Introducing Vernell West, author of Reflections

“Outskirts made publishing my first book easy. Even though it was done online, the communication was as good as if done in-person.”

Vernell West is an African American who lives with his wife, Wanda in the Pacific Northwest. They have been married nearly 30 years. He and his wife have three adult children. This is Vernell’s first book. He began writing daily as a hobby when his youngest child left home. His inspiration to write usually comes during daily exercise in his attic where he keeps pen and paper at the ready to capture it when it comes.

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Book description…

This book is a smorgasbord of thought-provoking and inspirational tidbits inviting the reader to deeply focus on the good and to reflect it back through daily deeds. It looks at life as a lyrical composition played out in our daily lives through our thoughts, poetry, songs and actions. It is a compilation of who we are, living in a fast-paced world in which our thoughts are not often absorbed, shown or appreciated. This book gives a brief view of what seemingly goes unnoticed, but is in the background of every great human endeavor. It takes you simply to the point with rhythmic, poetic and philosophical narratives. The descriptive view in words is not instructional, but rather inspirational and motivational. No matter the background or culture of the reader, all who read it will find something to hold on to.