Introducing Gabriel FW. Koch, author of Beholden: A Marlowe Black Mystery

“Fantastic as always!”

Gabriel FW Koch is the winner of the 2004 L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future award; the 2016 CIPA EVVY award for science fiction; a second-place winner of the 2016 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year; and a 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist.

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Book description…

Rare gold coins, a beautiful woman, and a walk with death. Marlowe Black, a WWII combat veteran, walks the streets of New York with a PI license to serve justice, a .45 automatic and his fists to enforce it, and a steely determination to solve a case…regardless of the consequences. When a stranger’s body mysteriously lands in his office after a long Fourth of July weekend, Black is determined to learn why, regardless of what New York City cops say or do. As bullets fly, he hunts the killer through a maze of government agents, missing Russian gold coins, Nazi SS fugitives, dangerous greed, and women worth fighting for and knowing intimately. But to succeed, Black must right an old mistake, make a heart-wrenching discovery, and wrestle with a decision to adhere to personal principles of honor that will force him to look beyond love and death. Beholden paints a grim picture of American city life, corruption, and death. And with a morally insecure protagonist and an irresistible love interest, this hard-boiled detective novel promises to be darkly satisfying.

Introducing James W. Dean, author of Memories and Mysteries

“This is the second book that I have published with Outskirts Press, and I would tell anybody that if you want great service, and a great book, you should publish with Outskirts Press. Everything about my experience with them has been nothing but the best. I will use them to publish my next book. Thank you, Bridget and Outskirts Press for a job well done.”

James Dean is an author from Eastern North Carolina, where he lives with his wife Brenda. James was born in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia. He spent his childhood years in and around Richmond, and in the small towns of Chesterfield County, Virginia. He feels that he is very fortunate to have experienced the intercity life and the wide-open country life. This has given him the life experiences that enabled him to write this book. He hopes that you will find it to be as interesting as he believes it to be.

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Book description…

Mysterious Short Stories and True Memories All in One Book. Here in the pages of this book you will find true memories from my childhood. Follow along as this young boy spends time in an orphan home, discovers tunnels and abandoned houses, walks the rusty old railroad tracks, and travels the muddy riverbanks. These memories are fresh and clear in my mind, and I treasure each one of them. I think that these memories will intrigue you as you read them. At the end of each true memory you will find a mysterious story based on the memories that I have shared. So, will you come along on the journey through my, Memories & Mysteries.

Introducing Mark Herod, author of The S.H.A.D.O.W.’s Of Sedona

“My Author Rep was fantastic. Jerry was so helpful when some problems surfaced concerning my original manuscript. He knew exactly how to correct the issue that originated from my laptop. I’m working on my second book now and I’m sure the process will be much quicker and easier this time around. Jerry educated me on the in’s and out’s throughout the whole process and I consider myself lucky for having him as my Rep. Thank you so much Jerry.”

Mark A. Herod spent time in the USAF at several locations around the world that required a “Top Secret” security clearance. He believes technology will someday provide the opportunity for time travel, forward and backward, to perhaps change history or learn from the future. He and his wife live only hours from Sedona, Arizona, and Mark’s obsession with the American Indian culture, specifically the Navajo tribe and their spiritual beliefs, inspired The S.H.A.D.O.W.s of Sedona, his debut novel.

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Book description…

Cole Youngblood is a Navajo tribal member by blood, a park ranger in Sedona, Arizona, by necessity. He is also a renowned tracker and geographical expert in the Four Corners area, making him highly sought after in missing person cases. While on a camping trip with his sister and her friends, Cole rescues a trapped wolf pup, whom he names Shadow, in a deep shaft-leading to his accidental discovery of an underground government facility with a huge secret… The S.H.A.D.O.W. agency has created a way for humans to travel back in time with great precision, stopping heinous crimes before they happen, changing the destiny of certain people who died before their time-and preventing young children from being abducted and disappearing forever. If Cole joins this quest, he will be able to change the past in order to improve the present…and perhaps even rid the world gradually of the ever-present evil that has become all too familiar.

Introducing Gretchen Harris, author of The Thinning

“For my first time, Outskirts made the process of publishing pretty exciting. I felt like the quality of my work as really appreciated. I will definitely be publishing with Outskirts again!”

Gretchen Harris is a licensed minister of the gospel. She is a member of Ephesus Ministries where she serves as a preacher and teacher of the word and is active in the praise dance ministry. She also serves in ministry with her family, ‘Follow Him Ministries’. Minister Harris loves writing and although this is her first novel, she is a playwright, poet and song writer. Gretchen and husband of thirty years, Minister Robert Harris, have raised five children and have a host of grandchildren. They currently live in Cheektawaga, New York. Her desire is to continue growing in the love of the Father and to enlighten readers about His passion for His creation.

Product description…

A young, handsome prison Chaplain vanishes! An Indian psychologist is plagued by dreams of her murdered sister! A pastor is struck by an mysterious illness! Can it all be linked to a dying inmate serving duo life sentences? Embark on a journey that intertwines the destinies of six very unique individuals. Meet Anzel Martinez, husband, father and prison Chaplain. Anzel is a man with deep Christian convictions, who believes that he is serving God with his whole heart. Harboring a dark secret from his childhood, he comes face to face with a truth that threatens to destroy his faith in a loving God! Anzel’s beautiful wife Katrina’s greatest passion in life is her husband and twin daughters. Her part in this battle threatens her hold on her sanity and almost destroys her very soul! Pastor Lockhart Dijin and his wife Ella play a major role in the final outcome of these mysterious events and risk all for a man they’ve never met. Along with psychiatrist Doctor Pila Thomas who wagers everything on her own ability to fight the evil that has followed her from childhood. The final piece to this human puzzle is Rasta Jones. Fashioned by abuse and neglect and fueled by revenge, Rasta carves out a path of destruction that brings these six souls together in an explosive way! The clock ticks as the timeless battle between good and evil continues, but we can overcome the darkness with the Love Agape!

Introducing Wes Dodd, author of The Crimson Key

“The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful through each process. I am very pleased with the whole process and overwhelmed at the job on the cover. I highly recommend Outskirts Press and plan on using their services for my future publishing needs.”

Wes Dodd was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1958, currently residing in Southside Virginia. He has two daughters and three grandchildren. He has always enjoyed a great story, whether it be written or on screen. Only recently has he discovered the passion for creating and breathing life into a great story. The Crimson Key is his first of hopefully many novels to be published.

Product description…

David Paige, a young detective from Charleston, S.C., is about to embark on an investigation of a lifetime. After an unexpected tragedy shatters his perfect world, he also discovers that his mother had been keeping a life-long secret from him, revealing that he is not who he believed he was. With no family member to turn to, David has to rely on his detective skills and a mysterious item left to him from his mother…a crimson-colored key. The search for the truth takes David to New York City, where he runs head on into lies, deception and murder, all in an attempt to cover up a string of dreadful crimes. Then if this is not enough to deal with, he falls for the daughter of a prominent man, both sharing an unexplainable attraction, which complicates his life even further. It isn’t until a near-death experience, and the help of his mother through several frightening nightmares, that the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together. The Crimson Key ultimately unveils many secrets, surprising many people including David, which opens his eyes and heart as well.

Introducing James J. Catteau, author of One More Time Grandpa

“Smooth… from start to finish. Tina, Brie and Jackie were the folks I dealt with and they are excellent. When I stumbled or needed help with an issue they were quick to respond. Great job, Outskirts Press and Thank You. If you are a new author trying to publish, I highly recommend these people. I am now several hundred pages into a second novel and will surely continue with Outskirts.”

James Catteau graduated from Ohio State University, majoring in economics. Married for 46 years to his wife Joan, they have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. His last 15 years, prior to retirement, were devoted to developing systems for and helping major North American utilities in the arenas of energy conservation, rate planning and marketing initiatives. Prior experiences included various titles and consulting positions to both large and small corporations, Project Leader, Staff Consultant, and Vice President of Information Systems. He and his wife reside in North Coventry Township, Pennsylvania.

Product description…

You get one guess, guess wrong and you will die!

Oliver Dean, former marine, former police officer, private investigator becomes involved in his most personal case. Former fiancée Sandra Compton is in dire straits. The battle weary investigator, supported by his close friend Wendell, plows his way along the trail to Ollie’s and the case’s ultimate conclusion. Along the way there are many flashbacks and remembrances of Ollie’s past experiences that have lead to his battle weariness. The basement battle, the night in the swamp, Iraq experiences, Paranoid Harlan, the barstool battle and many others help reveal Ollie’s character, and the factors that lead to his present self evaluation. Memories of the Grandparents that raised him, a hopefully budding romance, some childhood experiences are all mixed in with moments of humor and cynical viewpoints regarding the world around him. Along the way he struggles trying to figure out how to handle his prize possession, MISSX, a somewhat seedy cabin cruiser. So jump on board, help Ollie find his sword and his white horse that is somewhere out there in the fog. Be prepared to meet Wendell, Wendell is a little different, well maybe very different. Take a moment now, close your eyes and think of your parents. Can you see them clearly? You have exactly 20 seconds to determine which one has to die, or they will both die. Are you going to make a list of pros and cons? You have 20 seconds! Sometimes you have to make a choice and all of the options are very lousy. Perhaps Ollie will be confronted with a list of lousy options. Ollie and Wendell are waiting for your answer. There are only 10 seconds left!

Virgil Alexander, author of The Wham Curse

Virgil Alexander was born and grew up in a rural area near Miami and Globe, Arizona, where many members of his family worked in law enforcement. He attended Miami schools. He had family who worked on a large ranch in Sulfur Springs Valley, and Pima. He lived in Central while attending Eastern Arizona College and his children are alumni of EAC. His wife’s family has deep roots in the Gila Valley; her great-grandfather donated the land on which EAC was built and served as it’s President. He is retired from an Arizona mining company and worked in mines in Miami, Safford, and Morenci. He enjoys spending time with his family, visiting ghost towns and historic places, travel, history research, the outdoors and writing. He now lives in Tempe, Arizona with his wife of 45 years; their four children and fourteen grandchildren all reside in Arizona.

“A very good overall experience. Justene was not just helpful, but seemed to really want me to succeed.”

Product description…

A stolen treasure reaches across the centuries…

More than a century ago the ambush and robbery of the US Army payroll in Arizona Territory produced death, injury, distrust, and mystery. In present-day Graham County the senseless murder of a young Apache boy continues the curse of Major Wham’s lost payroll. It also created an enigmatic case for Deputy Sheriff Bren Allred and Apache Tribal Policeman Al Victor.

Barbara Carroll, author of The Mystery of the Moaning Banshee

A lifelong devotee of Gothic tales, Barbara Carroll was inspired to write The Mystery of the Moaning Banshee by her residence some years ago on a windswept island off the coast of Maine. She lives and works in New York City.

“My experience with Outskirts Press was an excellent one. I was able to publish my novel and keep it in my control, every step of the way. I even chose my own cover. It was easy to e-mail my manuscript to them, and I was treated with respect and courtesy. I would highly recommend Outskirts Press for online publishing.”

Product description…

Someone’s haunting Port Pennfield. And whoever it is just might have

Cassie Baker in their sights.

Thirteen year old Cassie Baker can’t believe her good luck when her great-grandfather leaves her his Victorian mansion high on a cliff above the ocean, complete with a beach house, a lighthouse, its own cemetery, and rumors of a vast fortune hidden somewhere in a secret room. With her mom and seven brothers and sisters piled into the station wagon, Cassie and her family head for Port Pennfield, expecting to explore a mansion that’s been empty for fifty years.

Or has it? Soon the newcomers hear a rumor that the estate is haunted. Silas, the shadowy longtime caretaker, warns of a terrifying banshee, a midnight ghost ship, fairies in the woods, and vampires in the town hall. Before long the newcomers are hearing footsteps in the hallways of the mansion, ghostly piano playing in the music room, growling and shrieking in the walls, and thunder and rain sounds in the attic when the weather outside is fine. Soon food begins to disappear from the kitchen, a portrait of great-grandfather changes from a placid face to a twisted, toothy grin, and they seem to have a ghost that leaves the scent of lilac.

Now Cassie and her family are plunged into a world of danger. As the tension mounts, Cassie is faced with finding the truth behind the ghostly happenings, perplexing puzzles, and the legend of the banshee.What she unravels could rewrite her family’s history — if she lives long enough.