Introducing Barbara Jackson Engelhardt, author of Fannie and The Judge: A Love Story In Letters

“I am a novice and this was a learning process for me. I am considering a second book with Outskirts Press.”

Barbara J. Engelhardt was born in Ohio in 1940. She always spent two weeks every summer in the Coultrap home with her Memaw. When Frances died in 1963 Barbara and her mother discovered these letters tied in a blue shoe string in the back of an old roll-top desk. Barbara lives in Southern Arizona with her husband, Bob, and their two rescue dogs. She can be reached at

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Should she leave the children and the job she loves? Fannie Maria is a teacher at the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Orphans’ Home. She loves her job and the students. Then she receives a letter from a stranger that could change her life.

Introducing Leron Stewart, author of One Thing About Life

“I have really enjoyed my experience with Outskirts Press so far. I plan on publishing my next novel with Outskirts Press also. The staff is very patient and helpful.”

Leron Stewart has written poetry, letters, stories, and music. This is his first novel. He lives in a small town in southeast Louisiana, where he was born and raised. The author spent some time in the U.S. Navy and at Southern University in Baton Rouge. He loves spending time with his family, and most enjoys watching and discussing the action of the NFL.

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One thing about life is that you have to play whatever hand you’ve been dealt. One Thing about Life tells the story of two childhood friends – Dap and Bo – as they navigate college life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dap is fatherless and virtually motherless. He’s a hustler though, and his resourcefulness always helps him keep his head above water. However, will Dap’s cleverness save him from the danger that is breathing down his neck this time? And can this young man, who seems to be a thug, let his guard down enough to find love? Although sheltered, Bo is the levelheaded member of the duo. This trait, along with his kindness, has worked well for him as he’s pursued excellence in the classroom and on the college football field. But being nice may be what lands Bo in a snake’s nest of trouble and ruin his chances at a starting spot on a world-renowned Division I defense. As the young men from opposite sides of the track make life and death decisions, Dap and Bo encounter people and situations that can take them out of their respective games forever.

Introducing Paulette R. Johnson, author of A Winding Road

“My experience with Outskirts Press was a very positive one. All the author representatives, beginning with Brittney, and Dodi, were very helpful and professional throughout the publishing process. They responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner, and this was very reassuring. Thanks again to all of you. I will certainly recommend Outskirts Press.”

Paulette R. Johnson holds an LLB degree in law. She also holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Urban Ministry with emphasis on the urban family. She is involved in programs that foster reading in children and young adults. She has contributed to Boys’ Life Magazine, which is a publication of The Boys Scouts of America. Paulette was born and raised in Guyana, South America. She and her husband once lived in London, England. Paulette, her husband and three adult children currently live in New York. This is her first novel.

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Brian Duncan, a twelve-year-old boy, dreams of coming to America. On his arrival in New York, his expectations are dashed by his experiences and that of his family. He becomes despondent, depressed, and homesick and dreads going to school. Brian, in this vulnerable state, is befriended by a kid who introduces him to street-wise activities which could have serious consequences. During one of these ‘errands,’ an unsuspecting Brian becomes part of a police investigation, resulting in his parents threatening to send him back to his home country. He is scared to lose his freedom on the one hand, and his family on the other. He chooses to stay in school, and work hard at improving his grades if he is to achieve the American Dream. He makes new friends, studies hard, and throws his energy into playing basketball. However, when his family falls on hard times, Brian thinks that he can be of some financial assistance by returning temporarily to that way of life that got him in trouble in the first place. The consequences of that decision are devastating. He is finally convinced after his traumatic experience that to go down that winding road can not only be dangerous but also deadly.