Introducing Kimmy Preuss, author of 300 Amusing Musings

“I had an overall very pleasant experience using Outskirts Press as my publisher. The entire process was smooth and I am completely satisfied that all of my needs were met! My personal representative was extremely attentive to me and any questions that I had! I would definitely publish with this company again!”

Kimmy Preuss lives in southern California and works from home as a preschool teacher, a job that makes every day an amazing adventure! She and her husband Rick have two adult daughters, and as a family, they enjoy sharing the gift of laughter.

Product description…

Feed your soul with 300 Amusing Musings and enjoy a heaping helping of non-fat juvenile anecdotes, a sprinkling of whimsical poetry, and seasoned with a dash of hilarious observations. Prepare to be served up a bountiful meal of delicious humor! For over four years, Kimmy Preuss has kept her Facebook friends laughing with her dry wit, light verse, and deadpan comedy writings. This book is a compilation of the posts that have delightfully fed her worldwide audience. Using only the best ingredients, Kimmy’s garden of laughter is a meal in itself! If you are hungry for a good laugh-and who isn’t?-this is the perfect book for you to read over and over, and to share with those you love! Salute and Bon Appétit!