Introducing SJ Moore, author of Forty Days In His Presence II

“Dana was exceptional in helping me to successfully achieve my goal of publishing my book by Outskirts Press.”

Dr. Susie J. Moore, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Moore has five wonderful, children and their spouses: Kristie & Lawrence, Lawrence D., Lorenzo D & Jerriedean, Timothy R. & Laura and Villetta & David. She has twenty-two glorious grand children and fifteen beloved great-grandchildren that are all gifts from the Lord and truly blessings for her. Dr. Moore’s passion is sharing the love of God and encouraging individuals to be all that God created and gifted them to become. Under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit Dr. Moore gave birth to The Revelation Of God’s Love Ministry and The Women Of God Walking In Faith Ministry. Dr. Moore is a graduate of: George C Wallace State Tech., William Tyndale Bible College, and Covington Theological Seminary.

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Book description…

“Forty Days In His Presence II” is an Inspirational Devotional Journal of Scriptures, one in which Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I Am?” Mark 8:29.NKJ. The answer to that question reveals who Jesus is, and Who He is to you. Another vital Scripture discloses, “In His presence there is fullness of joy; and pleasures for ever more.” Psalm16:11. NKJV. The Scriptures reveal God’s pathway to righteousness, unconditional love, everlasting peace, the value of patience, as well as the counsel and protection of our Lord and Savior.

Introducing Swot Zhai, author of Over the Rainbow: The Path to Success, Health and Happiness

“My first time experience is a very pleasant one!”

SWOT Zhai, vice president of Beijing TONSAN New Material Technology Co. Ltd., is one of the company’s founders and vice chairman of China National Adhesives Industry Association. The former university lecturer and visiting scholar of University of Kaiserslautern of Germany built TONSAN to become China’s premier brand of engineering adhesives. In 2014, H.B. Fuller signed a merger agreement with TONSAN, allowing SWOT Zhai the financial freedom to begin consulting and writing. He is the author of nine books, including Entrepreneur Management Practice, Cut Your Losses Short and Let Your Profits Run, and Engineering Adhesives.

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Book description…

Great Truths Are Often Simple at Their Core. “Over the Rainbow is a compelling story, both entertaining and thought-provoking. It was written from the unique perspective of a Chinese author who has lived through multiple stages of life and recognizes that professional success, happiness, and health are intertwined aspects of a balanced life. Through the effective use of stories, the author helps the reader relate to the personal struggles we all face as we mature and try to balance all aspects of our lives. Over the Rainbow provides a simple set of rules on how to stay balanced and enjoy success, happiness, and health.” -Jim Owens, President & CEO of H.B. Fuller “After achieving financial freedom, SWOT has persistently shared his reflections and inspirations, as well as a sense of satisfaction beyond money, with everyone. The hope is for everyone to be successful, healthy, and happy, and this jewel of a book has organically integrated the common pursuit of success, health, and happiness and introduced to us a simple and practical approach to make dreams come true. SWOT himself is a practitioner of success, health, and happiness and the true model of making all this happen in reality.” -Feng Lun, Founder of Vantone Group

Introducing Alan Ramsey, DTM, author of Manifesting Your Dreams

“I was pleased with the final product. Brittany was very cordial and helpful in responding to my questions and guiding me throughout the process.”

Alan Ramsey graduated from Georgia Tech and served twice as Area Director for Toastmasters International. He recently achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) award. Born in Atlanta, Alan is the second oldest of three children. He enjoys cruise vacations and public speaking as well as inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

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Book description…

Rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and revive your dreams to transform your life. “Manifesting Your Dreams” is a self-discovery book for those who have lost their dreams and desire to recover them. It will challenge those who have given up on their dreams to refocus and reclaim them. If you are experiencing a season of discouragement and disappointment, the insightful principles in this book will show you how to defeat dream killers and walk into your new season of encouragement and destined appointment. This book will take you along a thought-provoking journey into your dream world and provide strategies for manifesting dreams in your real world. Everyone is on a dream quest to establish their place of meaning and fulfillment in life. Accomplishing your desires is sweet to the soul and a dream manifested is the ultimate victory in life. Each day brings a new opportunity to move closer to your dream destination. Encouragement for people who don’t have enough speaks to individuals who have dream treasures locked inside of them in the form of ideas and may not realize it. One reason this happens is because we tend to focus on our external situation and look at what we do not have; therefore, failing to make a worthwhile investment into our dreams. We must look within and realize the value of our dreams. These ideas are like uncultured pearls, diamonds in the rough, and unrefined gold. Now is the time to understand your dream potential and move from complacency to action.

Introducing Dan Wemer, author of A Toilet Book to Positive Living: Easy Steps to a Positive Life

“This the second time Bridget has helped me through the book process.  As before, she is extremely diligent and keeps me informed at all times during the process.”

Dan Wemer is originally from Indiana. He enjoys his family, writing, hunting, motorcycle riding and studying Native American history.

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Book description…

Do you get tired of people telling you what you are doing wrong in life? Do you get caught up in the daily drama of life? Then, this uplifting motivation book, written by the uncommon working man, is going to help you get through life’s daily obstacles.

Introducing Tom McCrory, author of Trust Me It Works

“Outskirts Press, what can I say, but brilliant from the moment I contacted them to the moment my book was published. Nothing was too much trouble. Excellent communication at all times, and every query, every concern I had was handled with care and sensitivity as if they knew I was finding it hard to understand some of the process. The design for my book was exactly what I was looking for (they must have read my mind). The Basic package was affordable to me and gave me more than any other book publisher I looked at. The follow up and marketing options demonstrate that even when your book is published that Outskirts Press still cares about you as a customer. My book was only on Amazon for a week and already I have sold my first copy. Thank you Outskirts press for helping me achieve one of my DREAMS!”

Tom McCrory applied personal affirmations to secure the perfect job and to retire at age 55. He became the supervisor of an engineering workshop in a multinational company, and was later able to retire-one month before his 55th birthday. He is enjoying his retirement and lives in the countryside.

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Book description…

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a better relationship, or a better way to cope with life in general, Tom McCrory’s motivational new book will guide you toward your goals and desires. By applying the simple techniques of affirmation and tapping into the power from within, you can attract what you seek into your life. Each affirmation has its own special message designed to help you take control of your life and maximise your potential. Trust Me It Works is a treasure trove of positive affirmations and inspiration for those who wish to live a more positive, fulfilling life. Embrace the power of affirmations and see what happens. The future awaits!

Introducing Robin Lalande Lee, author of Don’t Cry Until It’s Over

“I can truly say my experience with Outskirts has been phenomenal. Just knowing that there is a company that is legitimate and not a scam is a plus. So many people have the gift to write and would like to have their works published and can afford the payment plans that range in different amount is wonderful. You supply no pressure at all. I was always able to communicate with my Author Rep who was warm and nurturing. Kudos to Outskirts. I am working on other projects that will require me to continue to use your company.”

Robin Lalande Lee never leaves a pot unstirred and contributes this to living life and not allowing life to live her. Growing up in a world faced with trials and triumphs has allowed her to be herself and be real.She believes that all people are here for a purpose and we all have gifts and talents.Don’t be afraid to try and then fail because the real failing is when you don’t try. Failure for me is not an option that I purposely set for my life. I am also the author of the meeting cards collection “REIL Cards” (Reaching Everyone’s Inner Life) cards that meet you at your point of need in life, offering courage and encouragement. Being raised in the Bronx, New York, I now spend my quiet years in Virginia with my children and grandchildren.

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Book description…

When Madelon Jacobs gets caught back up into the world of crack and alcohol her 14 year old daughter Marlee is forced to care for her 3 younger siblings. The children are faced with all types of obstacles and setbacks because of their mother’s addiction. Thank God there is that ram in the bush, a homeless woman named Miss Ethel who offered love and hope. Teaching the children that God is in control and he would not leave or forsake. For the tears we shed of sorrow can be transformed into a better tomorrow.

Introducing Darien Davis, author of The Basic Rules of Realness

“Simply put, I love my book!”

Darien Davis was born in Dallas, Texas in 1980 the third oldest of eight children. He attended schools in DISD. He loves to cook and spend time with his family in his spare time, when he’s not at work driving trucks. He loves giving advice to the youth and anyone else he can about his past experiences. He’s a first time author who feels the need to spread his wealth of knowledge and wisdom to anyone who just wants to gain understanding about life and keeping it real.

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Book description…

“The Basic Rules of Realness” is a book complied of concepts (Rules) that will assist in everyday life situations. What’s real, received as real, or what’s considered right or wrong isn’t always black and white. Everyone has their opinions or assumptions of what “Real” or “Being Real” consists of. Inside these pages are concepts (Rules) that can enhance the way one approaches and handle situations based on real life scenarios lived by the author. These concepts have been documented and elaborated on to enrich the minds of our generation. No one wants to keep making the same mistakes in life. Why not minimize going through loops by learning how to assist and analyze issues. The concepts in the book are meant to give readers the means to make efficient, positive decisions, with limited mishaps. This book is meant to motivate and educate individuals who wish to enhance their lives by realizing the rules of life that are the most genuine and effective. After reading, apply “The Basic Rules of Realness” to your life.

Introducing Tim Fiscue, author of Choice and Consequence

“Outskirts Press under promised and over delivered. As a process person, I was impressed with the organization and execution of the work flow. Although the web-based work was not intuitive at first, I quickly got used to the author’s process and was quite pleased.”

Tim Fiscue was born into a family of meager circumstances, far more meager than he knew at the time. His childhood was not the happiest and in looking back, the nurturing and comfort left a lot to be desired. But he embraced a better story for himself to propel himself to more happiness and success in his life. His path was not without epic fails and epic successes. He is currently a Senior Project Manager for a major financial institution. He spent 24 years in the military, active and reserves, and also teaches college business classes. Along his path, he embraced a universal concept around his spirituality and continues to gain understanding of our universe. This book was produced years after accepting the challenge from his spiritual mentor to help others in need of coaching on their path.

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Book description…

Life is a series of moments guided by our choices. Do you know your designed path, are you on it? Would it be a good idea to know? I think so and I will tell you the how and why to your destiny. Happiness is your destiny and you can get there. Change your choices and you will change your life. This book is either intense or light reading, preferably light the first time. It is your choice to take the next step. Make no mistake, you are where you are in this life as a direct result of your choices, good or bad. The ending can and should be happy. Here is how, hard or easy, to make it so. This book is for everyone that wants to be happy. Deep down, all-consuming happiness is at your fingertips. The funny thing is that you are reading this and you choose to keep reading. Why? Can you be happier, regardless of your current place in this life? The short answer is a resounding YES! Will you do what is necessary to get there, why or why not? Life, literally, is not for the faint of heart. Choose happiness every step of the way. This book will give you a step by step process to ensure that you are happy.

Introducing Nick Olsen, author of Inspirations of the Universe

“The Outskirts Press team is the ‘A-Team’ of publishers who worked hard every step of the way from beginning to end. The Outskirts Press Team was always quick to respond in true professional style. When I needed additional assistance, the Outskirts Team was there with patience and thoroughness. Thank you Outskirts Press for the outstanding job. You were the missing piece that helped me realize my dream!”

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Nick Olsen began his spiritual journey, seeking answers to the questions he had about his life, more than 12 years ago, shortly after his father passed away. He found that through meditation, he could find the peace, harmony, calmness, and answers he had been longing to achieve. Meditation gave him the focus and direction he was looking for in his life! Three years ago, the metaphysical or “The Universe” Nick, and “The Physical” Nick intersected into his present form of expression. “The Inspiration of the Universe” became a reality on the premise of bringing words of Hope, Encouragement, Unconditional Love, and Understanding to all. Nick hopes that the thoughts in this book help address your everyday struggles, challenges, and lead to answers to your life questions.

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Book description…

Truly meditative! Totally addictive! Filled with all kinds of instructions to help you walk your life-path. A must read for everyone regardless of where you are on your journey.

Introducing Deborah Hampton-Miller, author of Secret Sins: The Ties That Bind

“Although my personal journey started off rough, my team at Outskirts Press Publishing was amazing! I am truly thankful for each of you.”

Deborah Hampton-Miller always knew that one day she would become a writer. She describes her gift as an unexplainable passion that is deeply rooted. As an ordained Prophetess and Pastor, Deborah is the founder and president of Sister in Christ, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help rebuild families by providing support services to women and children. “Secret Sins, The Ties that Bind” is her autobiography. Everything within its pages is a true account of actual events endured on her journey to deliverance and victory. Currently living in Oklahoma, Deborah is a wife and mother of six beautiful children. She is presently working on her sophomore project called, “A Taste of Forbidden Fruit.”

Product description…

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” II Corinthians 10:4-5 In this riveting tale, Laila, aka LaLa, struggled daily to fight the sexual temptations from within. As she tried to move forward in her walk with God and new role as a wife and mother, the men from her past were calling her back to a lifestyle she desperately wanted to forget. Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, LaLa learned early on how to please a man. Her beauty, body, seductive ways, and passionate touch, made it difficult for any man to deny her; and for years, they laid claim to what was not theirs lawfully. Laila was unaware of the ungodly soul ties that would carry over into her marriage as well as ministry. She was clueless to the level of temptations that soon followed. It was on this spiritual journey that she was able to love, and find forgiveness and redemption through God. Follow her as she takes you on a journey to the beginning of it all.