Introducing Diane Dettmann, author of Madison: Cricket of the Valley

“My Author Representative is awesome. I have been fortunate to have her support and expertise that helped me get my recent book, Madison, published as well as several other books that I had published through Outskirts Press. She is an excellent representative.”

Diane Dettmann is the author of the award-winning WWII trilogy Courageous Footsteps. She is also the author of Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow’s Story of Love, Loss and Renewal and coauthor of Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants. She has also written articles for the national Women’s Voices for Change organization in New York City. Learn more at

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Book description…

A FASCINATING AND ENTERTAINING STORY OF NATURE VERSUS HUMANS. Madison loves spending his evenings roaming the bluff with his camel cricket friends. However, everything changes when Stanley and Edith Grubner move into the house above the crickets’ cave. Madison Cricket of the Valley engages and entertains readers with its themes of acceptance, tolerance and nature versus humans. “A delightful story that will take you back in time and may just have you cheering for the cricket family!” —Colleen Baldrica, author of TREE SPIRITED WOMAN. “I remember first hearing the story of Madison when Diane read parts in my second-grade classroom where I was a student. Stories like this, along with Diane’s wellspring of imagination, have inspired me and countless other former students in our own creative pursuits. I feel deeply satisfied and proud to see Madison’s story join the excellent repertoire of Diane’s creative work.” —John Fournelle, former second grader, class of 1994-1995. “This charming tale takes place in the laid-back time frame of the nineteen sixties and shows how happy little brown crickets learn to live successful lives in the home of two unknowing but accommodating humans. Told in a delightful way, readers cheer for the crickets amid many attempts to destroy them. Good lesson in live and let live.” —Gloria VanDemmeltraadt, author of the Deep Lake Mysteries