Introducing Elwood Edwards, author of It’s About Time!

“As usual, Lisa was superb in rendering assistance and clarification where needed in the production of this work. She is truly a valuable asset to your company.”

Elwood Edwards has always had a passion for writing poetry. Most of his poems center around themes of love, inspiration, spirituality, and personal development. He uses a great deal of imagery and metaphors in his writing. Among his self-published books of poetry are The Other Color of Love, Shining Eyes Shine Brighter, Love and Paper Rumors, and The Philosopher’s Tears. Elwood currently is a resident of Palm Coast, Florida.

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Book description…

Poetry-Like Laughter-Is Good Medicine! Poetry is a two-way mirror through which we view the world. As we probe for meaning, we discover a new appreciation-a new understanding of what life is all about. We make use of a gamut of emotions when we indulge in poetry that mirrors our perception of reality, keeping us attuned to ourselves and connected with others as well as with the universe itself. It’s About Time! is a telescopic, panoramic view of how poetry elucidates our lives with clean fun, laughter, and ways of healing, improving, and loving ourselves and others. With poems like “Tasty Blue and Sweet Too,” “Sticky Fingers,” “Super Glue,” “A Gnomic Trend,” and “Huh?” this fun, lyrical collection will move, inspire, and entertain.

Introducing Luvicia Maxey, author of A Pocket Full Of Poems

“With this being my very first experience with a publisher, I would have to say it was amazing! My book turned out just lovely!”

About Luvicia Maxey: Throughout my life, I have used poetry as a means to cope with family dysfunction, heartbreaks, reunions, and many more unpleasant life situations. Throughout the years, my love for poetry has grown so strong that I find myself thinking only of ways to write more. My writing is true and honest, which allows me to become a better writer by character, not by luck. I am happily married to Chad, my husband and soul mate! We reside in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Product description…

Writing for me has been a tremendous joy throughout the years. Poetry has helped me in times of fear, sadness, loss, excitement, and happiness. I LOVE to express who I am through my writing, and I hope that you enjoy the poems in this book.

Introducing G. Jean Smith, author of Never Ending Dance

“Elaine was great to deal with. She was incredibly fast and accurate with her responses. If I do publish through Outskirts again, I would enjoy working with her again.”

G. Jean Smith grew up in West Texas and is proud to call Morton, Texas home. As a prior Army Spouse, she has led an eclectic life full of constant change and has lived in various parts of the U.S. and Italy. She currently resides in Kansas with her three children.

Product description…

Catherine Cannon has spent her life keeping secrets and trying to outrun her past. Speaking about her past, about her family, is taboo and she has only shared her life with her closest childhood friend. But when Catherine reaches a milestone, she willingly places herself in a situation where she is faced with having to talk in-depth with a psychologist. It’s the only way she can confront her past head on as she seeks the answer she’s not sure she really wants to hear.

Introducing Ram Ramakrishnan, author of Live in Love and Leave in Peace

“It was a wonderful and exciting experience in getting my third book published by Outskirts Press. Each and every member of the staff was very helpful, courteous, kind and caring. I will strongly recommend Outskirts Press to all those, who are planning to get books published. Thanks”

Ram Ramakrishnan is a widely traveled and self-driven leader with a desire to make a positive difference to mankind. After a glorious 40 year career in India, Ram and his wife Savitri, married for 61 years, now live in New Jersey–learning, sharing and caring for those around them.

Product description…

Many have tried to write the practical guide to love and the jury is out on these “how to” books. Understanding love, however, can increase our ability to connect, inspire and be inspired. This book is about love, how to live in love, and how each and every aspect of human life is shaped by love. Love is the catalyst for a successful career, a happy marriage, a loving family, and a healthy, joyous life. This book is in two parts. The first half describes the power of all types of love: the glory of divine love, the joy of paternal love, the divinity of maternal love, the self-sacrificing wife’s love, the tender husband’s love, the sweetness of daughter’s love, the charm of son’s love, and the beauty of grandparent’s love. This section awakens a sense deep within us, to make a difference every day, highlighting that love is God and God is love The second part of the book deals with the eternal fear of death faced by all human beings, the views of various religions on death, and how death may be the greatest of all human blessings. When the heart is filled with love, one can overcome the fear of death and face the inevitable end with calm, faith, dignity, and cheer. This transcending power of love will surely touch the hearts of readers world-wide. This book is a must for all ages and all seasons.

Introducing June Alexis Johnson-Ferrell, author of This Little Light

“Outskirts Press did an excellent job of helping me to publish my book. They were cooperative and knowledgeable with guiding me through the process and did consider my wishes and concerns in my interaction with them. They sincerely endeavored to assist me to accomplish my desired goals with regard to my book, “This Little Light.” I am very pleased with how I was treated throughout the process and with the excellent results of their production team in the appearance of my book when completed.”

June Alexis Johnson-Ferrell won the “Golden Poet Award” in 1989 from the World of Poetry organization and was selected for inclusion of her biography in “Who’s Who in Poetry” in 1989 by The World of Poetry organization. She has also had poems published in several poetry anthologies over the years by the World of Poetry Organization and the National Library of Poetry. She won the Editor’s Choice award from the World of Poetry in 1994, 1997. The book can be purchased online at,, Barnes and and Ingram books.

Product description…

This book of poetry is a testament to what I have learned, observed and experienced as I have traveled this road through life. This book will encourage and inspire you to never ever give up. These poems also express the myriad of emotions and experiences that we encounter in life and how sometimes situations make us feel. We all have trials and tribulations in this life. Some people’s problems you know about but many you don’t. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have any. However if God takes you to it, he will take you through it. That is how awesome he is. You may stumble and fall as I have many times, just get back up and keep it moving. God will help you and he will use his angels here on earth to help you. You may feel that sometimes you can’t make it. However faith, trust in God and belief will take you where God wants you to go which is always for our best. Just don’t give up. Stay positive and keep a good attitude. God is watching and testing our faith. Hang on in there. Rewards are ahead if we just don’t give up. Always listen to the still small voice inside. It is always your guide. Think good thoughts do good deeds. Remember there are consequences for every action. Always strive for excellence. Be important but never too important to be nice. Remember in the end we answer to God not man AND IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD?

Introducing Julie Cebollero, author of The Lion that Roared

“Brie was the highlight of my experience with Outskirts Press.  Overall it took longer to get the book out and it was in part my fault, but Brie was the driving force that helped me complete my task.  She went above and beyond the call of duty.  She called back quickly, and supplied all the help I needed to finish my publication.  She is an asset to Outskirts.  I do love the book cover and have had great feedback on the work done.  Now I just have to get the book out to the world on a shoestring budget.  I welcome the tips I get in the emails, and hope for my book to someday be on a Best Seller List. Thank you so much to Brie, and to Outskirts Press. ”

This book was inspired by a true story. It was written in 1978 to help reconcile two young boys with their father. It was shared through the years with many who loved it. My son who is now 21 would say “Mommy read me the Lion story”. In 2006 God touched me and said your story is not finished, and I was inspired to write this wonderful story I share with you today. You see I did not believe in myself. Through the years and the tears, and the many people this touched God said it is time. TODAY I BELIEVE AND EACH TOMORROW IS MY GIFT.

Product description…

In the Magic Jungle, two lairs were connected with the power of Love so great the aurora lit the Jungle in radiant light. Ribbons of blue, pink and yellow filled the air and Peace was felt in this untouched land where no man had journeyed. But the Magic was broken by hunters’ greed who ventured in to reap their rewards. In an instant, life as Koko knew it was changed forever. Tragedy stripped the light of Love. The powerful Magesto was broken, and his student and friend, Koko, left to provide on his own. Koko stumbled and fell, and could not find a way to stand up for himself. He lost the will to believe in himself. His beloved family was lost. Can the Power of Love bring Koko home to his beloved Lilu, Bouncy and Boo? Or will the Love light fade in the Magic Jungle forever?

Introducing Robert W. Zinnecker, author of Sell Out

“The publishing process with Outskirts was very satisfying. This is my second novel and the representatives I dealt with, Jamie, Jackie and Colleen were very professional.”

Robert Zinnecker is a 55-year veteran of the telecommunications industry. He spent 33 years with CONTEL Corporation, managing operations in Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and New York, prior to leading the New York State Telecommunications Association. He currently operates a consulting service, providing practical management assistance for today’s changing world. Bob is a Senior Certified Professional Manager and is a charter member of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. He is the author of Acquisition, a Christian fictional novel set in the telecommunications industry. He has written numerous articles and devotionals that have been published in religious and business media. Bob has four grown children and eight grandchildren. He and his wife, Elaine, reside in Penfield, New York. To contact the author, e-mail him at or visit him on Facebook and Linkedin.

Product description…

Wilson McCann is a high-powered CEO whose personal priorities were severely out of whack. He lost his company, his mother, his dog and the love of his life. Driven to his knees, he found God. Three years later, the nation’s economic deterioration impacts his friends’ livelihood, and the investors in his new company threaten to sell out. A national telecommunications firm vies with an unscrupulous hedge fund operator to acquire McCann’s company, and McCann comes face-to-face with the need to commit totally to his faith and his company – to “sell out” to God and the beautiful woman God has sent to stand beside him. Set against the backdrop of greed-driven corporate espionage, the potential collapse of the nation’s financial system, and misplaced priorities, Sell Out is the compelling story of a man seeking to know what it means to love God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength.

Eden Sterlington, author of SatisFillment

When Eden Sterlington discovered the key to living life instead of letting life live her, she decided to share her insights with the world. She founded Get Back to Passion to help her spread the word. As it’s Chief Executive Intimacy Officer, she trademarked her ‘SatisFillment’ technology and established ‘Get Back to Passion’ for distribution of related products and services. She is a proud counter-culture advocate for her fellow Sage Soldiers, Wisdom Warriors, and Change Champions (blandly referred to as ‘Baby Boomers’). She lives in Chicago.

“SatisFillment is my first book. Outskirts services allowed me to go from being unknown to having review copies requested by 12 media people. I also go a 5-star review on Amazon written by a PhD in Finance. I have recommended Outskirts to friends I know are interested in publishing and I will continue to do so. The quality is first rate; the service is professional, timely, and excellent. I’ll definitely be back.”

Product description…

Your Happiness Is Your Job. It’s Time to Take Control of It.

The SatisFillment series of Action Guides is designed to help you live your life to the fullest — both mentally and physically. This first of three books focuses on living your core values and achieving a more grateful, purposeful life. Packed with mental and physical exercises, this first volume in the SatisFillment series is easy to understand and put into practice. The key lies in the six Focus Points, each of which pairs a life-change activity with a healthy lifestyle change you can make, starting now. You’ll:

• Discover inspiring exercises you can do before you even get out of bed

• Explore your most deeply held convictions

• Achieve personal growth by moving beyond your comfort zones

• Assess your self-image to identify your most important beliefs

• Learn to forgive and be forgiven

• Rediscover child-like contentment

• Add healthy physical activity and nutritious eating to your daily routine

• Much, much more!

Being happy doesn’t “just happen.” Rather, you have the power within you to help how you feel. The SatisFillment series provides the tools to put you in control of your desired level of contentment — so you can live life more fully each and every day.