Introducing Harold Cohn, author of The Lost Dutchmen Mine and the Peg Leg Pete Mine

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Harold Cohn is a Disabled Vietnam Vet (U.S.S. Harnett County, LST 821. Mekong Delta, 1967-1968). In addition, I am a retired Park Ranger (31 years of service) from the County of San Diego (California).

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Book description…

While I was working as a Park Ranger at El Monte Park, Lakeside, California, I wrote a book titled: “The El Monte Park History” (12 pages/13 months of research and writing). Years later, the forgoing book became basis of a museum Artist/Muralist Mona Mills and I created at El Monte Park in an abandoned pump house building (8’x16″ [World’s smallest museum?]) named the “El Monte Oaks Museum.” The interior walls of the museum’s wall were painted with murals, based on “The El Monte Park History” by Mona Mills, Artist Muralist that depicted the park’s history when it was an ancient Native American campground to the current day.