Introducing Freddie Remza, author of Shattered Bangles

“I am happy with the looks of the book. It’s very professional. Thank you.”

Storytelling and international travel are two passions of Freddie Remza’s. Combining the two is what she does in her novels that include The Stolen Brooch, The Poison Ring, The Orchid Bracelet, Ride the Wave, and The Journey to Mei.

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Book description…

Three Paths Converge. Three women traveling to India. A journalist, a college intern, a victim. Each on their separate journey. Allison, Lynne, Kasi. Here is their story.

Introducing Eric Madison, author of The Good Author and Me

“My total experience with Outskirts press was great. I am so proud of my book. The editing is remarkable. Thank You.”

Eric Madison was born in Bridgeton, N.J. He lived most of his life in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, Fl. He later moved to Greenville, S.C. and then to Dallas, TX where he currently resides. He works for the city of Dallas and attends the Pathway of Life Church.

Product description…

The truth is we all have to learn who we are, who we are to become and our purpose for living. Why let someone else tell you who you are, or why should you assume who you will be. Hear what your Maker has said about you. You are great under all circumstances and in every situation. You were made with joy and peace in mind in a fallen world. But you are greater than the world you live in because of your Maker. There is great joy and victory for all those who believe on the Lord Jesus. God loves to see your faith and courage in times of trouble. When you live a life of faith and integrity through all manner of crisis you make God smile. You are acting out his Godly intent for you and he in return will show everyone how much he loves you. He will speak good of you and have others respect you. To know his will for your life, read your Bible daily and pray for understanding. You will become excited when you know who you are and where you are going. I learned to love my journey. This story is great; not because of me, but because of the Great Author who wrote it.