Introducing Barbara A. Cefalu, author of Doggerel and Catterel

“I have been so fortunate to have Lisa standing by, to help in every way, expertly and cheerfully and assisting me in every possible way — and manages to stay cheerful when I am inept! She’s been wonderful.”

Barbara A. Cefalu is a musician/composer/author who has written several musicals and plays. Most recently she has published 9 illustrated children’s books, featuring the feisty felines Patty-Cat and Kittle. Barbara spends her time in Florida creating poetry and imaging what fun adventures her cats will have next.

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Book description…

Has the world lost its sense of humor? Let’s hope not for inside this little book of poetry are niggles focused on people, places and things. Of course, some things are to be considered seriously, such as the poem warning of the perils which might occur from NOT drinking coffee. But mainly the poems are to be taken with a wink and a slight elbow jab to the ribs. Please remember this is a book of fiction-and these are not shots aimed at any particular person. As that great seer, Edgar Cayce said, “It’s as much a sin to take offence as it is to give offence.” All things considered, it’s simply the author’s fevered imagination running amuck.

Introducing Mike McCracken, author of Dweebville

“Lisa did an excellent job communicating with me. She listened to other suggestions that were not normal to make my book even better. It was great working with someone who had a mind opened enough to work with me because I am very creative and want different things. I was really happy with the overall results. Thank you Lisa.”

About Mike McCracken: Watch my youtube videos I’m just a customized songwriter and teacher who traveled the world writing songs and stories. I was teaching in the US and a lot of the children’s books were boring. I said, “I can write better than this!” The students said, “Do it!” I said, “OK, I will!” My book “Love and Tears” is full of customized emotional songs and the reasons I wrote the songs. My life and other lives are in this book.

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Book description…

The narrator is the main character and tells most of the story wrong so you don’t know what is going to happen. The Dweebs are great teachers and teach the narrator many things. They even have a mom that can talk. They have a great celebration or did they? They wake up in time to watch their favorite show on their broken down TV and more. To sum it up, the Dweebs make boring things very interesting. WOW! Warning: If you open the book, you let the Dweebs out and they will do things. They did things before the book was published. This is really true. You have been warned.