Introducing William (Bill) Funnemark, author of Last Lunch

“Expecting the publishing process to take 10-13 weeks, I was shocked when I got an email in less than a month from when I first contacted Outskirts Press that my book was ready to go. Wow. What are great surprise. Someone exceeding their promises. Thank you for launching my writing career.”

William (Bill) Funnemark is a Christian, father, grandfather, Air Force veteran, former corn breeder, retired science teacher, marathoner and avid motorcycle rider. He still works part-time as a substitute teacher in between road trips to watch his grandkids participate in many activities. “Last Lunch” is his first attempt at writing a book.

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Book description…

“My head is spinning. I think I’m going to be sick. I think I need to go to the hospital, but I’m so dizzy I don’t think I can walk.” The last words my wife spoke to me before she slipped into a coma, never to wake up. It began as a wonderful vacation with friends but turned into a nightmare. A nightmare that changed my life in a way no one could have foreseen. Death has a way doing that. The experts try to help you in the aftermath but each of us go through the grieving process in our own way. My path to recovery is unique to me. Your path will be unique to you. No one can prepare you for this kind of journey, you must make your own path. I have read what some of the experts have to say and some of their advice was helpful. Some of their advice just didn’t help at all. “Last Lunch” is my story of what it is like to lose your best friend, your wife, your lover, the mother of your children, and then pick up the pieces and go on living. It is a story of my faith in God and the love of family and friends. It’s a story that has no ending. One day, I just stopped writing.

Introducing Prophetess Gail Rose, author of My Past Was Just A Set Up For My Future

“I heard about Outskirts Press through a friend, but I wanted to check out all my options since this is my very first book written. I took my time as I researched many publishers and their offers. In my search I have found Outskirts Press to be reasonable with their pricing and had much to offer for your money. After much research and prayer, I decided on Outskirts Press. My representative was very helpful and patient with me and I have learned much through the process. There is more involved in publishing a book then just writing, and Outskirts Press provided the proper help and guidance that was needed. I am pleased with the outcome and grateful for all their help!”

Prophetess Gail Rose is the President and Founder of I Will Go Ministry and GR Expressions of Me. She was honored in the Cambridge Who’s Who 2006-2007 Edition of Executives and Professional Women. She attended Charisma Ministerial Bible College, Christian College Bible Knowledge and Bibleway School of Ministry. She travels nationally and, soon to come, Internationally doing Revivals, Women’s Conferences, Workshops and Retreats. She was ordained as a Rev./Evangelist in 1985 through her home church Bibleway Chapel Church Inc. And ordained as a Prophetess in 2002. Because of her love for God and His people, Prophetess Gail transcends through all races, cultural and religious barriers just to reach and pull you out of any dilemma you may be in.

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Book description…

Past Shadows or Future Realities are choices…which follows you? This book tells the whole story of a little girl who was thrust into an adult situation at a very young age, which she was not physically or mentally mature enough to handle. It caused her life to fall into a downward spiral of confusions that was not easily reversed. This story tells of the nightmares that lingered for years, and how the shame and guilt tormented her thoughts. You will read of the child abuse and rape in the home that led her to a life of drugs, alcohol and perversion by the time she was 16, and even an attempted suicide, but this is not how the story ends. At the age of 20 she found herself under a gospel tent where she met Jesus for the very first time, and He changed her life forever. This remarkable story lets you know that after her encounter with Jesus she struggled with discovering who she really was while trying to put the pieces of her life back together. God sent her two ladies who she called her 911 sisters. They assisted her for three years of her new Christian walk until she was able to break free of her past, and discover that God had her destiny in mind before the very foundation of the world. Not a typical story that ended with defeat, but ends with an unprecedented victory. This story will show you how you can experience triumph even in the undisclosed places of your soul.

Introducing Linda Faye Robin, author of The Hidden Storm

“Leona was very professional and patient with me in the process of publishing my first book. The experience was so great, I’m already thinking of a new topic to publish at a later date through Outskirts Press. I truly thank Leona so much for making the process appear easy.”

Linda Faye Robin is a graduate of St. Thomas University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. She is a lifetime member of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Catholic Scholastic Honor Society, and a devoted member of Boca Glades Baptist Church. Linda lives with her very supportive husband and the youngest two of their four children in Pompano Beach, Florida. Her eldest son attends The Art Institute of Tampa, and her eldest daughter (featured on the cover) is currently pursuing a career in entertainment in Orlando, Florida.

Product description…

Linda had what seemed to be a charmed life-two loving parents, a lucrative career, two beautiful homes, a substantial bank account, a supportive extended family, and a stellar reputation. In a single day, everything in Linda’s life would change when her father died unexpectedly…leaving behind Linda’s vulnerable mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Linda was already engaged in an ongoing struggle with a younger brother with schizoaffective disorder, and suddenly she also became the caretaker of another brother who had Asperger’s syndrome. Linda had been trained by the best for physical conflict: she went through her paces with the US Air Force, the US Bureau of Prisons, and the Miami-Dade Police Department. She was a respected and accomplished police officer, but now she found herself facing a foe that was both invisible and seemingly impossible to conquer. Overwhelmed by the difficulties of finding herself the caretaker for her mother, her brother, and her newly adopted son, Linda fell back on the greatest gift from her parents: her faith in God, the greatest ally against any foe, and a source of strength and comfort. The Hidden Storm is the surreal story of Linda’s fight with her loved ones against mental illness and dementia…and how her advocacy and care was complicated by secrets, lies, and the confusion that accompanies Alzheimer’s disease. Linda learned the grace of surrendering to the struggle, and her compelling, inspiring story is a remarkable resource for anyone who is facing similar challenges.