Introducing Julie Cebollero, author of The Lion that Roared

“Brie was the highlight of my experience with Outskirts Press.  Overall it took longer to get the book out and it was in part my fault, but Brie was the driving force that helped me complete my task.  She went above and beyond the call of duty.  She called back quickly, and supplied all the help I needed to finish my publication.  She is an asset to Outskirts.  I do love the book cover and have had great feedback on the work done.  Now I just have to get the book out to the world on a shoestring budget.  I welcome the tips I get in the emails, and hope for my book to someday be on a Best Seller List. Thank you so much to Brie, and to Outskirts Press. ”

This book was inspired by a true story. It was written in 1978 to help reconcile two young boys with their father. It was shared through the years with many who loved it. My son who is now 21 would say “Mommy read me the Lion story”. In 2006 God touched me and said your story is not finished, and I was inspired to write this wonderful story I share with you today. You see I did not believe in myself. Through the years and the tears, and the many people this touched God said it is time. TODAY I BELIEVE AND EACH TOMORROW IS MY GIFT.

Product description…

In the Magic Jungle, two lairs were connected with the power of Love so great the aurora lit the Jungle in radiant light. Ribbons of blue, pink and yellow filled the air and Peace was felt in this untouched land where no man had journeyed. But the Magic was broken by hunters’ greed who ventured in to reap their rewards. In an instant, life as Koko knew it was changed forever. Tragedy stripped the light of Love. The powerful Magesto was broken, and his student and friend, Koko, left to provide on his own. Koko stumbled and fell, and could not find a way to stand up for himself. He lost the will to believe in himself. His beloved family was lost. Can the Power of Love bring Koko home to his beloved Lilu, Bouncy and Boo? Or will the Love light fade in the Magic Jungle forever?