Introducing Daniel Stone, author of Crossroads at the Manor

“It was my first experience, and from start to finish. Outskirts Press has done a wonderful job to meet my needs and successfully get my novel published. My cover is the talk of people everywhere I go. Great Job! Then, they get to the real jewel – the story itself!”

Daniel Stone lives in Los Angeles, California. Crossroads at the Manor is his first novel.

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Book description…

Daniel Stone’s new novel is a powerful mix of suspense and paranormal mystery based on the connection between two love stories that take place 100 years apart. Both stories take place at the same manor on a beautiful island that legend said was the angels’ playground on earth. The manor was built on a plateau between two tall mountains where the legend also said the angels ascended and descended from Heaven to their playground. This land was sacred and hallowed ground-not to be violated! Against this magical backdrop, the book takes a satirical look at an extremely rich and powerful couple who get caught up in the ultimate spiritual warfare. This couple is used to solving everything with logic and money and power, but they are in a situation that cannot be solved with any of the above-and they risk losing everything, including their massive empire. Crossroads at the Manor is the first book of a trilogy that will keep you in suspense from start to finish!