You Are Just Right: Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity

“Though I knew the subject matter of my book, I had no idea how to put it together. My Author Representative patiently walked me through the steps and answered my tedious, and sometimes repetitive, questions. She was absolutely life saving as the conduit to my illustrator. Her advice was flawless, and I am so grateful.”

Joni Crimmins has an MBA in finance and has pursued a fulfilling career in business. Yet it was her role as mother, that inspired her to return to school for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy to understand the psychology around bullying, depression and anxiety, rampant among today’s youth and to try to make a difference. One of seven children, Joni understands the unique circumstances that make each of us special. This book was inspired by real events that happened involving Joni’s children. She was so saddened by them, that she wanted to bring a hopeful message to those that don’t feel they fall within society’s acceptable norms. Actually, she acknowledges, this could apply to most of us.

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Growing up can be tough when you feel you don’t “fit in” the way others think you should: he’s too old for the shopping cart, too tall for the ride. A mother shares a story with her struggling son to demonstrate that we all truly do fit in a piece of the bigger picture, and what’s more important is following his own heart, rather than how others see him. The story helps the young boy to understand that differences can be strengths and that he really is “just right.” This little book is a gentle reminder to children and adults that thoughtless comments are hurtful and unhelpful, that everyone is unique and that within each person is a special gift or talent. The array of options presented creates an opportunity for parent/child dialogue on my topics from accepting others to exploring a child’s aspirations and dreams. Perhaps you don’t have a pianist’s nimble fingers, but you have strong hands to build bridges and repair roads? Are you slow and methodical like a scientist in a lab, or are you small and quick like a jockey on a racehorse? This loving exchange between a mother and son is an assurance, not only to this little boy, but to all children and grown-ups, that each of us is uniquely special, born to bring a one-of-a-kind gift to this world.

Introducing T. Charles Brantley Ph.D, author of Thou Shalt NOT Be Full Time Parents

“Laura is the best. I would like to only work with her. She is the main reason I keep coming back.”

T. Charles Brantley Ph.D is chief counselor at Strong Marriages. He has earned a double Doctorate and Master Degrees from Newburgh Theological Seminary. He has an Accredited Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Diploma in Biblical Counseling from American Association of Christian Counselors. In addition, he has authored 22 national published books titles including: “Married Couples: Thou Shalt Have Great Sex,” “New Sheets: Hot Passionate Undefiled Married Sex” and “Return To The Garden Of Eden.” He is a radio and TV personality in the North East.

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Always full-time lovers never full-time parents. This statement must rain in your head like crazy. You can’t fall into the trap of being full- time parents. You have to stay the course and fight that spirit that says you must give all to the child. You must remain full-time lovers. You have to fight it. You have to make it a priority to be full-time lovers. I know the child needs you, but your husband or wife needs you more. Yes, I said it. We can admit that we will never hold down the lover part consistently, and now and then put being the parent into the mix. Usually, what takes priority is being a full-time parent. If you want to be GREAT parents be an abnormal couple in love. Go against the flow of loving your kids more than each other. The more you love your spouse the more you can love your children.

Introducing Jane E. Jenkins, author of Rebuilding After the Explosions: Helping Parents Put the Pieces Back Together

“Your company and staff are wonderful and so helpful. Tomica and Jamie were so kind, knowledgeable and thorough. Thanks for an overall wonderful experience! I will highly recommend this publishing company to others!”

Jane E. Jenkins received her B.A. in Social Work at Missouri State University and her M.A. in Counseling from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Jane enjoys counseling children, however, she has found that helping families is truly her passion. While teaching parenting classes, she learned she was able to put her two passions together by teaching parents how to be their children’s counselor!

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When you read, Rebuilding After the Explosions: Helping Parents Put the Pieces Back Together, YOU will become the agent of change for your family! Just a few of the benefits are: Identify your family’s explosions. Learn how to utilize the family’s “feel good” hormones. Learn how to let go of the past. Equip yourself with beneficial tools. Learn how to break generational habits. You, as parents will be confident in building a secure foundation, therefore, helping everyone in the family to rebuild an even stronger home. My passion is to empower parents with vital skills for guiding today’s children and youth through society’s mine fields. This book will teach you how.

Introducing Derold “De” Bates, author of Three Steps to Success in Parenting and in Life

I had a great experience as I went through the publishing procedures. Bridget and the others in each part of the the publishing were extremely helpful and quick to answer my questions. I am pleased with the final results. Thank you. Thank you.

Derold “De” Bates is an educator who has unique insights into effective human relations skills. Being raised in a blended family of 17 children gave him many opportunities to study parent to child and child to child interactions. Formal training: BS, University of Utah; MS, University of Utah; ED.S, Idaho State University. He was an Elementary School teacher for 10 years in Magna, Utah, and an Elementary School Principal 26 years In Pocatello, Idaho. He taught in Qingdao University in Qingdao, China, and at Erdem Hotlogch College in Darkhan, Mongolia. Books he has written include: Discipline Made Easy and Keys to Success, for schools. And for parents, How to be a Parent in 3 Easy Steps. His popular presentations to the National Elementary School Principal’s Conventions, include “Discipline Made Easy,” “How to get Parents to do Their Jobs,” and Handling Hostile Humans.” He has taught discipline and parenting seminars in many of the Western United States and in Canada. He has taught Successful Parenting classes more than 10 years. He and his wife, Nyla have raised four children.

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Today many children leave home unprepared to succeed in the world they live in. Three Steps to Success takes stress out of parenting and puts fun in. We also help parents have more satisfaction in raising responsible, happy children.

Marion Hopson Hill, author of Do You Know Who’s Talking to Your Child?

“My experience started with Stephen. He explained the steps that would be taken and he was patient and consistent. He checked with me periodically to make sure I was still on track. If he didn’t hear from me by email, he would call me on my cell just to see how far I had gotten with the manuscript, especially since I was behind in the projected submittal time. When his job was done, he wished me luck and passed me along to Bridget. The experience was great and I’ve recommended Outskirts to a friend and I am working on the sequel to ‘Do You Know Who’s Talking to Your Child?’ to be published this year! Thanks again for a wonderful experience!”

I’ve been married 40 years, I have one son and three grandchildren. I have been a Youth Director and Sunday School Teacher for over 20 years. I’ve met a huge number of young people and they do like to talk and they have lots of questions. This is my calling and that’s why I’m writing the book. God is delivering a message through me and it involves decision making and the choices are simple.

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Do You Know Who’s Talking To Your Child?

As you read this book, you will experience or relive some things that have gone on in your lives and the lives of others in or out of your family. This is real. You will walk in the shoes of your own history. You will experience the loss and hardships in the lives of the people depicted in this story. There are children from all walks of life involved in this story and if you are not talking to your child; you can rest assured that your child is talking to somebody else and that somebody else is talking back to your child.