Introducing Michael Dwyer, author of Flashes from the Signal Bridge

Mike Dwyer served four years in the US Navy as a Signalman Second Class. After discharge, he returned to school at the University of Montana. He spent 30 years as a Social Worker for adults with developmentally disabilities. He is retired and living the good life in Missoula, Montana.

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It was an honor to serve in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. It was the most rewarding period of my life. During that time I had many interesting, unique, funny, and sometimes scary experiences. These stories are some of my favorites from my four years as a Blue-Water Sailor.

Yolanda Jones, author of Life Goes on After the War

Yolanda Jones is the author of “Scarred, but not Broken”; former Sergeant in the United States Army/Army Reserves and a Survivor of Domestic Violence. Ms. Jones is an Advocate and an Activist for Victims of Domestic Violence; Victims of Military Sexual Trauma, and Victims of Discrimination. Ms. Jones currently holds a High Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do; an Associate’s and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Development, upon which she obtained from Texas Woman’s University. Ms. Jones Hobbies includes, reading motivational materials, meditation, yoga, listening to the sounds of serenity, as well as the intricate instruments used in diverse music. Ms. Jones passion is, her love for riding one with the Road on the back of a Harley Davidson. Ms. Jones is a Native New Yorker, although she currently resides in Texas.

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“….Therefore, one night I gave my daughter a kiss good night, I locked my bedroom door and I resorted to what was easy, by digesting several numbers of a particular medication, in an attempt of not awakening….”

“For, my illness nor my injuries don’t define who I am, neither will I allow both to define who I will become, because who I become is who I choose to become, and not by societies label of PTSD or Service Connected Injury; Whether Major or Minor….

GYSGT. Will Price, author of Devil Dog Diary

William Price was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1971. He graduated from Gorton High School in Yonkers, Albany State University in Albany, New York, and from Marine Boot Camp on Parris Island as a Private First Class. After becoming a Marine, the author/infantryman was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for a year. This service was followed by two successive tours of duty in the Mediterranean Sea, while stationed at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. After this, Sgt. Price became the Press Chief at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina. The author next became the Marketing and Public Affairs Representative for Marine Recruiting Station Jacksonville, Florida. The former Recruit Price, now Gunnery Sgt. Will Price, is currently the Public Affairs Chief of Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., “The Oldest Post In The Corps.”

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“Devil Dog Diary” is a first-person account of day-to day experiences during Marine Corps boot camp, detailing the physical and mental changes recruits undergo as they are molded into United States Marines.

“Devil Dog Diary” the only first-person account of Marine boot camp written as it happened, will help potential recruits prepare for the challenges they will face during training.

It’s indispensable for prospective Marines, current Marines, former Marines, as well as anyone interested in learning about the transformation the Marine Corps can make in a person.

There are several boot camp manuals, but “Boot Camp Diary” is the ONLY first-person account of Marine boot camp written as it happened, by the recruit who lived it. “Boot Camp Diary” lets readers see and feel the transformation from boy to man to Marine.

“Devil Dog Diary” is illustrated with dozens of photos of every aspect of Marine training. These are not staged publicity shots, they are actual photographs taken on the scene as events unfolded!

George W. Hughes, author of Always a Soldier

George W. Hughes spent 20 years in the U.S. Army, serving in the United States, Germany, France and Vietnam. He spent eight years in the Army Corps of Engineers and 12 years as an officer in the Army Infantry. While in the Army, Maj. Hughes earned a college degree in business administration from the University of Tampa. He is retired and enjoys spending time with his wife, grandchildren and military friends. He lives in Gahanna, Ohio.

“I cannot truly put into words as to how pleased I have been with Outskirts Press. My Author Representative (Colleen) was very professional and guided me step-by-step in the development of my book Always a Soldier. She answered all of my inquiries in a timely and professional manner. I know that I would have been lost without her guidance. I would recommend Outskirts to all potential authors if they want it done right. I listened to her on everything but one very important step. Although I am thoroughly pleased with getting my book published and seeing my thoughts in print, I, like many others, wish that I had taken advantage of a professional edit. Nevertheless, A VERY PLEASED AUTHOR.”

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On May 5, 1966, George W. Hughes was leading his platoon on a mission to

reinforce his fellow soldiers in a Vietnam village. Under fire for more than four

hours, he had a decision to make: maintain a tight position with his men grouped

together, or disperse them and return enemy fire.

His actions that day saved lives and later earned him the prestigious Distinguished

Service Cross. But they truly formed over the previous three decades, as Hughes

transformed from a wayward young man into a model career soldier and

inspiration to us all.

Always a Soldier documents his incredible journey from tenth-grade dropout to

decorated 20-year Army man and college graduate. This enlightening memoir

spans his impoverished early years during World War II, his initial enlistment in

the Army at 17, the formative experiences in training and combat, passage

into manhood and the growth of a family. It is a book about courage and

succeeding even when you think you can’t, and serving others when most think

only of serving themselves. It is, above all, a humorous and honest portrait of

a life fully lived, one that proudly retells the good times while not flinching from

the bad.

The Other Side of the Lines, by Deanna Adamson

Deanna S. Adamson was hooked on the accounts of little known Southern heroes when she happened upon the story of a young Confederate soldier who risked his life to take water to wounded Union soldiers on the battlefield. She spent months in the BYU Library researching The Other Side of the Lines. Deanna lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah, with her husband Robert. They have five children and 21 grandchildren. She has had many articles and stories for children and young adults published in several magazines. This is her first book.

“Overall I loved Outskirts Press. I had a bit of trouble conveying what I wanted in my cover, but Bridget remained attentive and kind through the whole process. Eventually I got exactly what I wanted on the cover–thank you so much!”

– Deanna Adamson, author of The Other Side of the Lines

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The Other Side of the Lines is about several lesser-known Southern heroes of the Civil War. Spend time in this book and read about Turner Ashby, the gallant Black Knight adored by Southern ladies. Find out how Belle Boyd, a daring teenager, used all her charms to spy for her beloved South in spite of being arrested and jailed several times. See how Richard Kirkland, a young Confederate sergeant, showed compassion for Union soldiers on the battlefield at the risk of his own life. Discover why Captain Sally Tompkins used her own fortune to open and run a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers and was the only woman commissioned a Captain in the Confederate Army by President Jefferson Davis. Try to understand why Sam Davis, a courageous teenage boy, would rather be hung than give damaging information about his commander to the enemy. Sail with Lieutenant George Dixon, commander of the first submarine to sink an enemy ship in war. And follow the story of Moses Ezekiel, just a cadet in a military school when he was called into battle to help protect the South. Seven stories in all—seven views of the fearless people of the South as they fought for their way of life.

Windswept Heights, by Edwin M Weigel

“I had just planned to publish my husband’s biography as Christmas gifts to our children and relatives. However it turned out so much better than I had expected and everyone who knew him wants a copy. The reviews have been heart-warming and I owe it all to my Author Rep. She made the whole experience a delight.”

– Edwin M Weigel

IRAQ, THEIR MISSION, OUR JOURNEY: America’s Destiny by Jackie Ruth Wilson

Outskirts Press is a great publishing company. I was/am impressed and pleasedwith my book entitled, Iraq, Their Mission, Our Journey. My Author Representative was responsive, informative and helpful. Overall, my ongoing experience with OP is excellent. My Marketing COACH and I are working together to make me a successful author. I would recommend anyone to OP that wants to publish a book.”

– Jackie Ruth Wilson