Introducing Michael J. Stabile, Ph.D., author of Unlocking Buried Treasure: Keys to Master Your Greatest Fears, Multiplying Papa’s Legacy

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Michael J. Stabile, Ph.D., uses his extensive leadership training in a wide variety of vocations: education, leadership and life coaching, consulting, and writing. The same theme permeates his many positions of influence: he is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to be change agents in their homes, jobs, and communities. Mike’s company, FutureNow Consulting, LLC, uses workshops, seminars, and customized life coaching to effect transformational change at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Mike and his wife, Pam, live in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are blessed with three married daughters and six grandchildren.

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What is my deepest fear? In every sense of the word, Nicole is successful. She has a thriving career, a loving husband, and beautiful children. For Nicole, though, a constant voice in the back of her mind tells her that all these things are not good enough, that she is not good enough. In this leadership parable, follow Nicole’s inner conflict and struggles as she meets with the two people she trusts the most, Dr. Jonas Nolan and his wife, Sophia. With the loving guidance and coaching by the Nolans, ask yourself as Nicole did, “What is my deepest fear? What is holding me back from my sweet spot of greatness?” Like Nicole, are you are at a point in your life where your deepest fear is now being exposed and brought to light? Is it time for you to unlock the buried treasure within you? Is it time for you to journey into your destiny and assignment that only you were born to accomplish? Is it time to be liberated from fear? Unlocking Buried Treasure: Keys to Master Your Greatest Fear not only shows how to identify the fears that are holding you back but also gives you accessible and tangible strategies and keys to overcome those fears so you can reach your greatest potential, both personally and professionally. This is the second in the Papa’s Legacy Leadership parable series.

Introducing Joe Robert Thornton, author of The Power Of Or: Choosing And Doing What Matters Most

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Joe Robert Thornton has spent the past 35 years in large-scale leadership roles at Starbucks, Blockbuster, and as COO at Jamba Juice. Joe is currently CEO at Vizzionnary Brands – an organization providing consulting, coaching, and public speaking services. Joe was born in Kentucky but has lived most of his life in Texas with his wife and three children.

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Shift From “And” To “Or” And Change Your Life. We have entered a time in which the you-can-do-everything mentality has become the new normal. In The Power Of Or, Joe Robert Thornton challenges that notion by sharing stories and experiences that will help you focus and create balance in your life. In our daily lives, we do not always have the option of doing everything. We are constantly making tradeoffs. There will be times in your personal and professional life where “And” doesn’t work-you must choose “Or.” In The Power Of Or, Joe Robert Thornton explores pragmatic choices, decision-making, and prioritization, the implications that come with each when we attempt to do it all and offers recommendations. The Power Of Or is about having clarity of what is most important and then taking the appropriate action on those priorities to achieve the desired results-Choosing And Doing What Matters Most. In this book, you will learn about: The need for simplification before prioritization; The importance of discipline and self-discipline; The difference between ability and capability; The benefits of saying No; The case for eliminating multitasking; The impact of decision fatigue. If you are looking for a breakthrough in how you are living and leading, this book is for you.

Introducing Paul E. Kotz, author of Profiles in Kindness: Stories of Inspiration & Everyday Leadership

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Paul E. Kotz wrote the CIPA Award winning – Something Happened Today (2018), featuring stories of mentorship, advocating keeping eyes and ears open to the present and the positive. It addresses seeing the good each day – facing difficulties and adversity with hope and compassion. Dr. Kotz is a lifelong learner with education and business expertise. This includes working as faculty and advisor with undergraduate, graduate students and since 2013, in a doctoral program in leadership. Kotz has taught and served as an executive/life coach to graduate students and business professionals; and has assisted high school students in navigating adolescence. Teaching Ethics, Organizational Effectiveness, Strategies for Adult Learning Theory, and Statistical Research Methods, Kotz brings practical decision tools and discussion to assist in creating opportunities, facing situations that arise in our own lives and organizations. Some of his work in leadership practice includes – Teaching Examples of Extraordinary Leadership – Influence and Inspiration – An Ethnographic Study; Women Who Have Run for President – An Examination of Leadership Qualities; and Reaching Millennials in the Classroom. In addition, he continues to give motivational talks on examples of influence and inspiration. He is a resident of Saint Paul, Minnesota and continues to collect new experiences that shape and challenge his perspectives. Feel free to contact Paul at or

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Leadership. You know it when you see it. Those who make an impact – leave a mark on us. Hopefully, it is a positive one, grounded in those who bring us joy, and those who inspire us. They give us examples of how we can live our own lives, and also push us to be better. You have so much time. There are plenty of people who have opened my eyes. Often it comes on unexpectedly. You can give back to society. You can bring your community together. You have relevance. I am not going to tell anyone in this collection of stories of servant leadership, combining unexpected surprises, and lessons learned exactly what to do. I am going to give you examples of those who do make an impact, observations of people who can help us to realize our gifts and those who assist us in consciously or unknowingly changing for the better. CIPA Award winning – Something Happened Today (2018)

Introducing Niña Ellison, author of Lifeboat Leadership: Discovering Grace in the Waves of Change

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As a nurse practitioner and healthcare leader delivering primary care, managing disaster relief, or educating nurses in both academic and practice settings, Niña Ellison’s purpose has remained consistent: influencing leaders in the delivery of excellence. Her personal leadership framework, RAFT, originated during her work in Moçambique as a Provincial Program Manager for an international disaster relief organization and continued in its evolution with leadership opportunities within the corporate world and as an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. To learn more about Niña Ellison’s Leadership, visit

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Influencing leaders in the delivery of excellence. Many of today’s youngest leaders feel as though they have left the stability of the mainland to lead from resource-laden lifeboats. Keeping an eye on the horizon they seek strategies that will guide them to significance. Riding the waves of innovation and unprecedented change these leaders are in pursuit of making a difference while, at the same time, uncovering a need to understand more about what matters to them. Lifeboat Leadership offers a simple framework that embraces timeless truths designed to empower leaders to move beyond themselves, pursue inclusiveness, and, perhaps, rediscover the value of grace.

Introducing Earl Morrison, author of Leadership Lessons Learned

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Earl Morrison has been a peace officer for seventeen-plus years in the state of Texas. During his career as a peace officer he has risen through the ranks and held several leadership positions, such as sergeant, lieutenant, and chief of police. Earl has a great passion for training and developing others and has been an instructor/trainer in those areas for the last twelve years. Earl has implemented several development and leadership programs to aid in the advancement of others throughout his career. In addition to this book on Leadership Lessons Learned, Earl has written several papers on Mentoring in Law Enforcement addressing the need to grow and develop others. Earl has also held several leadership positions in his private life within the church community as a men’s group leader and church elder and chairman of the board for a city’s employee credit union.

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Leading and Learning with Character. Earl Morrison has held leadership positions in both his private life and professional life. Throughout his life he has encountered many different types of people and leaders. Earl has striven to be the best leader that he can be no matter the place or the title he holds. Earl rose to the top of his profession as a chief of police in 2014. Leadership Lessons Learned is a collection of the lessons he learned throughout his career and most recently as the head of an organization. These lessons hone in on his struggles and triumphs as he learned how to Lead and Learn with Character.

Introducing Dr. Kenneth Morton, author of Defined by Attitude

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Dr. Kenneth Morton is an accomplished business leader, entrepreneur, public speaker, coach, and mentor. He is CEO of Infinity Leadership Consulting, which was founded to fulfill his passion and purpose to inspire and empower people and organizations with strategies and solutions for maximum leadership impact. He has extensive leadership experience in critical roles at several Fortune 500 companies and has consistently immersed himself in helping others through coaching and mentoring. He holds a bachelor’s in finance, a master’s in management, and a doctorate in business, with a concentration in leadership. He is an Advanced Toastmaster and has successfully completed a Certified Executive Coaching Program. Dr. Morton resides with his family in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. For more information about Dr. Kenneth Morton or for event booking, visit

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Ignite GREATNESS Through Your World-class Positive Attitude! Daily we encounter people, events, and situations that affect us. While we navigate our life course, our attitude either guides our success or sets us up to fall short of living a life of high-quality existence. The manner in which we approach life through the lens of our attitude compels us to act and behave the way we do. The attitude we choose is how we define ourselves. It also provides a lens of how others define who we are. In Defined by Attitude: The Power of Positivity, Dr. Kenneth Morton takes you on an exciting personal journey to explore attitudes. He provides you with life-changing transitional power through maintaining a world-class positive attitude. Dr. Morton coaches you through introspective Attitudinal Checkups and challenges you to adapt attitude-changing affirmations in each chapter. He shares personal stories and uses real-life situations to inspire you, your organization, or your team to new levels of greatness by leveraging the power of a world-class positive attitude.

Introducing Ronnie Phillips, author of Effective Principalship Is Non-Negotiable

Effective Principalship Is Non-Negotiable is my third book published by Outskirt Press. My experiences have been great. May God bless Outskirt Press for their professionalism.”

Ronnie Phillips is a former principal, superintendent, adjunct professor, and the author of three books.

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What do principals say it takes to be a good principal? All principals want to be effective and to have successful, high-achieving schools. Many principals, however, struggle with how to make that happen. This book offers both broad strategies and nuts-and-bolts techniques to help principals reach their goals. The book demonstrates how important a principal’s leadership skills are to the overall success of a school, and it discusses how a collaborative leadership style can positively impact a school. The book shows how the principal can have an effective school by starting positive routines and practices that include the staff, students, and parents. The leadership style advocated in this book empowers the staff to make significant decisions. Furthermore, this book provides step-by-step guidance for how principals can successfully change the climate of the school, as well as the overall operation of the school. This can lead to an effective school. This book is a valuable resource for educators who desire to become principals and need to know how to start successfully operating a school from day one. It also can benefit educators who are already principals and would like to learn other strategies on how to successfully operate a school. What is unique about this book is that all the strategies come from experienced, successful principals who have worked in some of the most challenging schools in America.