Introducing Thomas B. Sawyer, author of Cross Purposes: A Barney Moon, P.I. Mystery Thriller

“I’ve authored books issued by conventional publishers, formed my own company, used POD and other venues, and I am sooo delighted to have finally discovered Outskirts Press!”

Novelist, screenwriter, playwright Thomas B. Sawyer was Head Writer/Showrunner of the classic CBS TV series, MURDER, SHE WROTE, for which he wrote 24 episodes. Author of CROSS PURPOSES and A MAJOR PRODUCTION! Edgar and Emmy-nominated, Head Writer/Showrunner or Producer/Story Editor on 15 network TV series. He has sold, then written 9 series pilots, 100 episodes, both comedy and drama. He wrote/directed/produced the feature-film cult comedy, GOSH ALICE GOODBODY. His documentary short film, REUNION, was honored by the New York Film Festival, the Rochester and Edinburgh Festivals, and received national theatrical release. Tom is co-librettist/lyricist of JACK, a musical drama about John F. Kennedy which, backed by the Shuberts, has been performed to acclaim in the US and Europe. He is publisher of STORYBASE 2.0 writer’s software. Tom’s book, FICTION WRITING DEMYSTIFIED, and STORYBASE software are Writer’s Digest Book Club Selections. The best-selling mystery/thriller about the JFK assassination, THE SIXTEENTH MAN, was his first novel. His second, best-selling NO PLACE TO RUN, was the first novel to make the case that 9/11 was a conspiracy. Tom’s memoir, THE ADVENTURES OF THE REAL TOM SAWYER, was published recently, along with the co-authored 9 BADASS SECRETS FOR PUTTING YOURSELF IN LUCK’S WAY. Tom has taught writing at UCLA, at Pepperdine University, at numerous major writers conferences, and online at Screenwriters University.

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Book description…

Manhattan Private Investigator Barney Moon can hack, charm or con his way into or out of damned-near anything. Barney is driven — to solve cases, nail bad guys, and to anyplace not reachable via the NY Subway. Barney never learned to drive. And, like most born/bred New Yorkers, he regards pretty much anywhere else as “Out-of-Town.” But there is one place for which he has a particular, lifelong aversion: Los Angeles, California, which Barney regards as an Alien Planet. And – guess where he finds himself stranded? In Cross Purposes, a case takes the reluctant Barney and his driver, Al Drobowsky to Los Angeles to obtain a single fingerprint. But things quickly get complicated. That night, of what by then seems sure to be only two in Tinseltown, Al learns he must immediately return to Brooklyn. Next morning, Barney notices his rented car being hot-wired by a young woman. Pragmatically, in exchange for not having Melodie Seaver arrested, he enlists the gorgeous 18 year-old Southern California delinquent to drive him around for – at most – one day. Except that things quickly escalate for this comically ill-matched pair, into murders, conspiracies, and mortal danger. Very fortuitously, the Good News for Barney: Melodie’s driving skills are awesome. Together, our off-the-wall team narrowly survives, and solves the complex, scary mess they’ve stumbled into. “Tom Sawyer’s inaugural Barney Moon P.I. novel, Cross Purposes, is the best thing to spread shoe leather on the wise-cracking streets of La-La Land since Bogey and Bacall. And Cross Purposes has Sawyer’s larger-than-life characters, refreshing humor, Hitchcockian plot twists, and his great, so-authentic dialogue.” -Andrew McAleer, Author of 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists & Fatal Deeds.

Introducing Neil Mahoney, author of At the President’s Request

“This is my 3rd book with Outskirts Press. My Author Representative was always responsive, helpful and accommodating.”

Neil Mahoney, PhD was born and raised in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Throughout his long and varied career he was fortunate to have worked with several Navy SEALs. This first story in a series is in a way a tribute to one of his closest friends, Commander Jack Schropp, now deceased. Neil now enjoys another career as a writer, spinning stories woven from his rich heritage and background. He graduated from Boston University (GI Bill, Korean War) in the fifties and moved to San Francisco in 1964. He holds multiple degrees in addition to his PhD in Public Policy, including two Master’s degrees, one in Experiential Education and another in Clinical Psychology. He also holds a Clinical Hypnotherapy certification. He has been an educator most of his life, fortunate to have taught in multiple venues from individuals to large groups. He served as Chairman of the Landmark faculty, National Director of the Breakthrough Foundation’s Youth at Risk, and created Golden Gate Consulting, designing and leading programs for some of the top 500 companies in the United States. His passion and lifelong study has been the connection between the mind and brain, the source of human behavior. He lives in San Rafael, California.

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Book description…

Investigation into the Assassination of United States Attorney. This is a story of a young U.S. Attorney’s murder in Michigan that goes unsolved for seven years. The young man murdered was the son of the U.S. President’s best friend. Many years go by and the murder remains unsolved. The President turns to another old friend, Jack Murphy, head of Boston Laboratory for Electronics, for advice. Jack’s son, Colin, just home from six years as a Navy SEAL, comes up with an idea that takes him and his old SEAL team on a great adventure. Another entertaining read from the author of The Harvard Square Mob and The Connection.

Introducing Georgann Prochaska, author of Murder Comes To The Vineyard: The Fourth Snoopypuss Mystery

“As always, the cover designer was amazing. Thank you Colleen for matching him to my book.”

Georgann Prochaska grew up in the Chicago suburbs, taught school, and kept journals. After her mother passed away, Georgann wrote On Little Cat Feet, a memoir of being a caregiver for a parent with Alzheimer’s. Writing mysteries followed. The Case of the Girl Who Didn’t Smile, the first in the Snoopypuss series, was named one of ten finalists of the 2015 Lascaux Prize. The second mystery involves slobber with Audrey the bloodhound: The Case of the Hound Who Didn’t Stay, and The Case of the Ex Who Plotted Revenge is the third novel, a second-place winner of the Royal Dragonfly Book Award for mystery.

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How did a request for a simple bloodhound search leapfrog into a murder investigation? Alice Tricklebank and her bloodhound Audrey are on their own in California when they awaken to gunshots-only to find the body of Guthrie Huff in the main house and another body among the tendrilled grapevines. Like it or not, Alice is once again entangled in a stiff-necked investigation, with suspects holding secrets and scars close to their chests. But this time her dear friends Lena and Julian are not immediately available to help cobble a story together. And Audrey’s being difficult, miffed that her favorite toy was left behind in Limekiln… Alice will have to hustle to snoop and solve the mystery if she plans to attend her grandson’s graduation. She’s promised to have her keister planted on the bleachers for the ceremony in one week, but can she keep her promise? Tick-Tock. Better hurry, Alice!

Introducing Peter F. Warren, author of The Parliament Men

“After completing my fourth manuscript, and after having already published my previous book with Outskirts Press, I did not hesitate to have my latest book – The Parliament Men – published with Outskirts Press. During the entire process I was again pleased by both the attention my book was given, and by the timeliness of the process. The entire publishing process was very professional. As the book went into production a small problem arose, but this was something that was quickly corrected to my satisfaction by Outskirts Press – kudos to them for realizing the problem and correcting it a timely manner. I have nothing but positive comments to offer about the entire staff I worked with – Brie, Tina, and others were great to work with. One of the many positive steps I like about Outskirts is how they handled everything needed to turn my book into a Ebook for me! Great job by all!””

Peter F. Warren is retired from the Connecticut State Police Department. An Honor Graduate of the Connecticut State Police Academy, he is also a graduate of the University of New Haven, and of the FBI National Academy. He is also the author of The Horry County Murders, and two Civil War novels. Currently, he resides in South Carolina with his wife.

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Book description…

“Peter Warren has again created another extraordinary piece of work with his latest book. As a former homicide commander, this book captured so well the experiences and encounters homicide detectives are confronted with each case they investigate. Readers will find this story riveting and hard to put down as they follow Warren’s detectives and the clues they are pursuing.” Director Roy E. McKinney, Maine Department of Public Safety Drug Enforcement Agency, and co-author of The Journey North.

“Once again Peter Warren delivers a book full of suspense and intrigue. This wonderful story keeps the reader engaged until the very end.” Nancy Engle, author of ‘Murder at Mount Joy’ and ‘Image of Perfection.’

“Peter Warren once again delivers a compelling read, inviting all to his captivating storyline. Entrancing us with character and intrigue, Warren carefully weaves a tale that will hook the reader, dragging one into a net of suspense and drama and begging for more! The Parliament Men is a must read!” Catherine Lowery, author of Bella and the Muddy Puddle.

“I have just finished reading the newest book written by Peter Warren. Even from my position as that of a veteran law enforcement officer, I found the story to be exceptionally well written, full of suspense, and very exciting. Readers who enjoy a good murder mystery will thoroughly enjoy The Parliament Men.” Captain (Ret.) Edward L. Odom, Alabama Department of Public Safety, and co-author of The Journey North.

The Parliament Men is the newest in Peter F. Warren’s series featuring retired state trooper Paul Waring and his Georgetown County law enforcement friends. I have been a fan of this series since “Confederate Gold and Silver” and “The Horry County Murders.” These books introduce us to Warren’s hero, Waring, a retired state trooper from Connecticut who becomes friendly with local law enforcement and is drawn into a quest for confederate treasure and solving crimes. Subsequent books enlarge the role of Donna, the protagonist’s wife, and in this novel, we see a wider role for female police officer Lt. Audrey Small, who works for the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department Major Case Squad’s Capt. Bobby Ray Jenkins (also Waring’s close friend). Warren knows his police procedures. Like his protagonist, Warren is a retired Connecticut state trooper and lives in Pawleys Island with his wife, Debbie. As with his other books, Warren is great on characterization, plot and dialogue, and I love the way he establishes and builds the camaraderie among characters. In addition, no matter how tough the crimes, Warren always writes with respect. He knows how to convey horror and mayhem without resorting to bad language or graphic detail. He can horrify us without gore. The crime that opens this book is a horrible one–the death of a group of young men sharing a home, murdered and found in a burned house. The death toll climbs to five, and Waring, despite wanted to stay out of things, is drawn into the investigation once more at the behest of his local crime-fighting friends because of his experience…The book moves well and, once again, to a conclusion that satisfies. It also opens the way to another novel. I look forward to the next adventure in the series.” —Joan Leotta, For The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC

Introducing Reginald Buchanan, author of Deceived

“Lisa was outstanding. She made everything so easy for me. Whenever I became confused, or when I made a mistake by not following directions, Lisa assisted and guided me in the right direction. She is great at her job! Thanks again.”

Reginald has been writing since 1992. His first three fictional murder mystery novels were self-published and titled: The Killer Postman, The Killer Postman (revised edition), and Writer’s Block. Reginald has completed a number of unpublished short stories and one screen play for TV.

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Book description…

This is a traditional whodunit with a first time and peculiar howdunit. Joan Witherspoon is a vivacious, full of life, and athletic young lady who is a senior at Fall City High School. One evening, after returning home from volleyball practice, she finds her parents dead in their bedroom. Because her parents were heavy smokers and had a history of coronary heart disease, the sheriff and doctor concluded that they’d died from cardiac arrest. Years later, Joan is considered a suspect in the deaths of her parents and a suspect in the death of two other residents of Fall City. Romance, jealousy, lies, greed, deceit and murder evolves around this murder mystery … things are not what they seem to be.

Introducing Dennis E. Chase, author of The Nun and The Guns

“I will tell you that I am very happy with the results and especially pleased with the process.”

The Nun and the Guns is the second mystery/action novel by Dennis E. Chase. His first novel is titled White God, based loosely on his experiences as a code breaker in Viet Nam. Those experiences sparked an interest in mystery writing. He is a retired wildlife biologist living just south of Atlanta.

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Book description…

A Nun’s story with a surprising twist. Luci Swenson, frightened by experiences as a teenager, becomes a nun to escape and find herself. Twenty years later, still unsettled and unsure, she returns home to the small town of Crossville, Missouri, to help her sisters deal with family problems. She encounters the very people who deceived and ruined her father leaving the family nearly penniless. Her return takes place as the small community experiences the murder of several prominent citizens. Luci’s involvement increases as she takes on a leadership role to set things right. Just days after returning home, a private investigator visits and, despite herself, Luci begins to fall in love. Charles Adams, known as “Clyde” because of his size, is that Private Investigator. He resists involvement, but he finds himself attracted to Luci. They become a team as they try to solve the mysteries.