Introducing Tabitha Eichelberger, author of Diary of a Lonely Prom Queen: Reflections on Parenting Teenage Girls from a Teenage Survivor

“My Author Representative was incredible! She took time to listen and got back with me even on weekends.”

As a teenage survivor, Tabitha experienced many opportunities that have helped her form a unique insight into the adolescent experience. High School Credentials 1. Prom Queen, 2004 2. Homecoming Queen, 2003 3. Consistent table for 1’er 4. Prom Princess, 2003 5. Expert bathroom stall crier 6. Homecoming Court, 2002 7. Cheerleader, 2002, 2003, 2004 8. Skilled Friday night laundry folder 9. Chorus member, 2000-2004 10. Introvert in Disguise 11. Recipient of the Masonic Lodge Scholarship 12. Participant in the Young Life Organization 13. Participant in the school mentoring program 14, Teenage Survivor! Tabitha is an author, business owner, wife, and mother. She lives with her husband Brad and their three children, Tinley, Garret, Noah, and their dog Hank. Tabitha enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, running, biking, and exploring their country property on summer evenings with her family.

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Book description…

….Sometimes looks can be most deceiving….”There is a reason God is putting you through this.” These words spoken from my mother’s mouth when I was a teenager still echo in my head. Fifteen years later I now understand that reason: to share my own junior/high school experiences in this book. My hope is to encourage parents as they help their daughters navigate through the prickly forest of “Girl World.” While this book focuses on my own personal struggles and triumphs, I also share stories, perspectives, and advice from many other mothers and daughters who have gone through or are going through these tough teenage years. We will look beyond the thorns, twisted paths and shadows to see the light at the edge of the forest. The light that is waiting for them even though it may seem far away.

Introducing Paul W. Reeves, author of A Principal’s Family Principles

“My author representative, Dana, was highly energetic, helpful, and responsive. I truly appreciated all of her professional efforts throughout the entire publishing process!

Paul W. Reeves has spent over 30 years as a professional educator, a career that has seen him establish the largest and most decorated Band program in the Midwest (353 students per day!), as well as being a teacher of Mathematics, English, and Spanish. While serving as a K-12 teacher, it was normal to see his classroom filled with over 100 students each day before school, during lunch, and after school! During the administrative portion of his career, he was responsible for raising some standardized test scores by as much as 400%, while doubling and tripling most other test state scores; changing his school’s inherited grade of “F” to “A” in assessments; raising his school’s Report Card by two whole letter grades in two years; increasing enrollment by as much as 50%; serving as a statewide conference speaker on “Instructional Practices”; and leading an entire district to financial solvency, while improving curriculum, standardized test scores, technology, and instructional practices and always pursuing the students’ best interests. However, as much as he enjoyed his career with students, his greatest joy came with his three blessings, a daughter and two sons. As you will read in his book, Mr. Reeves spent as much time as possible with his kids; took them to their activities; encouraged them to be successful, while showing them the way; attended their events; and tried to always be the rock of the family on whom his kids could rely while establishing their own paths through life. In addition to currently operating his school, Mr. Reeves serves as a consultant to other schools, districts, teachers, administrators, and School Boards, mostly in the areas of instructional practices, curriculum, personnel, business practices, and staff development. And, of course, he works with multiple parent groups, so that they can also learn to raise their kids to be happy and healthy, while enjoying them to the fullest!

Product description…

How do we raise our kids to be successful and happy, while keeping them away from peer pressure and the nefarious characters who populate our society – the same nefarious characters who would love to “mentor” your children toward alternative lifestyles that are far different than your own morals and beliefs? Mr. Paul W. Reeves explains how to do it in his new book, “A Principal’s Family Principles”, in which he explains that the most important person in your child’s life needs to be . . . YOU! In Mr. Reeves’ book, you will laugh, cry, and feel joyous at the outpouring of stories that he shares with us, all of which are true stories based upon the lives of his children and the lives of some of his thousands of students over the years, . . . and all of which can help us to be better parents. By being the most important person in your child’s life every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year, you can help to ensure that your kids will be raised to be successful and happy!