Introducing Katie Patterson, author of Ride

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Ever since she was born, Colorado native Katie Patterson has spent summers at her grandparents’ lake house in Minnesota. She completed Ride, her debut novel, years ago at the age of fifteen and now attends the University of Colorado, Boulder, studying Biology and Secondary Science Education. Katie hopes to complete her second novel soon.

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Book description…

Everything Happens for a Reason. Seventeen-year-old Alyson Butler is living a dream life in Los Angeles, California, and she’s hoping for the perfect summer before her senior year. The daughter of two successful Hollywood professionals, she enjoys a life of privilege, wealth, parties, and independence-as she rarely sees her parents. But when an unfortunate decision lands Alyson in rural Minnesota as punishment to spend the summer with her grandparents at Davis Lake, she quickly realizes that living in this small town will be a far cry from the glitz and glam she is accustomed to. A slow start at the lake has Alyson believing she won’t survive beyond the first week, but things begin to change when the seemingly perfect Marc Maylore and his friends arrive a few doors down. As Alyson tries hard to keep her own secrets from those she meets, she soon realizes there may be more to this little town than she initially thought-and that anyone can be hiding something. Ride is a story of love, loss, friendship, lies, and self-discovery. As Alyson soon learns, moments in life define us, but it is our choice as to who we become.

Introducing Jim May, author of Living in Heaven Now and Not Dying To Get There

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Jim May is a freelance writer and speaker living in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife, Maureen.

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Heaven can’t wait until you die. God wants you living at His place — now. So He raised you up, and seated you at His table with all His friends. The great men and women of history are there to chat with you. You don’t have to move or go on a long journey or wait till you die. You don’t have to read of someone else’s near-death experience to know what it is like. You can be there now, and see for yourself. Just open your eyes right where you are. Seeing reality takes you there. This poignant and moving book will raise you to His peaceful place where you fit-now and hereafter.

Introducing Patricia Tyson Redmond, author of We the Widows: A Guide to Your New Life

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Pati Redmond is a retired physical therapist who has been published in professional journals but this is her first attempt to write the story she has lived for the past ten years…widowhood. Pati loves traveling and has seen all the New 7 Wonders of the World. Her passion is interviewing over 100 veterans for the Veterans History Project in the Library of Congress. Pati lives in Frederick, MD, with her dog Rojo.

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Book description…

Are you a Widow? This book is for you! This book is for those of you who have spent many years sharing the decisions, burdens and joys of life with the one you loved. Now your husband has died; what do you do? You are once again a single woman and how do you become that independent person you need to be to manage your new life? How do you take care of the chores of the day, the home maintenance, the decisions, and still cope with the grief and stress of your loss? Pati Redmond has spent ten years dealing with these problems after the death of her husband and wants to share her experiences with you. She has lived these pages, gathering years’ worth of thoughts, experiences, challenges, and solutions in the hope that other women will be able to face their future as a widow more empowered and equipped after experiencing one of life’s greatest tragedies. It is not only relevant to the widow left behind, but also to the children who remain. The information in the text is well thought out, clear, concise and thorough. We the Widows will give you suggestions on how to deal with many things you may face as a grieving widow. You will learn that you are stronger than you ever thought you were, and that you can do things you never dreamed you could! Perhaps it will also make you smile at the memories and help guide you into your new life.

Introducing Ian Hume, author of From the Edge of Empire

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Zimbabwe born, Ian Hume retired from the World Bank in 1994. Since then he has continued to work for the Bank, and others, as a consultant and has sat on Boards of Directors of various companies. He lives with his wife, Meriel, in the Peninsula Golf and Country Club near Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

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Book description…

An Eyewitness account of a life’s journey through the Winds of Change in Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and the United States. When Ian Hume, a young Rhodesian Army captain, decided in 1963 not to fight the oncoming war over majority rule, he left the army and the country to study in Cape Town, his future unknown. There he married, became involved in student anti-Apartheid politics and won a Beit Fellowship to Oxford. With a Doctorate from Oxford he was recruited to the World Bank. After various interesting assignments he became an expert on Eastern Europe. In 1975 he was invited back home to help prepare Rhodesia’s transition to Zimbabwe. He finds himself living through the very war he earlier tried to avoid. He lost many friends. Returning to the Bank in 1978, he returns to work on Eastern Europe, becoming responsible for giving assistance to Hungary and Poland. As the Resident Representative in Warsaw after the fall of communism, he experiences the hot-house of Polish reforms, turbulence and, ultimately, success. By contrast, and much to his regret, the transition in his native Zimbabwe leads, ultimately, to devastation and catastrophe. In this eloquent memoir, a testament to the value of education and the power of family, Ian explains how the major transitions through which he lived were separate but ironically linked. As a proud American he offers his grandchildren (four sons) a worldview—a moral equilibrium or resting point in the debate—to harmonize their vexed heritage with today’s divided America. In a message that’s more relevant than ever before, he exhorts them not to make the mistakes that tore his homeland apart: beware the herd mentality; always think for yourself.

Introducing Pete B. Betiku, author of Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You: The Decisions You Make Today, Will Determine the Direction You Will Walk In Tomorrow

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Pete Betiku is a Minneapolis-based businessman, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is passionate about conducting business and sharing his gift of teaching to help people get more out of life. As such, Pete provides mentorship to people of all walks of life and many organizations. He enjoys traveling all over the country to teach about business and personal development. Pete looks forward to growing and expanding internationally. Facebook: Pete Betiku Tweeter: @peteBetiku Booker

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Book description…

Life is filled with highs and lows. These are the moments that can dictate the course of your life. Life is also filled with seconds that turn into minutes that can be used in any way that you choose. Most people spend their precious time doing jobs and having lives that make them miserable. They have some “shadow” that seems to keep them from shining. It keeps them from truly utilizing their true potential.

In Fire Your Shadows and Hire the REAL You! Pete Betiku explains that a shadow can be a person, place, emotion, or thing that is preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone, and living the life that you were placed on earth to live.

A shadow can be anything negative that is preventing you from embarking on a prosperous life. In this book, you’ll learn every step in the process of removing yourself from any shadow that is trying to be in your path. You’ll learn how to rise into your greatness, and step out of any shadow that might be covering you.

You will learn all the tricks, and be given the tools that everyone-from world-class athletes to world leaders-use to live a life in which they are using their potential to exert their inner greatness. Your inner greatness just waiting to be released is the part of you that always lived in you, but some fear or doubt shadowed this greatness.

Well, here is where we will bring out the REAL you, and you will fire a version of yourself that is now outdated-and hire the person who you always knew you would be.

Introducing Dr. Paul E. Kotz, author of Something Happened Today: A Collection of the Unexpected

“Dana and Kirsten were joys to work with: professional, knowledgable, patient, and adept at guiding an author in the publishing of Something Happened Today.”

Dr. Paul E. Kotz is a lifelong learner with education and business expertise. This includes working as faculty and advisor with undergraduate, graduate students and since 2013, in a doctoral program in leadership. Kotz has taught and served as an executive coach to graduate students and business professionals; and has assisted high school students in navigating adolescence. In 2014, he published Personality, Gender and Learning Styles for students and practitioners. He is a resident of Saint Paul, Minnesota and continues to collect new experiences that shape and challenge his perspectives.

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Book description…

A Collection of the Unexpected. There are times in my life, when I wasn’t truly looking around to see the goodness that exists. I am extremely lucky to have people who have mentored me along the way by their examples, words and actions to look for the good. I have learned and witnessed that if you open your eyes and ears, you can live your life staying present to the positive. This book is just that. It is a collection of stories that may inspire you, challenge you, or let you see a situation in an entirely new way.

Introducing SJ Moore, author of Forty Days In His Presence II

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Dr. Susie J. Moore, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Moore has five wonderful, children and their spouses: Kristie & Lawrence, Lawrence D., Lorenzo D & Jerriedean, Timothy R. & Laura and Villetta & David. She has twenty-two glorious grand children and fifteen beloved great-grandchildren that are all gifts from the Lord and truly blessings for her. Dr. Moore’s passion is sharing the love of God and encouraging individuals to be all that God created and gifted them to become. Under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit Dr. Moore gave birth to The Revelation Of God’s Love Ministry and The Women Of God Walking In Faith Ministry. Dr. Moore is a graduate of: George C Wallace State Tech., William Tyndale Bible College, and Covington Theological Seminary.

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Book description…

“Forty Days In His Presence II” is an Inspirational Devotional Journal of Scriptures, one in which Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I Am?” Mark 8:29.NKJ. The answer to that question reveals who Jesus is, and Who He is to you. Another vital Scripture discloses, “In His presence there is fullness of joy; and pleasures for ever more.” Psalm16:11. NKJV. The Scriptures reveal God’s pathway to righteousness, unconditional love, everlasting peace, the value of patience, as well as the counsel and protection of our Lord and Savior.