience, given that it was done virtually. This was my first book and I’m working on #2 now. I intend to stick with Outskirts! Here’s to working together in the future. Thanks! ”

Resia Nank has always been a writer. During the book’s time frame, she worked for the Star Democrat newspaper in her hometown of Easton, Maryland. In her 25-year career as a corporate journalist and communications professional, she wrote for various industries on multiple platforms. She holds a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University and an undergraduate degree from Towson University. She’s lived in and around Baltimore and the Chicago area, but spends as much time as possible at her favorite home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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A Racy Memoir By A Non-Celebrity. Celebrities aren’t the only people who live lives interesting enough for a reality show! This shocking tale of a young girl seduced by a married man twice her age is a true story. It happened more than 40 years ago and although the times have changed, that doesn’t mean the story won’t re-ignite the salacious gossip that gripped a small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the 1970s. Here’s the buzz on Small Town Scandal: “An outrageous journey to emotional maturity” “The secret’s out: a 21-year trip down memory lane” “A glimpse into the private life of a typical Baby Boomer”

Introducing Artis Tolbert, author of Death Before Dawn

“It was an overwhelming experience for me and this team of a staff pulled me through every obstacle that seemed to hinder me at the time. Thanks be to God for you all!”

About Artis Tolbert: I was raised as a country girl, therefore I loved the outdoors; the feel of the sun beaming against my body and the breeze of a cool wind blowing my spirit across the fields. I consider myself a gracious lady, being thankful for the ability to encourage, inspire and motivate others to believe in how precious life really is. In 1973 I married a wonderful man just home from the U S Army. We have two lovely children together with three grandchildren, four godchildren and a niece who preceded my husband in death whom we loved dearly. I spend most of my time now getting to know who God really is, where he is in my life and what he is to me.

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This book was written to inspire anyone who may have lost the person who was once the one you felt was your soul mate. The one that you thought you would grow old together with. You may be wondering is there really life after the death of the one you truly have loved? The one you seemed to be with longer than life itself? Then death comes along and takes that person away from you. The experience in itself is so unbearable until it seems as though you have died too. You will read in this novel how traumatic and overwhelming the experience is when the one whom you loved so dearly has left you behind. The sadness alone can take you places you were just not prepared to go. You will walk along with me to see how long the journey really can be. But through all my sorrow, my weeping, the heartache and the pain, I never gave up on hope. That night this man died in my arms was the darkest hour just before dawn.

Introducing Diane Dettmann, author of Twenty-Eight Snow Angels

Twenty-Eight Snow Angels is my second publishing experience with Outskirts Press. Once the book was completed and in my hands, I fell in love with the custom cover and the photos that we integrated into the text added such a warm and personal touch. The positive reader response to Twenty-Eight Snow Angels makes my heart soar! Many thanks to Outskirts Press.”

Diane Dettmann is an author, presenter and teacher. During her teaching career, she was an elementary teacher, a literacy staff developer and taught at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Diane is the coauthor of Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants and has presented the book at international conferences in Finland and Canada. Diane lives in Afton, Minnesota, where she enjoys writing and spending time with her loving husband, Allan.

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Book description…

A beautifully written story of a life renewed. Diane Dettmann’s memoir, Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow’s Story of Love, Loss and Renewal, invites the reader into her personal experience of grief, as she faces life alone, after the sudden death of her 54-year old husband. With honesty and a clear perspective, Dettmann reveals her daily struggles and the realities of grief. The reader feels her pain and at the same time rejoices in her commitment to tackle the daily challenges of life alone and to succeed. Her heartfelt story inspires hope as the reader discovers that they can build a meaningful life-alone or with someone new-after a devastating loss.

“In this well written memoir, Diane tells of her emotional journey in touching detail.” -Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul Pioneer

“Writer Diane Dettmann makes small events, like the sale of a beloved piano, become as momentous as the sale of a national treasure. In the process, she rediscovers faith, community and love.” -Susan Parker, author of Walking in the Deep End

“In Twenty-Eight Snow Angels, writer Diane Dettmann gives us a poignant account of a life badly rent and ultimately revitalized in a way we can all take to heart.” -Peggy Lang, award-winning ghostwriter ”

“The reader is drawn in and captivated by Diane’s vivid account of her grief after the death of her loving husband . . . a powerful story of love, grief, hope and faith all can learn from.” -Mary Jacks, M.S. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“Diane’s piano move was one of our most memorable. It really touched us all.” -Paula Soukup, Manny’s Piano Company, Inc.

Introducing Maurice Mayberry, author of The Dark is in the Light

“I am pleased with my experience with Outskirts Press and if I should publish another book, I will use them.”

Maurice Mayberry was born in Oakland, CA but now resides in Antioch, CA and works for a transit system in Concord. He attended Contra Costa College and Los Medanos College in California. Maurice has written poems, inspirational songs and this is his first published book and he is filled with joy! ”

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My life seemed doomed because of my abusive father, my exposure to sexuality at a young age, my failed marriage to an older woman, and my appetite for a forbidden fruit that contributed to my path of emotional destruction. As a result, I became a loner, I was depressed, and suicidal thoughts stampeded my mind. But through it all, I’ve learned to love and forgive myself—I’m at peace.