Introducing Shirley Alarie, author of Losing the Girls

“When I was faced with choosing an independent publishing company, I researched all my options. Outskirts Press was listed among the Top Picks for customer satisfaction, quality, and cost. In addition, they were the only publishing house that offered an expedited service at a reasonable cost. For $100, I could shorten the normal 10-13 week turnaround time into 7-10 weeks. Much to my surprise, in 4 weeks and 3 days from entering into the production phase, my book was ready – far exceeding my expectations! This exceptional service allowed me the opportunity to publish press releases of the book launch. Another wonderful surprise was the outstanding book cover crafted by the Outskirts team. I had my own vision of the cover, which was incorporated into one of the two designs I was given. The cover I actually selected was the one created by the Outskirts team, who had used their own vision of my story and proposed a completely different method to communicate it. The custom cover is simple yet adorable and explains the story at a glance. I would have never conceived of the idea on my own and was grateful to have the backing of this talented staff. I enjoyed the good service and professional staff as so many other Outskirts customers have experienced, but their ability to deliver a quality product so quickly impressed and thrilled me the most. Thanks, Outskirts Press, for your help in making my writing dream a reality.”

Shirley Alarie wrote her memoir in order to spread awareness of NSM, and she published a website that identifies some of the hospitals that perform this surgery. Check it out at or join her on Facebook to celebrate God’s presence in our world at Finding God Among Us.

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Book description…

Delve into the breast cancer journey and beyond in “Losing the Girls,” a unique memoir differentiated by the author’s cutting-edge nipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM)—a little-known breast cancer surgery technique that leaves the breast completely whole. Shirley Alarie shares her story to boost awareness of this specialized procedure, which is only offered at select hospitals. She believes that women facing mastectomies deserve to know all of their options. Shirley found that the biggest challenge of her life began with a convoluted breast cancer diagnosis; and then there was the overwhelming array of surgery options. Mastectomy or lumpectomy? Single mastectomy or double? Reconstruction or no reconstruction? She worried about making the right choice and how her decision would affect her both in the short and long term. How would it affect her marriage? Was it crazy to choose a hospital three hours from home? After the surgery, Shirley’s determination to beat the cancer triggered a lifestyle transformation that resulted in a stronger, more empowered woman. Her deep faith in God and her peace with the afterlife helped shape her response to this life-changing ordeal with cancer – and the love and support of an amazing posse of family and friends, along with a liberal dose of humor and hope, pulled her through the darkness and back into the warm, sunny light. “Losing the Girls” is a powerful and uplifting book that every woman – and the people who love them – should read.