Introducing David D. Bernstein, author of Voices of the Heart

“From the beginning, and throughout the process of publishing my first book, I felt that I was in the hands of a pro. My author representative always took the time to answer my questions in detail and swiftly. If she didn’t have 100% confidence, she researched the question and got back to me. I was very pleased with her and I am also thankful that I was paired with her as an author rep”

David D. Bernstein was born in Moscow and immigrated from the Soviet Union in 1981. He has been writing poetry from the heart since high school. Several of his poems have been published in anthologies and magazines, and David has been the recipient of five Editor’s Choice awards. He has hosted several open mic events in bookstores and in college was the co-founder of The Poetry Society. He is the author of two picture books, The Enchanted Rope and Peanut. His middle grade book The Portal won a CIPA Envy Merit award in Juvenile Fiction in 2018. He also authored Spirral and Rebirth in The CORT Chronicles. David is the proud uncle of two teenage boys.

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Book description…

Take an emotional roller-coaster ride through a ten-year snapshot of one man’s life in this compelling collection of poetry. The poems will not only inspire you but guide you on your life’s journey. Voices of the Heart combines beautiful photography with powerful words in a collection that also serves as a memoir.

Introducing Barbara Drinkwine, author of Lima Beans for Breakfast

“What a blockbuster learning experience I had being a part of self publishing with Outskirts Press! I felt empowered to the next challenge.”

Barbara is a retired Elementary Principal from Wisconsin. Motivating and inspiring children to love learning defined her career. She began her career teaching Kindergarten. Convinced all children can be successful life-long learners, she was a fierce advocate for mastery learning through theme teaching.

Some of her accomplishments were

• Teacher of the Year

• Summer School Coordinator

• Middle-School Assistant Administrator

• Elementary Principal

• City committee for Menasha Wetlands Education Center

• City committee for construction of new Menasha Library

Today she lives with her husband in her childhood hometown. They have two sons and two grandchildren. She is the author of Writing for the Kingdom: Praise and Glory.

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Book description…

Are you yearning for do-overs? Are you looking back and wondering how you got to where you are now? The finish line is a part of everyone’s journey. Should our successes and failures define us, or rather that we reach the finish line? In my journey, the Reader will know I have not come to this stage of my life easily. I have been strong-willed, impulsive, wrong thinking, disobedient, defiant, and finally broken.
A journey from early childhood through adolescence, motherhood, friendships and finding the finish line on a very narrow road was a lifetime adventure. Sometimes it was a humorous journey, but other times an arduous climb up the mountain of mistakes in search of answers.
This is my story.

Introducing Paul E. Kotz, author of Start Late, Finish Happy

“My author representative is a consummate professional who is responsive, timely, provides great recommendations, knows her craft, and she communicates clearly, while remaining firm and fair.”

Paul’s books address seeing the good through every day stories and facing adversity with hope and compassion. He is a lifelong learner with education and business expertise. This includes working as faculty and advisor with undergraduate as well as graduate students and since 2013, in a doctoral program in leadership. He has taught and served as an executive/life coach to graduate students and business professionals and has assisted high school students in navigating adolescence.
Paul E. Kotz is a resident of Saint Paul, Minnesota and continues to collect new experiences that shape and challenge his perspectives.
Contact him at or

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Book description…

Those who make an impact leave a mark on us. Hopefully, a positive one, by those who bring us joy or those who inspire and motivate us, giving us a vision of how we can live our own lives better. Each of us has only so much time. There are plenty of people who have opened my eyes. Often the realization comes unexpectedly. Sometimes, we may even have a dream as a reminder of how our lives need to change and grow.
I am not going to tell anyone exactly what to do in these stories of Starting Late and Finishing Happy. They are everyday tales of unexpected surprises, and learning lessons… accounts of those who make an impact and observations of people who help us realize our gifts. They assist us, consciously or unknowingly, to change for the better.
You can give back to society. You can bring your community together. You have relevance. You only have to Start… to Finish Happy. – Paul E. Kotz

Also by Paul E. Kotz: The CIPA Award Winner and Reader’s Choice Award nominee Profiles in Kindness – Stories of Inspiration & Everyday Leadership (2020). Stories that call us to take charge of each day and positively seize it for what it offers.
Dr. Kotz also wrote: The CIPA Award winning Something Happened Today – A Collection of the Unexpected (2018) – Stories of mentorship and keeping our eyes and ears open to the present and the positive.

Introducing Bob Fedell, author of Poetic Jazz

“My author representative did such a wonderful job on both of my poetry books that– even though I am a poet– it is hard to express in words how invaluable she has been.”

Bob Fedell graduated from Mount St. Mary’s College (now University) with a B.A. in English, received his masters from Rollins College, and spent a summer in 1983 studying Modern British Poetry at Exeter College, Oxford. He lives in Orlando, Florida where he taught English for 41 years (he also coached tennis and golf and helped direct several Shakespearean plays).

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Book description…

New masterpieces from (until recently) the best unpublished poet in America! Polish up the Pulitzer!

Introducing Hector R. Valenzuela, Ph.D., author of Contextualized Mathematics

“My author representative was wonderful throughout the whole process.”

Dr. Valenzuela has 16 years of experience teaching mathematics to college and university students in face-to-face classrooms, and for 11 of the 16 years he has taught online mathematics to university students. Having been formally trained in the area of mathematics both in undergraduate and graduate school, he spent 15 years working in the applied fields of Management Information Systems, Business Finance, and Business Development (all for the same company). Dr. Valenzuela has a Ph.D. in Math Education with a specialty in college contextualized (applied mathematics) curriculum. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics. His love of mathematics teaching extends to writing and researching mathematics where he is a published author in mathematical research on college curriculum research topics.

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Book description…

What is contextualized mathematics? What are the foundational research underpinnings of contextualized math curriculum? What have we learned about contextualized math curriculum that will improve math education in the future? These questions build the foundation for a reader to begin a journey with Dr. Valenzuela on this crucial topic for math education and for our society.

Introducing Eric B, author of Realm of the Invader

“The Outskirts Press team was helpful, attentive, prompt and detail oriented during the publishing process. It really felt like a team effort, and everyone worked hard to create an awesome final product that was my fully published book!”

Eric B is an enthusiast of action, adventure and superhero drama, and considers himself observant of human nature. Aside from episode one of this series, he has published two books, about volunteerism and public transportation. Eric B lives in the Midwest, loves to travel and experiments with passions and hobbies.

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Book description…

Here is a story of devastation and anguish and slavery…and the ensuing triumph and celebration. Lord Draegahn descends upon Earth, under the guise of a friend, but with aspirations of total world domination. He brings havoc and despondency to an unsuspecting world from where he is a stranger. Yet somehow, out of this iniquity, a curious friendship emerges between Siris — one of the wrongly convicted aliens — and four likewise incarcerated Earthlings. Hopeless and discouraged, Siris does not realize that though he is a little guy, he has a big destiny. This story is Siris’s journey as a detainee of injustice, a fugitive, an abated former soldier, a military prisoner and a military commander. All the while, Siris finds himself a mentor to his four Earthling friends who are destined to rise from the ashes of the alien invasion to become Earth’s most famous third-millennium superheroes: the Night Crusaders. Yet Siris has his own personal demons against which to struggle; his own insecurities haunting him night and day. But the moment of truth seizes Siris when he finally comes face-to-face with Lord Draegahn. Can Siris stand against his greatest fears, advancing toward him all at once? Siris will have to master his morality, conquer his insecurities and rediscover his great determination and strength if he will have any hope of leading the campaign to end the alien invasion on Earth once and for all!

Introducing Sujal Das, author of The Media Midas

“My Author Representative was patient with my requests and prompt and professional from start to finish.”

Sujal Das is a technocrat, business leader and social entrepreneur, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, he is an executive at a large software company. As a supplier of data center technology, he has worked extensively with giant social media companies. His deep technology background and penchant for comprehending dramatically changing human behavior as a result of social media use give him a unique foundation to explore the pursuits of Donald Trump in a different light.

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Book description…

When Trump’s net worth – his sole life mission – begins to stagnate, he decides to recreate his star status by running for the highest office in the planet.  He utilizes the pervasive influence of social media a step ahead of the pundits to win the election.  With increased scrutiny, his true financial status begins to unfold. He needs a recourse.  Emboldened by his power to fracture societies at will, he devises a plan that could turn the world’s most powerful financial system upside down.  But then, can he collect the haul?

Introducing Martina Potucek-Palladino, author of TOMMY: Thru Eyes of “REM” – New Adult Censored

“This is my fourth book and it was a good experience. Having now published four books with Outskirts Press gives me confidence that future publications with be handled skillfully and professionally, I’ll be starting the process again for book five. I revised a few of my books and the revision process was practically effortless. Thanks to the OP team. I can’t wait to work on book five with Outskirts Press!”

Martina Potucek-Palladino has had a lifelong love affair with books, magazines, and all things written. She writes for pleasure, is currently a magazine editor, has collaboratively ghostwritten/edited a non-fiction memoir, written for magazines, is an accessories designer, a hair stylist, and lash extension specialist. Martina currently lives in New Jersey.

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Book description…

‘Foresta dei Sette Fratelli’ – Imagine… for a moment, the most powerful of vampires, delusional, hence… Imagine… him, returning to the beginning, longing for his eternity to end, now… Imagine… that pivotal moment he realized she was his kryptonite, and, ultimately… Imagine… him realizing what she really was, how they met, 1,000 years ago, yes… Imagine… finding your savior, the one who was meant to help you die, only to… Imagine… the betrayal, born of blood, that comes full circle; this won’t do, no… Imagine… once more, finding that will to live, only now you’ve been cursed, and… Imagine… that this curse cannot be reversed; is this my fateful end?… HELL NO!  My imagination envisages… anger, vengeance, pain, and my version of justice! I WILL RISE ONCE MORE!… I WILL BREAK THIS CURSE!… I WILL FIND MY QUEEN!… I WILL BECOME KING!… Imagine the revenge I now seek!… I AM FAR FROM DONE!…

Introducing WYN, author of Great Americans on Stage

“My Author Representative was a great help in getting through a long and difficult book project.”

WYN is the pseudonym for Irwin Shishko, an “old scribe” who has penned countless words as a Wall Street economist, medical research commentator, political analyst, and author of poems and plays. A Florida resident, WYN and his wife, Renee have just celebrated their 68th anniversary, still inspired by friends, music, and ballroom dance.

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Book description…

Three Fascinating History Plays. If you are a theater aficionado, you know how unusual it is to encounter plays which illuminate key figures in American history. That’s one reason for the huge appeal of the Hip-Hop Hamilton musical on Broadway. Outside that musical genre, this trilogy of “Great Americans on Stage” is a sterling addition to the repertoire of fine drama-works about our early heroes. It offers exciting, intimate, and revealing portraits of three great Americans: “Light Horse Harry” Lee, Alexander Hamilton, and Abraham Lincoln. Two of these dramas – the Light Horse Harry and Alexander Hamilton plays – lean towards realistic story-telling, though most of the sparkling dialogue had to be invented. By contrast, the Lincoln play is built around an imaginary encounter between a young Quaker “war-resister” and the President-elect en route to his inauguration, and crucial decisions on the eve of the Civil War. Whether founded mainly on actual history, or on the author’s imaginative theatrical concept, all of these plays are rich in insight about their lead characters, and the events of the period in which these eminent men are so vitally involved. We’ve probably said enough to suggest the beguiling character of this all-American play collection – a trilogy you are apt to find as edifying as it is entertaining.

Introducing J.G. Possum, author of Tara: The Goldilocks Planet

“I’m looking forward to a good marketing experience. The book looks great.”

Jerry G. Possum was born in central Pennsylvania. At the age of seventeen, he joined the US Navy and served aboard a destroyer in the Korean Conflict. His ship was awarded three battle stars. After his service, he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Quality Control. In his extensive engineering career, he has written over one thousand quality-control test methods and procedures and issued several quality control manuals for manufacturing. After retiring, he worked as a Manufacturing Quality Control Consultant. Presently, he lives in central New England, near his five children and thirteen grandchildren. He’s a patented inventor, an artist, a billiards instructor and a lifelong science fiction enthusiast, he wrote his first novel at the age of eighty-six.

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Book description…

Can a Perfect Planet Save the Human Race? Risking everything, leaving the known world behind as the Earth is being totally decimated by an atomic war, a brave and visionary crew leave Earth on the spaceship Aquarius, traveling to another galaxy where a planet has been identified that can sustain human life. They call it Tara, and it represents hope for a new beginning. But a planet that is ideal for human life is certain to be inhabited by an intelligent life form already. As the crew approaches Tara, they make contact with the race already living there. Will the crew of Aquarius have the chance to prove that the human race can redeem itself and not make the same mistakes of the past? How will they handle the encounters of hostile creatures as well as understanding an advanced society? They are the last of the human race. Inventive, insightful, and adventurous, Tara is explorer science fiction in the best tradition. A must read.