Introducing Jules Lombard, author of …And Soldiers

“It was a pleasure dealing with Outskirts Press. The staff’s professionalism is a whole lot better than what I am accustomed with from other publishers.”

Shortly after 9/11, Jules Lombard was face-to-face with someone he suspected of being an Al Qaeda sympathizer. He simply had to write this book. A Las Vegas resident, the author is also a blogger with a huge following and is an avid ballroom dancer.

Product description…

Exploding car gas tanks in a major East Coast city seal the fate of two anti-heroes and set in motion one of the biggest manhunts ever launched by the FBI. …And Soldiers is a story of men in their worst days and their strong-willed women who in the midst of a jumble of miscalculations are swept by the violent currents into the vortex of the world’s terror stage. The storyline delivers a punch from start to finish, inexorably drawing its motley crew of discontents and anti-heroes to their violent ends or retirement. The book explores the mindset of Muslims who burst onto America’s cities with vengeance in their hearts. Once you pick up this book and get into your usual rhythm, you will not lay it down until you see what happens in the end. The story line is gripping and the characters sizzle as if performing on stage. It is an intellectual narrative filled with suspense.