Introducing Kathryn Atkins, author of Giving My Self to the Wind

“I had no idea Outskirts Press was one of the bigger players.”

When Kathryn gave a copy of her poem “Light the Light” to her adoptive mom, she was surprised when a few years later her mom presented her with a hand-stitched sampler (there’s an image of it inside) with the poem embroidered on it. The title for this collection is from the penultimate line of that poem. Kathryn is married, has two grown sons, and works hard to inspire fellow writers through the non-profit California Writers Club. Her writing has been published in the club’s commemorative 100-year collection West Winds Centennial, ©2010, in two issues of the club’s Literary Review, and in print editions of many newspapers and magazines as well as in numerous online venues including the Huffington Post.

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This classic collection of short stories, poems, and essays will take you to new places. Kathryn Atkins forages “the musty, cobwebby place between my ears, and the sweet, squishy place in my heart” to explore themes ranging from the natural world to music, architecture, friends and family, and other life events begging to be exposed and handled. At times humorous and other times sad and serious, these short works are the result of a playful, feisty, and oh-so-clever Muse!

Introducing William Kenly, author of After the Diagnosis, Medullary Thyroid Cancer Memoirs

“I have dealt with several reps at Outskirts Press, and Leona is the most responsive and professional. I would like to work with her on all future projects. Thank you.”

The 84 stories in this collection are from 66 veterans of Medullary Thyroid Cancer, from nations around the world. Proceeds go totally to cancer research. This book was edited by Elizabeth Simons, Galina McClain, and William Kenly.

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“After The Diagnosis” was conceived one dark February evening during an unusually chatty Facebook MTC cancer group session, as the winter’s third blizzard raged in the Northeast. Four months later, after 66 members of that group had put pen to paper, this collection of 84 stories went to the publisher. The only subject direction was to write about what cancer meant in their lives. No two stories are the same. Every story helps the reader understand about living with cancer. The stories are raw, insightful, and uplifting. Each story is a gem, and there are postings from those who have recently passed away, and writings from the children and parents. These stories are brimming with honesty, healing, and an understanding of our collective mortality. Comments from the cancer authors: “I feel like I live on a log in the middle of a river, waiting for it to be pulled over the waterfall.” “With all the twists and turns during my MTC years, I feel as though I am always playing ‘Whack-A-Mole’.” “I am so happy I did this. It is so relieving to pull it up and out of myself. I still get emotional reading it, though.” “I don’t like to complain usually, so it was a bit difficult to admit how hard writing my story was for me…since the big diagnosis.” Excerpts from the stories: “‘I feel a lump’, was the first thing I heard from my PCP. I had just thought I was tired and gaining weight because of menopause…” “In the end, I can nudge the cancer and tell it to move over. We’re in this together, for the long haul. The enemy, if you want to name one, is not cancer. It’s fear.” “Respectfully, I say ‘thank you’ to my cancer for showing me what an awesome life I have and what amazing family and friends I have been blessed with. And don’t forget, Cancer, “you are my bitch.” “Cancer changes people. It sculpts us into someone who Understands more deeply, Hurts more often, Appreciates more quickly, Cries more easily, Hopes more desperately, Loves more openly, and Lives more passionately.”

Introducing Victor Aragon, Jr., author of Philosophy of Life

“My immense gratitude to the person who meticulously reviewed, commented and approved my manuscript, to Lisa (author consultant) who guided me from the beginning, and to my author representative Laura who patiently and attentively guided me through the publishing process step-by-step 7 days a week. This was my first time publishing a book and I am beyond impressed, pleased and satisfied with the publishing process that was made easier and faster than I would have ever imagined, all thanks to the knowledgeable and diligent professionalism and promptness of the excellent team from Outskirts Press. I completely love the final polished piece, my book, all made possible by Outskirts Press.”

On the day I was born my appreciation and passion for spoken and written words was also born. Far back in early childhood, as far back as I can consciously recollect I began to express my emotions, ideas, and thoughts with ink on paper through poetry and philosophies to convey a deeper meaning of life. Then ever since, up to the present time, I have never ceased to continue to learn and write, in my own words, about anything and about the complexities and simplicities of life that many of us experience or witness at one time or another.

“When you become tired of walking in the dark, search within and find your spark.”

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This book I dedicate to all of those who have walked before us, to those who walk amongst us now, and to the many who after our time are to walk this earth.

In this book through a variety sort of some of my philosophical essays, poems and quotes (a small fragment from a large collection), I have written and continue to write, I share with you and with everyone my interpretation of my observations and experiences of life good and bad, some of my own and others of the lives of others whom I have known and not known; in hopes that my words can shed some light to you and many others and help you find some comfort.