Introducing Windy Lucero, author of Beyond the Storm

“Outskirts Press is the perfect publisher for me! I can honestly say that I had no idea who to reach out to help me publish my manuscript. I did a lot of research and found that Outskirts Press had all good reviews from other authors, so I looked into what they had to offer me. I was pleasantly surprised at how many publishing packages they had to offer people. I ordered the package that was right for me online, and a day later an Outskirts Press representative called me to go over everything. They made the process of publishing very simple, and if you don’t understand something, they are patient and will assist you until you feel comfortable about what you are doing. They kept me informed every step of the way during the process -which I deeply appreciated! I never felt like I was just a number or that they didn’t have time to answer any of my questions. They made me feel that my work was important and that they truly cared. I submitted my manuscript on 7/17/14, and it was officially published and for sale on 9/23/14! Talk about fast, the process only took ten weeks! Now my book is being sold at Amazon, Kindle and Nook. I am working with their marketing department and they are assisting me with spreading the word about my book Beyond the Storm. They have pointed me in the right direction for radio interviews and setting up a fan page. The bottom line is that I highly recommend Outskirts Press to authors who want to self-publish. They are not paying me to say this, I plan on having them publish more books for me in the near future, and I have already recommended them to several other writers I know.”

Windy Lucero is a psychic medium and a highly respected member of one of the largest psychic development groups in the world. Windy teaches psychic development and mentors students one-on-one; she also works with a paranormal investigation team focusing on soul rescue. Windy lives in Colorado with her son, and hopes Beyond the Storm, her debut novel, will open minds and hearts, bringing an amazing peace to those who are led to read it.

Product description…

After her fiancé is killed by a wildfire that destroys nearly everything important to her, Emily Evans prepares to leave her hometown of Rock Springs, Colorado. She sells her gift shop and hopes that by moving 2,200 miles away, she can escape the constant reminders of what she’s lost. She could have ended up anywhere, but she is drawn to a nine-bedroom Queen Anne Victorian with a wraparound porch, overlooking the sea in Seaport, Maine. The secluded coastal village is exactly what she’s looking for—a whimsical, charming spot, picture-perfect in every way. Here, Emily envisions a new life, a new beginning, and she hopes to find the peace of mind needed to heal from the devastating loss of her beloved fiancé. Beyond the Storm bursts with suspense and emotional intensity as Emily faces a violent thunderstorm right after moving into her new home. She has little confidence that her timeworn house will hold up during such an intense storm, and then she begins to sense a presence in the home. At first, the supernatural occurrences seem harmless, but they take a nasty turn following her discovery of hundred-year-old hidden journals—leading her to John Stone, the handsome, unmarried local physician. As a mutual attraction develops between the two, Emily struggles to make peace with her tragic past so she can once again be free and open to the possibility of love.

Introducing Susan Brougher, author of The Strongest Bond

“Very professional. Available at all times to help me with the process. This was my first experience with publishing. My book turned out beautifully. Outskirts Press is a cohesive talented team to work with. I feel that I am only part way there … next I need to get people to read my book. I anticipate your marketing plans will be helpful too. Outskirts Press has so much to offer! Thank you.”

Susan Brougher is a professional nurse. As a nurse and writer, she created written training manuals, speech presentations, and recommendations for Army Nurse Corps applicants. She lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, Jim, and their dog, Bridgette.

Product description…

Sensitive and shy, with a rich inner world full of golden dreams, Susan spent her childhood relying on the grounding and guidance of her mother’s love. But when Susan was just twelve years old, her life was broken apart in a way that would change her forever. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and two years later, she left an empty seat at the table, and an empty place in her family that nothing else could fill. Without a center, the family began to change; Susan’s relationships with her siblings and her father unraveled and knitted back together in an unfamiliar shape. Bereft, disconsolate, and profoundly alone, Susan navigated adolescence as best she could without her mother’s wisdom and comfort…but the ache of that lost love remained with her. For many years, Susan searched for answers, but most of all, she wanted to hear someone say, “I know what you mean. I felt that way too, when my mother died.” The years went by. She never heard those words. But now, the feelings and experiences she kept buried for so long have found a voice in this beautiful, transparent, and soul-searching book. This is not just the story of Susan and her mother…it is the lyrical elegy of the world’s loss, and the humanity’s heartbreak. This is Susan’s story, and it is your story.

Introducing Artis Tolbert, author of Death Before Dawn

“It was an overwhelming experience for me and this team of a staff pulled me through every obstacle that seemed to hinder me at the time. Thanks be to God for you all!”

About Artis Tolbert: I was raised as a country girl, therefore I loved the outdoors; the feel of the sun beaming against my body and the breeze of a cool wind blowing my spirit across the fields. I consider myself a gracious lady, being thankful for the ability to encourage, inspire and motivate others to believe in how precious life really is. In 1973 I married a wonderful man just home from the U S army. We have two lovely children together with three grandchildren, four godchildren and a niece who preceded my husband in death whom we loved dearly. I spend most of my time now getting to know who God really is, where he is in my life and what he is to me.

Product description…

This book was written to inspire anyone who may have lost the person who was once the one you felt was your soul mate. The one that you thought you would grow old together with. You may be wondering is there really life after the death of the one you truly have loved? The one you seemed to be with longer than life itself? Then death comes along and takes that person away from you. The experience in itself is so unbearable until it seems as though you have died too. You will read in this novel how traumatic and overwhelming the experience is when the one whom you loved so dearly has left you behind. The sadness alone can take you places you were just not prepared to go. You will walk along with me to see how long the journey really can be. But through all my sorrow, my weeping, the heartache and the pain, I never gave up on hope. That night this man died in my arms was the darkest hour just before dawn.