Introducing Maria Sakowitz, MS, RDN, author of Do Food Labels Drive You Crazy?

“It was a very good experience with my first book!”

With over twenty years of experience in nutrition counseling, Maria Sakowitz, MS, RDN, has educated patients about the real science behind food through her visual teaching tools and ability to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. President of a large private practice group of registered dietitians since 1998, Maria and her team service hundreds of patients referred by doctors throughout New Jersey. Nutrition Associates of East Brunswick, Inc. is located at 123 Dunhams Corner Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, phone: 732-254-0113, website:

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Book description…

You’re not alone! With recent changes to the food labeling system, there is more confusion than ever. Do you spend a lot of time at the supermarket comparing labels to determine the healthier choice? Do claims on the front of food packaging influence what you buy? This book is a simple start to basic nutrition knowledge that can empower you take control of your food choices and make sense of the information printed on food labels. It is an essential reference for both beginners and veterans on the path to better health through nutrition education.

“I came to Maria with the hope of losing weight and lowering my blood sugar. I learned that I could succeed at both because of the choices I make. I can enjoy all the foods I like and never feel deprived. Thank you, Maria!” -Georgette P.

“I developed three health conditions all related to being obese. The most important thing I learned is how foods work in the body, so I know how to choose the correct foods to eat to stay healthy. As of today, I have lost about 40 pounds. I am off my medications.” -Robin P.

Introducing Bryan Dow, author of Please Leave A Light On

“Those that I worked with were overall great.”

A consumer of mental health services for twenty-five years Bryan Dow was born in western NY, raised and lived in southeastern WI for close to forty years and now resides outside of El Paso, TX with his wife and two dogs. Bryan also enjoys writing outdoor action adventure and sci-fi stories.

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Book description…

A Turbulent Journey Through Mental Illness. Stricken with a mental illness at the common stage in life where dreams and career possibilities surface, this book is about a young to middle-aged man named Bryan who faced rejection in a handful of career paths ultimately feeling pressured from within to become his own boss. Furthermore, this book takes the reader on a voyage of earning academic success, witnessing the ups and downs of those close to him as well as the healthcare bureaucracy, and experimenting with love though sometimes shallow. In retrospect Bryan concluded that, besides earning two degrees after his diagnosis, his work or informal training under a Vietnam veteran for just over six seasons at a public golf course had the most profound effect on him discovering manhood. Sacrifices were made. Friends and family were both negatively affected by this maddening illness that first exploded in Washington D.C. Bryan’s marriage is very symbiotic, but it never would have worked without his wife’s toughness learned and experienced while serving in the military for ten years. She demonstrates great skill in dealing with the adversity in their marriage.