Introducing Patricia Tyson Redmond, author of We the Widows: A Guide to Your New Life

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Pati Redmond is a retired physical therapist who has been published in professional journals but this is her first attempt to write the story she has lived for the past ten years…widowhood. Pati loves traveling and has seen all the New 7 Wonders of the World. Her passion is interviewing over 100 veterans for the Veterans History Project in the Library of Congress. Pati lives in Frederick, MD, with her dog Rojo.

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Book description…

Are you a Widow? This book is for you! This book is for those of you who have spent many years sharing the decisions, burdens and joys of life with the one you loved. Now your husband has died; what do you do? You are once again a single woman and how do you become that independent person you need to be to manage your new life? How do you take care of the chores of the day, the home maintenance, the decisions, and still cope with the grief and stress of your loss? Pati Redmond has spent ten years dealing with these problems after the death of her husband and wants to share her experiences with you. She has lived these pages, gathering years’ worth of thoughts, experiences, challenges, and solutions in the hope that other women will be able to face their future as a widow more empowered and equipped after experiencing one of life’s greatest tragedies. It is not only relevant to the widow left behind, but also to the children who remain. The information in the text is well thought out, clear, concise and thorough. We the Widows will give you suggestions on how to deal with many things you may face as a grieving widow. You will learn that you are stronger than you ever thought you were, and that you can do things you never dreamed you could! Perhaps it will also make you smile at the memories and help guide you into your new life.

Introducing Ann Marie Bryant, author of Releasing Your Story

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Ann Marie Bryant has fulfilled her dreams and success by overcoming her own obstacles. She holds two Masters Degrees and has personally used these techniques to move forward into a teaching career she loves. Ann Marie also speaks and coaches others to fulfill their life’s ambition.

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Book description…

Things happen to us every day but what meaning do we attach to these occurrences? Releasing Your Story looks into these events that have happened in the past yet may still negatively influence your thoughts and actions today. By looking into these events and finding the origin of these limiting beliefs you will have the opportunity to finally free yourself from the thoughts which may be keeping you from truly living a life of joy and happiness.

Introducing Wendell Priester, author of Who Do You Love

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Wendell Priester is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. He is married and is the father of two boys. “Who Do You Love” has given Wendell the opportunity to share his passion of how the power of relationships and your faith will prevail – no matter the circumstance.

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Book description…

Life struggles of addictions, broken relationships, a failing business and spiritual weaknesses; the hope of recovery for Phillip Howard is still in sight. This multifaceted drama based off of true events is exceptionally told with passion and desire by the author. He vividly paints a picture of pain and romance through the eyes of an individual that has a strong Christian influence upbringing. “Who Do You Love” is a brilliant read that causes you to begin taking your self-inventory.

Introducing Barbara Harris, author of From Fear To Faith

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Barbara Harris spent her early career as a copywriter and in advertising production for BBDO advertising agency and WPBT, Miami’s public television station. She covered the Republican and Democratic Conventions in Miami for ABC Network. She is a published poet. She grew up in Miami and now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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As a young child, I could see and hear witches in my closet. This was the first clue something was wrong with me. There were early signs of my mental diseases but they were not severely manifested until my father’s suicide when I was a teen. After that my schizophrenia manic-depression, depression and panic attacks took over and my drug and alcohol abuse began. This is a story of a woman who had no hope. At age 45, I found the power, with the Lord’s help, to recover from drugs, alcohol and my mental diseases. It was not an easy journey and had many facets including family murders, living in an ashram, relapses and spirit guides. I have always been spiritual and have had a close relationship with the Lord. It was thru my faith and trust in God that I was healed. I will do everything I can for God and Christ because they gave me a new life. The prize for this new life is freedom from bondage of self and self-will. Alcohol is a crutch to many people with mental disease. It becomes a vicious circle and is an added challenge to stay sober. This book can provide hope for many who suffer the way I did. “The Swing of Life” Life is funny in many ways it’s like a swing that continually sways, Sometimes it seems we’re up so high that we could reach and touch the sky And then at times it swings so low, we wear a smile so no one knows.

Introducing Golonza Young, Jr., author of The Assignment Called “Yes”

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Golonza Young, Jr. was born in Virginia, and has traveled ubiquitously. He has a Prophetic anointing upon his life, and is in the daily process of becoming transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. He is a graduate of several universities; but, became wise, only when he surrendered his life to Christ Jesus, whereupon he made the discovery of the spiritual Assignment which had always been upon his life.

Product description…

I am moved by what is in the Spirit, and not just what I “see” in the physical. Frequently, hardships come on assignment, with the purpose of making you stronger and wiser. So, be careful, because if you are not wise, then Satan will play upon your “Intellect.” Attitudes, Habits, Choices, and Behaviors, which begin to sabotage relationships, will shipwreck your joy, your home, and your life.

Introducing Rebekah Tyne McKamie, author of The Snow Fence

“For the most part, this experience was great! I knew if I had a question, I could simply ask it and it would be answered with patience.”

Rebekah Tyne McKamie has authored numerous devotionals and blogs, advocating for Marriage and aching for the hearts of Christian youth. She lives on five acres in beautiful Colorado with her husband, three children, and far too many animals. For more information, visit

Product description…

Seth Gowan, a wealthy teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome, is surrounded by love and predictability until he makes a costly mistake that sets tragedy in motion. Though he is suddenly burdened with a nearly impossible measure of grief, Seth eventually forges bonds with a set of mismatched housemates, and seems to find renewed peace with them. But when someone from Seth’s past suddenly reappears, a looming secret has the power to cause the entire makeshift family to erode. Can love endure and renewal abound enough to hold up against the current? Experience fine wine, sweet music, barbed wire bites, and dry kibble. Blur the lines between healing and hurt, friendship and family, love and hate, the impossible and what is. Each soul on Plaid Row is a work-in-progress. They are also vital brushstrokes in a masterpiece God is unveiling around Seth Gowan – one section of fence at a time.

Introducing Michael Steven Tunstall, author of The Lord Is Pleased When the Angels Sing

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Michael Steven Tunstall was born in 1947. He currently lives in Summerlin, a small town near Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The world around us is joyful, mysterious, colorful, sometimes sorrowful…but always rich with experiences, meaning, and connections. In our fast-paced lives, poetry is a way to distill the world into flashes of light, rainbows of song, bubbles of laughter. The Lord Is Pleased When the Angels Sing is a delightful collection of verses with deep reflections, funny adventures, and a keen sense of observation. With topics ranging from our relationship with God to the pleasure of listening to falling rain, there’s a window into a world of wonder for every reader in these poems from the heart.

Introducing Don McEvoy, author of Aging As An Art Form: Through the Eyes of Residents of Wesley Palms

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Product description…

Wisdom tales from members of a retirement community.

Introducing Kay Karter, author of Bitter or Better

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Kay Karter was born in Wilmington, N.C. She’s a loving wife and a devoted mother of five beautiful children. Kay also is the CEO of Women with a Heart to Serve Ministry, serving women young and old alike in her community. She realized early on in her life that she was born to impact the earth through love and compassion. She wasn’t sure how or where, but she knew it was predestined to happen. As a mother her heart became geared to help empower women through the Living Word of God and His principles. She understands that if you can educate the women; she can nurture her family the way God had ordained her. Through structure, wisdom, love and grace.

Product description…

Forgive and life. Satan’s power is in an identity crisis, he wants to tell you who you are and what you don’t have to hold you in bondage. This is the first lie he has whispered into your ear. Before the truth can set you free, you have to recognize the lie that has been holding you hostage for this long period of time. Life has dealt you a horrible hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to keep playing the same hand and never winning. This is the second lie holding you hostage. Learning how to forgive the people who have dealt you this hand is a life of freedom. There is power in knowing who you are and who you belong too. Once you learn this, you will no longer live a Bitter life, but a Better life to its fullest potential.

Introducing Richard G. Aanonsen, author of The Power of Encouragement

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Richard G. Aanonsen, Ed.D., has extensive experience in private and public sectors as a counselor, educator and clergyman. Speaking occasions include professional organizations, community service clubs and church groups. He has been married to his wife, Else-Marie, for 54 years and currently reside in Florida. They have two adult children.

Product description…

Encouragement builds up. Discouragement tears down. One of the most powerful ingredients to enhance personal growth is Encouragement. When this powerful factor is successfully integrated into an individual’s experience, life’s challenges, no matter how tumultuous, can be mastered with confidence. Dr. Aanonsen defines encouragement as “a behavioral statement in words and/or deeds that influence a person to keep on and to do better despite life’s vicissitudes.” With the reassuring style of a seasoned counselor, he provides guidance to help the reader learn skills in applying four elements of encouragement: unconditional love, understanding, conveying authenticity and expressing specificity. Discover how to effectively encourage your spouse, children, relatives, business associates and yourself. The Power of Encouragement will furnish people with courage to build on their strengths and work for improvement. “An excellent book. The work you did with me and my staff forever changed the manner in which I approach workers.” CEO, A Major U.S.A. Corporation “We use the book as a study guide for adult classes” Pastor, Florida “A great book. I recently re-read it.” Psychologist, TN “A wonderful, informative and inspirational book. It contains depth of experience and information. Thank you.” Retired Professor, N.Y.U.