Introducing Steve Ream, author of The Miracles of God

“My Author Representative was fantastic. I hope someday down the road I will be able to work with Lisa again on another book. She was so helpful and made the experience of publishing a very enjoyable one.”

Miracles are not chosen by man. They are a gift from God that anyone can receive if they will only trust in Him. I would like to say I am not an expert in the subject, but it is God that does the miracles and not me, I just believe. I live in Bonney Lake, WA with my wife Lorraine. We have been married for 46 years and have two great daughters and 6 grandkids.

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Miracles happened two-thousand years ago, and still happen today! Being a part of some of the great miracles of God is life changing. We went to the Philippines to minister as God led and were given faith to believe him for miracles. As we traveled from one island to another, God surprised us with wonders, revealed his glory, and used us in ways we could never have dreamed. God’s miracles happen every day all over the world. The only thing required for us to be a part of those miracles is to put one hundred percent of our faith in God. We must know that He will do what He says He will do. That is, we must believe in Him. I trust that you will open your eyes to the possibilities of seeing the glory of God. And let Him reveal Himself to you and show you wonderful miracles.

Introducing Jay Fernandez, author of Grace Walk

“The total process was a true pleasure. Information provided answered most of my questions up front and anything that was unique was quickly and professionally answered. I had ordered the custom cover and I can say that when I first opened the proofs, it took my breath away. I had posted the two options on Facebook to get feedback and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Now that the book is in print, I can honestly say that I have a product I can be proud to show off!”

Jay Fernandez has served as a missionary, lay pastor, worship leader, youth leader and elder. He currently lives in South Sudan, where he helps provide relief to those whose lives have been torn apart by thirty years of civil war. Jay also co-pastors a church of expatriates. He has two daughters,two sons, and blessed with many who call him Dad, all of whom he maintains close relationships.

Product description…

Life’s most difficult lessons are often painful. They require sacrifice and cannot be learned alone. This testimony offers a unique insight into one man’s journey with his Creator. From the mission fields of Islamic Africa to the corporate structures of America, Jay Fernandez has seen God at work in many contexts. And his role within the church has taken many forms. He has served as a lay pastor, worship leader, youth leader and elder. For a time, Jay was happily married and earned in excess of $100, 000 annually. Suddenly, and with little warning, his world came crashing down around him. Through his vices and circumstances out of his control, he was brought to his knees, and by the grace of God alone he was lifted up once more. Clearly God’s plan for Jay’s life was more radical than he could have dreamed, and he found his purpose in the rebuilding of battle-torn South Sudan. This stunning testimony seeks to share God’s message of love and forgiveness with all who are willing to seek Him out. It is about the greatest gift anyone could receive, a gift that is available to us all at any time or place, and yet a gift which so many of us fail to see.