Introducing Orva Schrock, author of Let There Be Light

“Overall very good professional publishing service. I wish there was more person-to-person ‘human’ communication, but I do understand that many authors would take advantage of the Representative’s valuable time. Jennifer is A+”

Orva Schrock is retired from business and now lives in Northern Indiana, USA, on a small private nature preserve with his best friend and wife, Jenny, and his other two best friends, Lizzie the Australian Shepherd and Bella the Boston Terrier. He’s glad to hear from folks at

Product description…

This is a book of wisdom for people who don’t read wisdom books. Here you’ll find complex subjects simplified, brought down to earth, understandable, and ready for your use: the Psychology of Belief, the Origins of Christianity, the Mystery of Death, C.G. Jung and Personal Transformation, Sanatana Dharma, Advaita Vedanta, Ramana Maharshi and the Real Self, Non-duality and Cosmic Consciousness. This book is not intended for the true-believer Christian, as they might be offended, but if you are an open-minded truth seeker and would like to learn – you are among the fortunate minority and this book may be an excellent first step; A giant step toward freedom and discovering Who you really are.