Introducing Mary James, author of When Freedom Turned Green

“I was pleased with my publishing experience through Outskirts Press. It was great to open the box and see my book for the first time. Thank you for helping make my dream a reality.”

Mary James is an avid outdoors person and has a longtime interest in wild edibles, wilderness and urban survival skills. She grew up in the high desert, in the heart of the recreational region of Central Oregon. When Freedom Turned Green is her first novel and it contains a perfect blend of factual places and experiences with a fictional story. She was inspired to write this book as a way to present a small part of a lifetime of learned survival skills into story form. She lives in northern California with her husband and five children.

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Book description…

Out of the ashes of total economic and social collapse comes a new era, built on ideas and dreams of a better world, but at what point does the quest for a better tomorrow, turn into a battle of blurred moral boundaries. Jane, 17, learns firsthand how fragile our lives can be, and how easily changed when the world she knows comes crashing down and the new world comes at a high cost. Jane lives in a small town of 300 people in the rugged mountains of northern California, and through her and her family’s fight for survival she discovers the preciousness of love and the painful depths of loss. Through it all she learns the importance of a small but powerful thing called hope, and finds strength that can only come when there is no other choice.

Introducing James C. Maddox, author of The Dream

“All in all it was great working with the entire group. I will be publishing my next book through Outskirts Press.”

James C. Maddox grew up in Florida, where he still lives today. He retired from the National Guard in 1990, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after a 27-year career. He also spent 27 years working at a high-tech plant for the Department of Energy. Jim’s love of wildlife and the outdoors is expressed in his last book, The Lake. Jim’s bass catches have been featured several times in the outdoor magazine Woods and Water. When he is not writing, he enjoys target shooting, and both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Product description…

Horror comes to Florida when a distraught, dishonorably discharged soldier sets in motion a diabolical plan to avenge a slain comrade. He is determined to kill as many fellow Americans as possible, in his own form of jihad. The results of his actions cause panic, and the loss of many lives, as local governments collapse, and the state’s resources are exhausted. Federal help is sent, and martial law is declared. In the middle of all this turmoil, Carl, his divorced wife and teenaged son find themselves forced by circumstances to live together again. They are joined by his friends and some strangers to fight for their mutual survival. They all must learn to work together and depend on each other’s strengths, but at the same time, they have to cover for each other’s weaknesses. As Carl and his family learn how to navigate a world thrown into chaos, he realizes that he has been subconsciously searching for what he threw away many years ago. From the ashes of his past, he tries to reignite the embers of the burning love he shared with his ex-wife. A tale of personal redemption and of what people are capable of under extraordinary circumstances, The Dream, is a richly characterized and deftly plotted novel that action and suspense fans will enjoy.