Introducing Moshe Sonnheim, author of If You Could Change the Ending: New Endings for Old Fairy Tales

“From beginning to happy end of my publishing experience with Outskirts Press, I was guided patiently by your understanding and encouraging team. Tina gave me The Game Plan. Bridget patiently moved me along the system and she dealt gently with my frustrations and complaints. Allison sent me printed tips along the way. The editorial team made excellent edits. The designer made creative front and back covers in conjunction with my illustrator. Anna uploaded the Kindle, reassuring me along the way. To top it all off, Certificate of Publication, signed by Bret Sampson himself, left a sweet taste in my mouth. The Marketing Team then joined the action, and I look forward to favorable marketing and distribution. The pleasure I had, and the satisfaction I had in writing my book was augmented by my experience with you.”

Dr. Moshe Sonnheim is a retired Social Work educator. A former Philadelphian, he has lived in Jerusalem, Israel, since 1971. He is married to a Dutch “Hidden Child,” and they have two daughters and nine grandchildren. Moshe has published academic books, short stories of love, paranormal experiences, and poems. The idea for this book was suggested by his daughter, Idit Karni; typing of text was done by his granddaughter, Barr Karni (age 14), and colorful and creative illustrations were provided by Avi Katz. And so, at age eighty-five, Moshe shares with you, the magical world of fairy tales he told to his children and grandchildren.

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Once upon a time, grownups told stories. Once upon a time, children listened to the storytelling. There were tales of dark forests, magic mountains, hidden castles, and talking animals. There were tales of children lost or setting out to see the world. There were tales of greed, jealousy, and cruelty. But there were also tales of beauty, loyalty, kindness, and love. The parents who told these stories, and the children who heard them, lived in a world different from our world. The dwarfs and giants they heard about, walked among them. They saw the nightingale and heard its song. All these were enhanced by imagination and values. Your children, however, have grown up in a world of computers and fairy tale parks. This book will try to bridge the gap between the two worlds. New endings to 32 well-known (and less well-known) fairy tales will stimulate your child’s imagination, ability to confront moral issues, and to learn acceptance of “the other.” Each original tale is followed by a new ending and short definitions of new words and Internet sources of relevant pictures and bird songs.

Introducing Don E. Webster, author of Bury Me In My Waders

“My first-time publishing experience with Outskirts Press was successful beyond my expectations. Tina and Brie guided me through the process with patience and professionalism. As a result, my book, ‘Bury Me In My Waders: An Old Duck Hunter Recalls His Fowl Past’ continues to rank in the Top 100 in Amazon Books Hunting Category, having been ranked as high as 11 in Amazon Kindle Hunting. The writing experience I gained by publishing with Outskirts Press has enabled me to garner first place and win the Phil Ford Humor Award in the Outdoor Writers Association of California 2013 writing crafts competition. Thank you, Outskirts Press!”

Don E. Webster is a native Californian. He is a Vietnam veteran. He is a life member of the California Waterfowl Association, and also holds memberships in Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl. He writes a weekly column for MyOutdoorBuddy.Com. See other books coming soon from Don E. Webster online at

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From a young boy shivering in the rain on his first hunt with his father, all the way to suffering the loss of lifelong hunting pals, Don E. Webster embraces almost 60 years of waterfowling. Penned with a style and flair that brings to mind outdoor legends such as Corey Ford, Robert Ruark, and Ed Zern, this collection of duck hunting memories brims with sly humor, salty wit, and poignant reflection. Bury Me In My Waders will charm and captivate you while tickling your funny bone at the same time. “Bury Me In My Waders” is a fun read, perfect for those precious moments when you want to forget your troubles and be reminded of your own waterfowl hunting adventures. Don E. Webster has a rare, special ability to spin yarns to which every waterfowl hunter can relate. If you haven’t been in the marsh lately, this book is a call you won’t be able to resist. -Frank Galusha Editor/Publisher “Whether you have a developing passion or a longtime addiction to waterfowl hunting, you will enjoy reading Don E. Webster’s book, “Bury Me In My Waders.” Don has enjoyed the company of pot-hunters to gentile sportsmen and found their common bond – a passion for waterfowl hunting. Good humor abounds, but there are touching tributes to old friends, great dogs, and even a vision for what awaits us when our days are done. If you are a duck hunter, put this book on your reading list!” -Robert McLandress, Ph.D. Past President, California Waterfowl Association (currently – Associate In Waterfowl Management, University of California at Davis.)