Introducing Vickie McGillis, author of Detours To The Good Stuff

“I was very impressed with the speed in which my first book was published (just 8-1/2 weeks from submission to publication). The additional charge for expedited service was a sound investment. Even more amazing was the quality of the books themselves and the imaginative custom cover design! I will definitely choose Outskirts Press to publish my second book this spring.”

Vickie McGillis is a native of Winona, Minnesota. Although this is her debut novel, she is a seasoned, award-winning published poet, as well as a longtime supporter of animal rights groups. Vickie and her wonderfully-supportive husband still reside in the Winona area, along with their rescued four-legged companions.

Product description…

Katie Munson was a struggling, poor young mother with four small children. At just 22 years of age, and freshly divorced, Katie had relocated her young family to their new home in a small rural town in southeastern Minnesota. In the comfort of her new surroundings, Katie presumed that she, along with her son and three baby girls, were safe from harm’s way. She believed they had escaped the iniquity from her past and were free to begin a renewed and happy life together. December 2, 1967, was a very special day for Katie Munson. Keith, her oldest, was turning four today, but while Katie prepared for the toddler’s birthday party, nothing could have prepared her for the unforeseeable winter storm that was blowing in her direction, or the unspeakable terror that accompanied it! This particular day would prove to be just the beginning of a perpetual, formidable journey for Katie and her young family in their pursuit of peace and happiness. The road ahead was littered with obstacles that oftentimes appeared impossible to avert. Despite the many unavoidable detours that changed the course of their lives, Katie never lost sight of the potential rewards at the end of their relentless expedition. This is the first installment in the extraordinary Munson family saga—the epic and gripping true story of a young single mother and her four children as they navigate the river of life, in search of “the good stuff.”

Introducing David Carlyle, author of Another Land

“I tried more than a year to get someone in a conventional publishing company to read one of my books, but until I found Outskirts Press, no one responded. Outskirts Press responded promptly, both initially and during the publication process. The final publications are outstanding.”

David Carlyle was born in rural Johnson County, Missouri. He graduated from MU in Columbia with a BS in chemical engineering, then from ISU in Ames with a PhD in chemistry. He later taught at Odessa High School in Missouri and operated the family farm in Johnson County.

Product description…

In 1876, Arthur McCarty insists his daughter, Edna, leave their mansion in the Scottish Highlands and board a ship to Rochester, New York, to further her education. Edna is headstrong and unwilling to leave her father, but she obeys his wishes and makes the journey to New York, where she eventually meets and marries John Paterson. They have a son, Erroll, but a tragedy leaves John to raise Erroll alone. He also finds himself raising a little girl, Kenzie Cox, abandoned by her mother. When the children are five years old, John takes them to Inverness, Scotland, in search of a better life. John’s new boss is abusive, and their new life is one of poverty, intrigue, and physical danger. After John’s death, Erroll takes over his father’s job. Kenzie and Erroll fall in love and marry, and when Erroll is fired, he and Kenzie walk more than 120 miles to Glasgow Port-hunted and hungry. They are helped by friends along the way and are finally able to board a steamer back to New York after 25 years away. Another Land is the first of a two-book, four-generational saga about one family whose strength, love, and Christian faith carry them forward despite the obstacles in their path.