Introducing Suzanne Liff, author of Smarter Than You Think: Accessing Your Personal Powers to Triumph in College

“I made the right choice with Outskirts Press. It was a bit daunting going it alone in the world of self-publishing. While I loved my autonomy, I was never alone. I felt guided and supported by my Author Representative and the talents of the design and production team. They listened, respected my ideas, responded to every detail, and offered wonderful options. The book totally reflects my vision for this special, reader-friendly text for college students. Thank you so much OP.”

Suzanne Liff is Emeritus Professor of reading at Nassau Community College, and a former teacher and district chairperson of secondary special education in NY. A leader in professional development, she presents extensively on best pedagogical practices and the significance of SEI on teaching and learning. She is published in professional juried journals and author of three groundbreaking developmental reading textbooks for college students. Professor Liff is the recipient of an honorary life membership to the Special Education PTA, the Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award for Outstanding Scholarly and Professional Accomplishment, and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Learn more at

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It’s not about IQ! Pump up your personal intelligence to score in college. Millions of students start college each year. Yet only about half persist to earn their degree. Even among the “best and brightest” many struggle, drop out, fail, or step away. What’s going on? How can this be different for you? Smarter Than You Think: Accessing Your Personal Powers to Triumph in College reframes our concept of what it means to be smart in higher education. Take a groundbreaking and transformative journey with Professor Liff through the hidden foundation of college success; not IQ or achievement scores, high school grades or SAT’s…but personal intelligence. See its pervasive power to lift students up and escort them right on to the graduation stage. You’ll enjoy your travels! Crafted for new and returning college students, college-bound high schoolers, non-traditional students coming back to college after a break, and parents, professors, and counselors, this book is both a prerequisite and companion for a positive pathway to college success. Discover the many ways to be intelligent. Then delve into the six major competencies that make up our personal, social and emotional intelligence: self-awareness, the capacity to regulate emotions and deal with disappointment and stress, the ability to set meaningful goals, knowing how to monitor your own progress and actions, having empathy for others, and social skills that help establish relationships, work well on a team, and even step up to leadership. Experience how these personal powers support, guide, and even rescue students during the myriad of changes and challenges of college life. Grow them. Strengthen them. You will be amazed at how they champion academic performance, well-being, and happiness throughout the college years and beyond. An engaging, independent read, Smarter Than You Think: Accessing Your Personal Powers to Triumph in College also works beautifully as an ancillary text for freshman college experience courses or university orientation programs. In an encouraging and supportive voice, it weaves scholarly theory and research with compelling college issues and scenarios, true campus stories, insights and concrete action steps to guide students through their college journey. Along the way, readers explore related and valuable personal qualities for thriving in college: Know the importance of optimism. Understand why delaying gratification is so vital for any student who wants to graduate. Learn about grit and how to keep going when you feel like quitting. Explore productive ways to communicate your needs and advocate for yourself. Take valuable risks, like joining in, speaking out, finding your voice, and taking charge! Develop tools to resolve conflicts with others and inside yourself. Discover a remarkable potion for ditching procrastination. Adopt strategies to manage time and the academic workload; the number one challenge for every undergraduate. Always take time to think about yourself. Reflect on your learning, experiences, and your own behavior. There are many opportunities throughout the chapters of this book to do that. Collegiate success transcends academics. Read “Smarter Than You Think” to understand, unlock, and apply your personal powers. They will transform your life and times in school to persevere, achieve, flourish, enjoy … and triumph!

Introducing Robert Oman, author of The Closed Door

“The personnel with Outskirts Press were very professional, cordial, and timely in their responses. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Robert Oman wrote The Closed Door (Which Side Will You Be On) out of a growing concern about the decline in the moral fabric of this country and the disappearance of the “fear of the Lord” from the Christian landscape. We are in the “latter days” and the Bible specifically states that Christians are not to be deceived by societal influences. Robert and his wife reside near Sunbury, Ohio. They have two grown sons, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

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Understanding end-time prophetic scriptures can be frustrating since not all the related information is presented in one place in the Bible nor is it presented in an easily understood chronological order. The Closed Door (Which Side Will You Be On) is an attempt to take the reader on a step-by-step journey through the myriad of end-time prophetic scriptures that are presented in a definitive chronological order. This journey will show the inter-relationship of such major future events as the disappearance of nearly two billion people, the formation of three future geopolitical alliances, the ancient religion that will be integral with Mystery Babylon, and the three invasions of Israel. This journey will also delve into the numerous realms of God’s creation (past, present and future) and include a description of three eternal people groups and three eternal realms. The specific eternal people group that you will be in will determine the specific realm where you will spend eternity. The life choices that you make this side of the grave will have eternal consequences. Where will you spend eternity? Before life’s door closes, I pray that you will choose wisely – and soon!

Introducing Linda Klein Means, author of Passport to the World

“Lisa was very patient with my poor computer skills!”

Linda Klein Means has spent her life writing and teaching. She was a reporter and editor for her college newspaper, then a feature writer for The Wilmington (Del) Morning News and Evening Journal, followed by similar posts at The Chicago Tribune and US News and World Report magazine. She has taught ESL in college and privately, and free-lanced. She lives near Boston with her husband, close to her daughter and three beautiful granddaughters.

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From the Midwest to Paris…Former Chicago Tribune reporter Linda Klein Means was born on a farm in Illinois and raised with strong values amidst family tragedies. Follow her travels through the world of newspapers, after which she spent years in Venezuela, Brazil and France, each offering amazing insights into other cultures while providing fertile breeding grounds for hilarious adventures and misadventures. Learn how the power of a grandmother’s love shined before her like a guiding star. Although she approached the abyss more than once, that guiding light made sure she never fell over the edge. Think with her about the issues surrounding Down Syndrome, a condition affecting her beloved brother John. Think with her about issues of racial “purity” while she and members of her Norwegian-American family look more closely into their heritage. Think with her about “unconscious” prejudice,” the ways in which we sometimes hurt others without meaning to, without even knowing we did. Only a dose of “Amazing Grace” will save us from that. Enter a very special church in Paris with her, and think about the ways in which it symbolizes the long, complex, and rewarding relationship between the United States and France. Enter a women’s prison with her, and become close to the unfortunates trapped within. Get to know them on a one-to-one basis. You will empathize and sympathize with them.

Introducing Sharon A. Burstein, author of Life Snacks for Women

“Laura is amazing! This is my second book with Outskirts Press and I requested to have Laura again. She is a genuine treasure in every way!”

Sharon A. Burstein is highly successful and one of America’s most respected speakers. An owner of several businesses, sought-out speaker, author, trainer, parent and educator, she has made meaningful differences in hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. Sharon inspires people of all ages, building their confidence to achieve more success in life. For more than 25 years, Sharon has worked globally with diverse industries, associations, universities and businesses. She has received numerous awards for her career achievements and leadership. Sharon has authored numerous articles spanning diverse subjects and the award winning books Life Snacks-50 Tasty Motivational Messages and What’s Your Leadership Image.

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Tips to Ignite Your Spirit and Inspire Your Life. Create a Life of Excellence. Inspiring Women of All Ages! Life Snacks for Women inspires readers of all ages to look at life in diverse ways from different points of view. As women each of us is unique with none of us the same. The words, tips and messages presented throughout the book are uplifting, make you pause, think, reflect and take action. Each healthy bite-sized tidbit gives your life a boost. While Life Snacks for Women can be read in one sitting, to absorb maximum impact, portion them out savor each and slowly digest. You will find it irresistible to read just one! “If you want to create a life of excellence with lasting impressions, you need to read Sharon’s book, inspired and motivating. Her tips and strategies are life-changing … it’s a must read!” Forbes Riley, TV Host International Icon “Life Snacks For Women, another brilliant book of inspiration, motivation and information by Sharon Burstein. These powerful little bite-sized tidbits are perfect for women of all ages navigating the world for every aspect of their life. A must read.” Lynette Louise, International Award-Winning Speaker & Author Brain and Behavior Expert, The Brain Broad “When you open “Life Snacks” you are on your way to a life feast of your own road map to live your best life. The even better news is the fact that these delicacies are for every age and even invites shared reading out loud. Sharon Burstein bursts with lovely thoughts and words-all pouring forth to make your life journey ever more lovely.” Bob Danzig, Former President of Hearst Newspapers Former Publisher Albany Times Union, Author, Hall Fame Speaker “If you’re ready to achieve more success and happiness, then follow the simple strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Sharon Burstein! Her wisdom is life-changing!” James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” Author, Millionaire Success Secrets, The World’s #1 Big Money Speaker® Trainer & Coach Founder,

Introducing Kay Karter, author of Bitter or Better

“It was a good experience. I would recommend others.”

Kay Karter was born in Wilmington, N.C. She’s a loving wife and a devoted mother of five beautiful children. Kay also is the CEO of Women with a Heart to Serve Ministry, serving women young and old alike in her community. She realized early on in her life that she was born to impact the earth through love and compassion. She wasn’t sure how or where, but she knew it was predestined to happen. As a mother her heart became geared to help empower women through the Living Word of God and His principles. She understands that if you can educate the women; she can nurture her family the way God had ordained her. Through structure, wisdom, love and grace.

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Forgive and Live. Satan’s power is in an identity crisis, he wants to tell you who you are and what you don’t have to hold you in bondage. This is the first lie he has whispered into your ear. Before the truth can set you free, you have to recognize the lie that has been holding you hostage for this long period of time. Life has dealt you a horrible hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to keep playing the same hand and never winning. This is the second lie holding you hostage. Learning how to forgive the people who have dealt you this hand is a life of freedom. There is power in knowing who you are and who you belong too. Once you learn this, you will no longer live a Bitter life, but a Better life to its fullest potential.

Introducing Bako Ambianda, author of Destined to Win In The Game of Life

“All the people who were involved with publishing my book were great. The publication went faster than I thought, which is really great and worked out very well. It displayed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble earlier than expected. It was a really great experience and I was always up-to-date with the process.”

Bako Ambianda is an authority on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is the CEO of El Nero Business Hub, Inc. He is respected internationally as a speaker who has been delivering keynotes to varieties of audience. He has spoken in colleges and public audiences on personal and professional development. Widely known for his contagious wisdom’s, he is often recognized for his extensive knowledge in personal growth, his deep researches on life and his regular interactions with experts. Bako is a man of integrity, inspiring and energetic. Having spent several years studying self – improvement and personal development techniques. He has written several articles on self-improvement that were published in several widely-read publications. He is a contributor to many self-help blogs and he is the recipient of a number of awards. He is now on a mission to help others to stop waiting and to start creating a career by designing the life they want using his book “Destined To Win In The Game of Life.”

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When you give someone this book, you don’t give the person just paper, ink, and glue. You give the person the possibility of a whole new life because Destined to Win In The Game of Life has the knowledge that if put into practices, whatever you can imagine can become possible and open the floodgates to possibility, brings a smile to your face and win in the game of life. The acknowledged mindset improvement expert, Bako Ambianda shows you how to construct a stair case to your goals and take small steps that will transform your life and reach your goals, find your personal inspiration, rediscover your motivation, propel yourself out of an unfulfilling existence, harness the force that shape your destiny, improve your mindset, take control of your life, define, pursue and celebrate personal success while playing the game of life to win. It is possible to unlock your potentials. It’s never too late. You have started today by looking at this book. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. You have the power to do anything you desire. The possibilities are within you. It’s time to nurture that spark and let the fire be ignited. You may be standing in front of a huge stack of firewood but without a spark, it doesn’t have much of a chance to turn into a roaring fire.

Introducing Joseph Esposito, author of Seeds of Life

“Awesome teamwork.”

Joseph Esposito was born in Danbury, Connecticut on Thanksgiving Day, 1959. He still lives in his hometown, but travels regularly to Brazil. His interests include music and martial arts. Seeds of Life is his first book.

Product description…

“Believe” is a seven-letter word with immense power. What do you believe? What habits of mind, heart, and soul shape your daily life? Seeds of Life is an exploration of wisdom gained from a life well-lived, sharing lessons about self-respect, relationships with loved ones, how to discover your calling in life, and most of all, how to make the most of every day. Each person has something unique to share with others. Seeds of Life will inspire you to look within your heart, and ask yourself if you are giving generously of your gifts and time, and if you are truly grateful for all that God has given to you. Gentle, warm, and wise, Seeds of Life will become a treasured companion on your life’s journey.

Introducing Steve Earl, author of Becoming Extraordinary @ Work!

“Jamie answered all my questions in an quick manner and helped me through several problems that developed in publishing my book. I really appreciate her thorough knowledge of the process, her patience and her willingness to help.”

Steve Earl has a unique passion and talent for exceptional achievement, developed from broad experiences: missionary service in Africa, rising from PFC to Major in ten years in the U. S. Army, where he coordinated the movement of 200,000 troops, and 22 years in Workforce Development, where he assisted, trained, or counseled 20,000 individuals with developing careers. Twice he’s been honored to present at the state-wide annual conference for the California Workforce Association. He has worked in WA, UT, CA and VA; and South Korea, Thailand, Panama, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Product description…

Work may not be the most meaningful part of your life, but it is where you spend most of your waking hours, often for 40-50 years of your life. That is a very long time. Shouldn’t you be happy and successful in that journey? Becoming Extraordinary @ Work is a practical, inspiring guide to fulfillment in your job. You’ll find invaluable expert advice on many topics, including:

  • Connecting with customers and coworkers
  • Understanding yourself and your boss
  • Setting and meeting goals; and learning to make a difference
  • Developing passion and focus; and having fun
  • Becoming a great listener and a team player

Becoming Extraordinary @ Work will show you how to eliminate the word “failure” from your vocabulary! “Regardless of your generation, regardless of your gender, or your ethnicity, or your organizational level…this book is for each of you. Steve Earl reveals in simple language the how of transforming your life at work, in easy-to-follow steps. Combining lessons learned in his 40 years of unique experiences, he has masterfully created a map with guideposts to show you how you can transform your work life!”

Introducing Tom McCrory, author of Trust Me It Works

“Outskirts Press, what can I say, but brilliant from the moment I contacted them to the moment my book was published. Nothing was too much trouble. Excellent communication at all times, and every query, every concern I had was handled with care and sensitivity as if they knew I was finding it hard to understand some of the process. The design for my book was exactly what I was looking for (they must have read my mind). The Ruby package was affordable to me and gave me more than any other book publisher I looked at. The follow up and marketing options demonstrate that even when your book is published that Outskirts Press still cares about you as a customer. My book was only on Amazon for a week and already I have sold my first copy. Thank you Outskirts press for helping me achieve one of my DREAMS!”

Tom McCrory applied personal affirmations to secure the perfect job and to retire at age 55. He became the supervisor of an engineering workshop in a multinational company, and was later able to retire-one month before his 55th birthday. He is enjoying his retirement and lives in the countryside.

Product description…

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a better relationship, or a better way to cope with life in general, Tom McCrory’s motivational new book will guide you toward your goals and desires. By applying the simple techniques of affirmation and tapping into the power from within, you can attract what you seek into your life. Each affirmation has its own special message designed to help you take control of your life and maximise your potential. Trust Me It Works is a treasure trove of positive affirmations and inspiration for those who wish to live a more positive, fulfilling life. Embrace the power of affirmations and see what happens. The future awaits!

Introducing James Soil, author of Child of a Prescription Drug Abuser

“I’m glad I went with your company, I have a long way to go, but at least I know Outskirts Press is 100% behind me!”

This is my first memoir, something I never could imagine accomplishing. I am a dad, I love cooking, listening to old school music and seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding to share with my fellow mankind.

Product description…

Based on a true story “Child of a Prescription Drug Abuser” is a riveting, mind blowing, true story about a young man named James who, in the early 70’s, at the ripe age of nine-years-old, witnessed his mother’s and aunt’s downwards spiral, from hard working, middle-class women, to abusers and dealers of prescription pills, provided by their family doctor. Follow James as he enters into a vicious world of drugs and violence that he never knew existed. As he got older, his teenage years become a dark, horrific, and sad reality of being exposed to drugs at an early age and eventually became inherited into him, leading him into a gateway of smoking marijuana, drinking and gang affiliation. Years later, a new drug came into play, called “Crack Cocaine.” This drug swept the nation, and became an epidemic, getting James hooked and turning the rest of the inner-city communities throughout America into total chaos and destruction! After seeing his homeboys getting killed and lengthy prison sentences, he eventually ended up going to jail for selling crack cocaine, that’s when he decided to turn his life around, and pursue his love for football. Upon his release from jail, he enrolled into community college and earned a full Athletic Scholarship to play football at a University, graduating from college with a Degree in “Broadcasting/ Mass Communication” and had a Free-Agent try out with a professional football team. If you ever doubted yourself, had a member of your family or friend battle drugs, alcohol or any other kind of addiction, “Child of a Prescription Drug Abuser” will shock, uplift, inspire and help those with similar situations tear down their invisible wall, giving them insight to live a happy and productive life. James opens up, and shares his personal life story, in hopes that he can help the next person become better, wiser, stronger and not become an abuser of drugs of any kind, whether they are from the inner-city streets or provided by a family doctor!