Introducing Melvin C. Echard Sr., author of Inspirations

“I am very pleased with Outskirts Press. As a first time author, the specific guidance and recommendations made my first book a very positive experience.”

Melvin C. Echard Sr. has a Master’s Degree in Education and has worked in public education for over 17 years. This career choice has resulted in introspection and self awareness in his personal life. As he sees the world, it is education that makes the difference. A devoted Christian and family man, Melvin Echard is always looking for ways to inspire excellence. He was married at 18 years of age and now celebrates 28 years of marriage with his wife Mona. This marriage has produced two kids and three grandchildren. It is through prayer and positive reflection that his family has thrived.

Product description…

The enemy is trying to destroy families with modern tactics of warfare. We must examine our thoughts and stand on principle. This book will serve as a guide to challenge the destructive thinking that is prevalent today.