Introducing Naomi C. Hanna, author of You Can’t Go Dressed Like That!

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Naomi Hanna is a retired RN, Author (Dove Cry, 2003), Minister and mother of two children, Philicia and P. Isaac Hanna, whom she loves dearly. She likes to read, garden, travel and feed an old dog named Dee Dee, in her free time. She lives in Nassau, N.P. Bahamas and attends the Revival Tabernacle Highway Church of God Bahamas, Inc., which is located on Millars Road off Bacardi Road, Nassau, N.P.

Product description…

It’s amazing how in this world there are standards and codes of conduct, including dress codes; to which we automatically adhere, if we wish to visit, or be a part of a particular environment such as Government functions, courthouses, prisons, and rehabilitation centers, etc. Heaven is often described as a “prepared place, for a prepared people.” Those who would enter, are put on notice to ensure that they are properly groomed and immaculately attired by faith, to be received as guests of honor, at His Majesty’s royal table, or risk being denied entrance!