Introducing Niña Ellison, author of Lifeboat Leadership: Discovering Grace in the Waves of Change

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As a nurse practitioner and healthcare leader delivering primary care, managing disaster relief, or educating nurses in both academic and practice settings, Niña Ellison’s purpose has remained consistent: influencing leaders in the delivery of excellence. Her personal leadership framework, RAFT, originated during her work in Moçambique as a Provincial Program Manager for an international disaster relief organization and continued in its evolution with leadership opportunities within the corporate world and as an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. To learn more about Niña Ellison’s Leadership, visit

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Influencing leaders in the delivery of excellence. Many of today’s youngest leaders feel as though they have left the stability of the mainland to lead from resource-laden lifeboats. Keeping an eye on the horizon they seek strategies that will guide them to significance. Riding the waves of innovation and unprecedented change these leaders are in pursuit of making a difference while, at the same time, uncovering a need to understand more about what matters to them. Lifeboat Leadership offers a simple framework that embraces timeless truths designed to empower leaders to move beyond themselves, pursue inclusiveness, and, perhaps, rediscover the value of grace.