Introducing Mick Davis and Krista Davis Lake, author of The Pueblo Pendant

“Everyone I worked with was great. My Author Representative was responsive, understanding and provided good advice. I’m looking forward to writing my next book named The Pueblo Puzzle.”

Mick Davis is a lawyer by training, businessman by vocation. His law practice and work has led him to most States and Provinces of Canada and into England. He was born and raised in California and did graduate school in Oregon. Mick has resided with his wife Lin in Scottsdale, Arizona for years. This is his first attempt at writing a novel; hence his reliance on daughter, Krista. KRISTA DAVIS LAKE 1972 – 2018 Krista Davis Lake, passed away in early 2018 as a result of melanoma cancer. For ten years prior, Krista and her father Mick worked together in their business. Prior, Krista spent ten years working in local television after earning a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism from Arizona State University. She leaves her loving husband Jeff and two faithful Corgi dogs, Tessa and Jackson, in addition to her mother Lin and father Mick.New

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Book description…

New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment, Excitement, Intrigue, mystery and double-cross. While golfing in the Conrad Hilton Open in Socorro, New Mexico, former Miss New Mexico, now detective, Miitrai Riley is ‘blasted’ into a case of attempted murder of young space scientist Will Craven. Earlier, violence erupted on a dark Sunday night in the small ‘rustic’, town of Frisco Flats, where Craven and his priest were discussing ‘morality questions’ of his research of the scientist’s ‘secret’ space discovery. The Vatican was contacted, the answer was ‘stop’; a scientist-partner ‘mentioned’ it to his fiancée at a mega-church; it was a secret no longer. After leaving the rectory, a bizarre ‘bola’ assault was made against Cravenby a motor-cycle rider a warning was given to him and the Priest. Later the bike-rider ‘dumps’ near a bridge in town. His back-pack with a ‘pendant’ inside is pitched into the water where later a corgi dog finds it. The pack is taken to the local Sheriff, Frank Baca. Two weeks later, a ‘fisherman’ arrives in town seeking the pendant, ‘ I lost while fishing’. Sheriff Baca is suspicious. Lead flies and the fisherman dies. Others arrive seeking the ‘pendant’. Native American Detective, Miitrai Riley realizes the pendant is similar to one her old grand mama on the Acoma Pueblo has kept for years. – ‘strange’. Mysteries abound as violence escalates; a kidnapping in front of the cathedral in Santa Fe, a gun fight in Frisco Flats and a violent crash of a multi-million corporate jet at an Alabama airport keep the action level high. The young woman detective uncovers a crime infested foreign corporation, a huge religious money laundering scam, both seeking to recover the pendant and stopping Craven’s research. County, State, Indian Reservation and FBI agencies interact in the final events. The case comes to an explosive end in a mysterious building near the ‘atomic city’ of Los Alamos. Or did it?

Introducing Peter Warren, author of The Horry County Murders

“As someone who has previously has two other books published with another company, I am somewhat aware of the process involved in having a book published. Part of this entire process is selecting the right company to publish something you have worked so hard on for many months. My experience with Outskirts Press has been very positive and I have been very pleased by the finished product they have delivered to me. The cover alone has drawn many great reviews alone in the few short weeks since the book’s release. I look forward to having Outskirts Press publish another book I am already working on.”

Peter Warren is retired from the Connecticut State Police Department. Retiring at the rank of Major, he served as the commanding officer of several specialized units. An Honor Graduate of the CT State Police Academy, he is also a graduate of the University of New Haven, and of the FBI National Academy. He is also the author of two Civil War books. Currently, he resides in South Carolina with his wife.

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“Peter Warren’s experiences as a criminal investigator are clearly captured in this exciting new book. You cannot help but feel like you are there with Paul and Bobby Ray as they attempt to solve this series of murders that confront them.” —Colonel Kenneth H. Kirschner (Ret.), Connecticut Department of Public Safety

“It is great to see the characters of Paul Waring and Bobby Ray Jenkins back from Warren’s first novel Confederate Gold and Silver. No one is more qualified to write a murder mystery than Warren. His unique experience and these great characters make this book a real page turner from the start.” —Dr. Mark Foster, The University of Georgia

“A deadly combination of murder, drugs, criminals of all sorts, and great suspense. A well-written murder mystery which is a must read! Very, very entertaining!” —SAC Jeffrey Brandau (Ret.), Kansas Bureau of Investigation

“Many people set out to try and write an exciting novel or two, but few succeed as well as this author has. Warren’s career as a state trooper prepared him to have a second one as a great storyteller. This is such an occasion! This is a GREAT follow-up to Confederate Gold and Silver.” —Major Timothy Baughman (Ret.), New Mexico State Police

Paul Waring, a retired state trooper from Connecticut, is recruited by his friend, Captain Bobby Ray Jenkins, from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department, to help solve a series of brutal murders that continue to occur between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. Can Paul’s expertise help stop the murders before the killings continue? Why has Georgetown been selected as the dumping ground for each of the victims?