Introducing John J. Wells, author of A Death For Academe

“This is my second book published through Outskirts, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. All my questions and clumsy mistakes were quickly and efficiently responded to and remedied. This outfit does a great job.”

I worked at various New England boarding schools for thirty-odd years, then retired to Maine to get in some of the reading and writing I’d never had time for. As it happens, though, I find that my daily schedule now is determined primarily by the whim of my dogs.

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Book description…

“For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.” Someone is killing the dogs of London, Maine, and Bill Williams is convinced that one of his neighbors or acquaintances is responsible. But which one? It could be any of them: Eleanor Bird, the village tyrant, who collects other people’s secrets and exploits them ruthlessly; her son Eddy, a preoccupied country realtor who, people say, isn’t at all as simple as he seems; Roy Emory, once the boy genius who went off to the ivy leagues and wound up in jail on drug charges and now lives as a hermit back in the London woods; his parents, Charlie and Kristin, who are afraid of him and struggling over a failing business; Rosie Brig, a subservient school teacher who becomes infatuated with the wrong men, first Roy Emory and then Sean Winder, the high school hero who gave up on college to run his father’s general store and marry the shy and self-effacing Patricia instead of his fiancée Rachel Morgan, who, recently widowed, has returned to London to claim him; or Linc Mundy, owner of the local garage and a professed dog hater. And Bill is very much afraid that, if the guilty party is not identified soon, the nightmare will only grow darker. And then people start to die….

Introducing G.J. Rayner & E.M. Rayner, author of Operation Pinata: Revenge on the Mexican Cartels

“Our Author Representative was quick to respond to our questions and guide us through the publishing process. We will be sure to return to Outskirts Press when we are ready to publish our next book.”

Ella Mae, an RN, encouraged Gordon, a retired DEA agent, to write believing it would be therapeutic as he has suffered from PTSD for many years. Together, they wrote a memoir of their life in Paraguay, which was immediately followed by a novel, Taurus, Taurus, Taurus. The therapy has indeed worked, and this book is their third adventure in their writing career.

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Book description…

Book 2 of the OMICRON Series. A wealthy Mexican businesswoman is murdered by the Acapulco Cartel, and her husband, a Deputy Attorney General, desires revenge for her death. Being frustrated with the corruption in the Mexican government, he hires OMICRON, a private security company that does work for US government agencies and private citizens. OMICRON develops a two-pronged attack against the cartels. First: To eliminate the people who are directly responsible for her death. Second: To conduct a money laundering scheme that drains the cartels of their drug trafficking profits.

Introducing Roy Albert Andrade, author of Cultivating the DNA of Crime

“Outskirts Press opened the door to the literary world. I just walked through it by opening an account. If, I remember correctly, I entered an email address, and provided a down payment. I was contacted by email, and asked to provide a time, and date I would be available to discuss my manuscript. The telephone conversation lasted nearly 30 minutes, and I learned what to expect before publication. I was exalted, because I knew this was going to be the beginning of a new friendship. I met various people through Outskirts Press in the production phase, and maintained excellent communication with them through email. Outskirts Press helped Cultivating the DNA of Crime come to fruition, and provided all the essential marketing solutions on a single webpage. I’m extremely happy with the outcome, and am currently working with George Pryce, a veteran of public relations. He read Cultivating the DNA of Crime, and was electrified. He was impressed, and commented on the interior design, title, cover art, synopsis, etc. Outskirts Press made this possible, and I am very grateful. The only thing I rue, and I thought about this the other day, is not having an ‘acknowledgment’ page. Where I can thank Outskirt Press, and provide the names of the individuals that participated in the production of Cultivating the DNA of Crime. The next manuscript we publish will have one.”

Roy Albert Andrade was born in Pacoima, California. He graduated with an Associates of Arts degree with concentrations in business from the University of Phoenix in 2011. Cultivating the DNA of Crime is his first novel.

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Book description…

Killer is a boy who lives with his parents in a two-story house in Sylmar, California. And when he’s not playing video games or watching TV, this thirteen-year-old child prodigy can be found working with a high-profile criminal organization. Killer is an asset desired by criminal enterprises worldwide—he’s young, intelligent, charismatic, and most importantly, he’s a killer. In this humorous and contemporary novel, Killer provides the reader a first-person point of view of the environmental factors that influence criminal behavior.

Introducing Barbara P. Walsworth, author of The Red Dirt Road

“Sometimes I felt everything was moving too fast! But overall I have had a great experience.”

Barbara P. Walsworth lives in northwest Louisiana with her husband, Tom. They have two grown children and five grandchildren. Her passion is family and writing family-driven stories. Watch for the release of her next book in early 2017. Contact her at

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Book description…

The Red Dirt Road is a dramatic portrayal of a family’s struggle to overcome poverty, loss and grief. In the summer of 1962, fourteen year old Partheny Preiste’s abusive, alcoholic father moved his family from southwest Texas to the backwoods of northwest Louisiana…and then, immediately abandons them. While struggling for the basic necessities, they discover someone is watching from the surrounding woods. And, even more disturbing, they learn of the recent murder of a small black child found in the swamp behind their shanty. What this evil wants and takes almost destroys this family. They battle to keep their faith and stay strong in the face of a heartbreaking tragedy and bring a murderer to justice.

Introducing Donna J. Thompson, author of Lost Causes

“I have been very happy so far with everything. The book was good quality and I was proud of it. Thanks for everything.”

Donna J. Thompson is a reader turned writer. She believes that everyone has a story and her observation of people helps her to write about complex characters, and make them come to life. This is Donna J. Thompson’s second novel. Lost Causes isn’t a who done it like her first, but it will keep you wondering why they are doing it until the end.

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Book description…

When beautiful Psychologist Casey West goes to Detective Karl Larkin with a wild story about the mental hospital where she works, he quickly dismisses it. He has worked in Springfield for twenty years and Lakeview has never had a complaint lodged against it. But when Casey’s friend, a nurse named Trudy Madison, is brutally murdered and the management’s story doesn’t agree with the evidence, Detective Larkin begins to think Casey’s story doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore. Having friends in high places, Jerry Connors, who runs Lakeview, uses his influence to stop the detective’s investigation. Casey then begs Larkin to allow her to become his eyes and ears inside of the place. Will she help him crack the case, or will she wind up dead like her friend?

Introducing Adam J. Beardslee, author of Out of Reech

“I came into this publishing experience entirely green. Although, I had some ideas floating around in my head of what the cover may look like, how I’d like the interior to be displayed, etc., I could not have been more amazed at your professionalism, expertise, and creativity throughout. Additionally, you all showed me a great deal of respect and patience even though I asked so many questions. I have given a copy to a Best Selling author and the very first thing he said to me was, “Wow! Amazing cover. Who did this for you?” My response was that my mind simply could not have come up with something so perfect for this book, and much praise went to Outskirts Press. All in all, the words above just don’t do justice to how very thankful I am to you all. Book 2 is in the works, and without question, I will be a returning customer!”

Adam J. Beardslee, a Michigan native, graduated from the University of Michigan – Flint. Only after personal tragedy enveloped his life did he discover his passion for, and the therapeutic value of, writing. Themes involving grief, struggle and enlightenment often sprout up and help drive his stories. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and son.

Product description…

‘Deviate in any way and Audrey dies’ are the words that cry out in Jacob’s mind as he lies helplessly stuffed in the trunk of an unknown car. Out of Reech follows writing professor, Jacob Reech as he struggles to save his fiancée from being murdered by a man hell-bent on rewriting America’s history. With only an arsenal of wit, determination, and resolve, Jacob must lead a brazen group of men, dormant for years, to one of the nation’s most storied relics, the Washington Diamond. The problem is, however, he must find it first; its location hidden among four ingenious clues whose solutions will challenge any mind. A cryptic language, a crafty passphrase, a clever riddle, and a phantom message hidden within a file are the dots that must be connected in this 200 year old deadly treasure hunt. Help from the authorities, as Jacob learns, will only threaten him more as their involvement with the faction known simply as, The Movement, eventually surfaces. Only the secretive and dangerously enlisted help of Kyle Voelner, an underestimated student athlete, will determine the fate of Jacob and Audrey, and help preserve the nation’s profound history. Jacob’s unknown journey spans from Michigan to Tennessee, and eventually piques the interest of Morton Caldwell, the President of the United States. In his lightning-fast race against time, Jacob’s obedience to The Voice, the group’s ruthless and unrelenting leader, and the answers to the four clues, are his only chance to once again see Audrey alive. In the end, however, he must face incomprehensible demons as one of the deepest betrayals cascades over his heart and soul.

Introducing Gretchen Harris, author of The Thinning

“For my first time, Outskirts made the process of publishing pretty exciting. I felt like the quality of my work as really appreciated. I will definitely be publishing with Outskirts again!”

Gretchen Harris is a licensed minister of the gospel. She is a member of Ephesus Ministries where she serves as a preacher and teacher of the word and is active in the praise dance ministry. She also serves in ministry with her family, ‘Follow Him Ministries’. Minister Harris loves writing and although this is her first novel, she is a playwright, poet and song writer. Gretchen and husband of thirty years, Minister Robert Harris, have raised five children and have a host of grandchildren. They currently live in Cheektawaga, New York. Her desire is to continue growing in the love of the Father and to enlighten readers about His passion for His creation.

Product description…

A young, handsome prison Chaplain vanishes! An Indian psychologist is plagued by dreams of her murdered sister! A pastor is struck by an mysterious illness! Can it all be linked to a dying inmate serving duo life sentences? Embark on a journey that intertwines the destinies of six very unique individuals. Meet Anzel Martinez, husband, father and prison Chaplain. Anzel is a man with deep Christian convictions, who believes that he is serving God with his whole heart. Harboring a dark secret from his childhood, he comes face to face with a truth that threatens to destroy his faith in a loving God! Anzel’s beautiful wife Katrina’s greatest passion in life is her husband and twin daughters. Her part in this battle threatens her hold on her sanity and almost destroys her very soul! Pastor Lockhart Dijin and his wife Ella play a major role in the final outcome of these mysterious events and risk all for a man they’ve never met. Along with psychiatrist Doctor Pila Thomas who wagers everything on her own ability to fight the evil that has followed her from childhood. The final piece to this human puzzle is Rasta Jones. Fashioned by abuse and neglect and fueled by revenge, Rasta carves out a path of destruction that brings these six souls together in an explosive way! The clock ticks as the timeless battle between good and evil continues, but we can overcome the darkness with the Love Agape!

Introducing Rodney Keeney, author of Cowboy in the Sand

“My experience with Outskirts Press was both educational and positive. This was my first attempt at writing a book and working with a publisher. At times it seemed frustrating, however, this was due to my lack of computer skills and my first experience as an author. It may appear to move slowly at times but quality work takes time and patience. Without the wonderful support of the Outskirts professional staff, this book would have not been published.”

Born with a profound neurosensory hearing loss, Rodney Keeney obtained a B.A. in Organizational Communications and an M.S. degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. He was raised in Sutter County and worked on the Hawk Ranch during the summers, when he wasn’t working on his parents’ farm. Cowboy in the Sand is based in part on his life and is his first novel.

Product description…

Gino Vanaiti is 26 years old and seeking a new life. Fresh out of a six-year stint in the Navy, Gino returns to his family’s ranch, drifting in purpose and determined to figure out his path. Under pressure to take over Vanaiti Ranch, which has been in his family for generations, Gino finally decides to take a year off and give some serious thought to what he wants out of life. With his faithful Australian shepherd Bailey at his side, Gino sets off on a yearlong adventure that will lead him to new friends, romance…and even murder.

Introducing Gil Alligood, author of The Devil’s Pace

“I am totally pleased with the results of publishing my book.”

Gil Alligood grew up in Eastern North Carolina. After retiring as a US Air Force Pilot, he retired from a career as a civil engineer. He grew up in the culture portrayed in the book. The reader gets a first hand description of that 1950s farm culture. He is writing an autobiography and a novel that will be available soon.

Product description…

Louise was a lonely seventeen year old girl living on a tenant farm in Eastern North Carolina. She met Louis one day while walking along the back of their farm. They became involved in a passionate romance before she discovered that Louis was married. The disappearance and search for Louis’ wife leads through intrigue and adventure that can only lead to disaster. The book has a theme of doing wrong when you know to do the right thing. As you might expect, the devil is lurking in the background, out of sight, ready to claim a victory, as he always is.

Introducing Charlotte Haile, author of The Alexander Treasure

“I plan to get your PR program and help with the marketing as I have the money to do it. You did a great job and I am very happy with Outskirts Press because you made me feel safe with the project. You all did a great job on the book. Thank You for your excellent assistance.”

Charlotte Haile studied the arts at the Washington School of Art and creative writing at the University of Georgia. She has lived in the south all her life and enjoys sharing a good story. The Alexander Treasure is her first novel.

Product description…

In 1942, Anna Morgan breaks a promise to her father and sets out on Napoleon, an untamed Arabian stallion who takes her on a wild ride to the Alexander plantation-a place forbidden to her because of a longstanding feud between the Morgan and Alexander families. Anna’s adventure leads to the discovery of a valuable pendant-part of a stolen treasure that Andre Alexander brought to Oakwood, Georgia, in the mid-1800s-as well as an encounter with the dashing young Justin Alexander. Despite the feud between their families, Anna and Justin find themselves drawn to each other. But they must keep their love secret, and their union will take them down a path of danger and suspense. Will the Alexander treasure and their families’ greed rip the lovers apart? Or will they find forgiveness and love? Find out in this romantic and suspenseful debut novel-a tale of lust, greed . . . and murder.