Introducing Gregory L. Pollock, author of Pennies From Josh: Stories of a Father Dealing with the Death of His Only Son

“I want to say that Outskirts did a great job on the book. Everyone I worked with was fantastic and very patient with an old man with little computer skills. I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you very much.”

Mr. Pollock spent most of his adult life as a truck driver. A mostly simple and uneventful life like most of us. He was reluctantly thrust into the role of author after the death of his son. This is a book he felt compelled to write in an attempt to help others dealing with this particular form of grief.

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These are the stories that represent a bond between father and son that even death couldn’t break. They are stories of a form of after-death communication that helped me survive and cope with the death of my only son. Losing a child is a traumatic experience that is unnatural in the order of things and something you never “get over,” you just learn to cope.

Introducing Joan Pendergast, author of Love Letters to Jack

“Lisa was fantastic always! She communicated with me and my granddaughter Max who helped me, very well all the time. Thank you Lisa.”

Joan Pendergast is a BSRN graduate of Skidmore College, and has practiced public health and hospital nursing in New Haven, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island. She is the author of Markings of Mercy, The Story of After Abortion Helpline and several poetry publications in the New Boston Post. Married to Jack for fifty-eight years, Joan is the mother of six children and grandmother and great grandmother of twenty-one grandchildren. She resides in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Book description…

“Why share your grief in a book,” you might say. “That’s private stuff. You don’t go parading it all over the place.” Well it’s precisely because others have done just that, that I’ve been able to move along through my grief. Grief is so disorienting, disabling, frightening and painful that we need the help of others to get through it. One can feel so isolated, alone and confused that a word, a sentence, or a thought from another grieving person can take us out of isolation and bring us back to life. My wonderful Jack and I were married for fifty-eight years. As he suffered at the end of his life from cancer, undifferentiated squamous cell carcinoma, I was able to write about the deep pain of our impending separation in order to name it and process it. When he passed on June 12, 2014, I continued to write to him and to the Lord, love letters, through the pain of my grief. Sometimes sorrowful, sometimes joyful, this compilation of letters, poems, prayers, and reflections is an intimate portrait of my love for my husband and for God. It also expresses my struggle to come to terms with the mysteries of marriage, love, death, and loss. Writing helped me survive the terrible grief I experienced, that many experience after losing a loved one. We all grieve in our own way, and I hope this book will help you as others have helped me.

Introducing Linda K. Reed, author of Serenity’s Journey

“Pretty smooth sailing this time around. Thank you and all who helped make this possible!”

Linda K. Reed is retired, yet always busy and wondering how she found the time for a career. She spends as much time as she can on or near the water and enjoys time spent with her daughters, her close friends, and her four-legged companions, Big Boy Sue and Patsy Love (aka Pooper). She is also the author of Winter of 1950, a tribute to her late husband, Phil.

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As a new widow trying to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s death, Lindy begins to question her sanity when Phil seems to be communicating with her and their children in some amazing ways. The dreams and odd occurrences leave them shaking their heads in wonder, but after a life-changing reading with a medium, Lindy realizes that it truly is possible to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. The realization leaves her feeling warm and loved…and greatly comforted. Serenity’s Journey shares Lindy’s fascinating path from grief to acceptance. This inspirational yet down-to-earth memoir is a testament to miracles, and to the special place where one’s soul finds peace, unconditional love, and hope.

Introducing Sally Wester Weismann, author of August 26, 2013

“For a first time author, I needed lots of guidance. My Author Representative was there every step of the way. Even after my book was published, the help continued with the daily Coach emails. I thank Outskirts for making a goal that was seemingly beyond reach become a reality.”

Sally Wester Weismann taught elementary school for twenty years. During the latter part of her career, she became interested in language study. After retiring, she began teaching ESL, English as a Second Language. As mission work, she taught ESL for two years in Piedras Negras, Mexico. She lives in San Antonio, Texas and has three children and three grandchildren.

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This is a story about how God has a purpose for each of us. My journey began in 1953 with the birth of my little brother, who was born with a heart defect. I was seven years old and quickly became mommy’s little helper. He and I became very close, but my life was shattered when, at the age of twenty-one months, he died two days after having open heart surgery to save his life. In my devastated and grieving state, I turned to the greatest power I knew, God. I said, “I know you’re not mean, and one day I will understand.” I trusted this, and to me it was a promise. That one day is now. It has been six decades. I have learned that my purpose is to share my story. I now see how the pieces of my life were woven together to come to this day of understanding, August 26, 2013.

Introducing Jeanine McGee, author of Lost and Found in Sea Isle City

“It was a wonderful experience. The publishing consultant, Jamie, was dynamite! She made the process seamless. Bridget, the author representative, was incredibly informative and laser focused. And Jackie was so efficient with the digital aspect. It took me two years to write this book and my husband, Dennis, researched independent publishing companies during that time. We both have come to realize that Outskirts Press was truly a blessing. Thank you, Outskirts, for your integrity and your enthusiasm for excellence. Great job!”

Jeanine McGee grew up in Levittown, PA. She and her husband, Dennis (who is releasing his first novel, Covered in Delco), reside in Bucks County, PA. They have been married for 8 years and are blessed to have found each other in Sea Isle City, NJ. Jeanine has been teaching for 12 years and currently teaches in Bucks County, PA. She hopes to inspire her students as much as they inspire her. In the summer months, she enjoys endless summer beach days in Sea Isle City, NJ. She fell in love with the town during the summer of ’99 and continues renting summer homes today. It was the passing of her father, Paul J. Raudenbush Jr., in June of 2012, which gave her the inspiration to write her first novel.

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Jane Harper never understood why her husband was taken from her at such an early age. But is anyone ever really ready for death? Jane was not ready to say goodbye that evening in the hospital, knowing that the life she once knew would be gone forever. Day after day, thoughts of Jimmy lingered in her mind. Two years after his passing, Jane finds herself somewhere between hurting and healing. Still living in a house that was once filled with so much love was now empty and cold. All that was left were the memories that hung on the walls and their unfinished to-do list. Jimmy was her best friend and learning how to live without him was the most difficult experience of her life. Being on a family vacation in Sea Isle City, NJ helps Jane realize that you can’t live in the past, but sometimes the past helps you to remember how to live again. Jane reminisces with her family and friends about all of those memorable days and nights. Those endless summer nights are what led her to Jimmy: the best souvenir one could ask for. Jane is torn between holding on to a life that she once knew and searching for a sense of hope within herself. Jane cherishes those memories made with her girlfriends and longs to find the girl that she once was. Making new memories, with new friends along the way, will she find a second chance at happiness?