Introducing Artis C Bolden Jr., author of DIRTY

“Jamie was responsive and informative throughout the entire process of publishing our book DIRTY. As we prepare for our next book, we hope that Jamie will be our rep thru the next book process or someone like her. Great job Jamie!”

Artis and Tina Bolden had a vision about telling the truth and atoning in 2013 when this book came to life. With both of their backgrounds combined, this humble couple entered into the literacy world, with their first published, riveting piece of work, “Dirty.” Artis is from Jackson, Mississippi and Tina, a transplant from Newport News, Virginia, now living in Los Angeles, California. These two brought their God-given gifts to life, with Artis’ unique and easy style of writing, which will make you feel as if the book comes to life as you read each word. “Dirty” is the first of many!

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Book description…

As you enter into the riveting world of a young boy’s struggle to become a man, in a life he didn’t choose, it all came down to choices. As he embarked on a journey through the early 80s, with drugs, death, heartache and loss being intricate to growth to becoming a man, this is a thrill ride of emotional challenges that will captivate and open your eyes to this dirty, dirty world.